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I ask the question on the EVO and the Lamborghini

CDK61542010-03-09 12:10:03 +0000 #1
Has there been a car and the original program to place the original EVO Lamborghini Lamborghini to race even lose Is this why? EVO can be achieved should Lamborghini can achieve 呀 ask why the EVO can beat Lamborghini
ExtremeEngine2010-03-09 12:12:14 +0000 #2
entirely possible.

See what way, if it is a straight-line speed over long distances, Murcielago can certainly get rid of cut melons, like cutting vegetables EVO, but if the next track, it really does not account for any advantage Murcielago.

First you need to understand that the car's power is definitely not the bigger the better, high-power engine, there must be good enough to support its operations outside facilities to obtain the excellent results, such as F1, equipped with 1000ps-level engine, but it there is a perfect aerodynamic appearance, perfect suspension, the perfect chassis to cope with the engine running, especially suspension, F1 suspension capable of controlling such a power, if it is an ordinary civilian vehicles, then it can be said , on the track, 400ps ceiling, enough to use, more there is no sense in addition to waste gasoline. Track performance of motor vehicles on the real test is its cornering ability, but not to see it run fast, which is why the Caparo T1 is only 500ps but easy to get rid of the 1001ps's Bugatti (Top Gear's test).

Now take a look at these two cars came from. EVO, is inherently pure rally car, a little modification can match the requirements of qualified sites, while the Murcielago, will have to drastically change after (almost is to design new models), before it comes out a Murcielago R-GT. The original car, apparently EVO closer to the car than the standard Murcielago, together with the Evo is a 4WD, the Murcielago is the MR, 4WD's cornering stability is better than R,.
luo5qian2010-03-09 12:33:48 +0000 #3

Lamborghini Reventon if he did not ask to mention! ! Or bats

EVO may be replaced with a big engine
defend Ma H12010-03-09 13:06:53 +0000 #4
incredible ah even entry-level Lamborghini Gallardo also has 500 horsepower, the rapid also more than 300 ah. The EVO is currently sold in China, also the most high-end 295-hp, yet rapidly to 250. The two cars were totally the same level ah. Can not answer
jsaddnf2010-03-09 14:04:37 +0000 #5
how is in the end the so-called original original law?

As long as the light weight, no major modifications, EVO won a short distance inside the Lamborghini is possible.

Another point is the straight or the mountain?

If the mountain more than low-speed corners, it is not impossible.

I had also seen the Porsche Alto won it. is within a short distance, 100 meters.

If you pull 1 km away, it is also how to fight However, the.



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