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Schumacher return to F1, but why not go back to Ferrari and McLaren signing a contract?

Ivan · primer2010-03-10 20:11:02 +0000 #1

schumacher_yqz2010-03-10 20:24:04 +0000 #2
Louzhu good.

First of all correct, the car is king and the acquisition of Brown's Mercedes-Benz fleet GP contract, rather than McLaren. Mercedes-Benz McLaren originally held a 40% stake, now has his own play, McLaren will be phased share buybacks.

There are 3 reasons I think the main points:

1. Ferrari driver seat is almost full, the total Mongolian race three cars out of the idea of short-term but not too likely ...

2. Zhiyu Schumacher Mercedes-Benz in terms of grace. In 1991, Schumacher was able to appear on the F1 track, Mercedes-Benz has great credit, but before entering F1, Schumacher also on behalf of some of Mercedes-Benz took part in a number of other events. The Mercedes-Benz out of the mountains, along with the whole Durban, on Schumi has a strong appeal, he could count a reward.

3. Ross Brawn! As we all know the relationship between Brown and Schumacher, when the creation of numerous Ferrari iron triangle myth and glory. Brown at the 09 end of the season after Schumacher invitation, while Brown's strong competitiveness, GP, and later admitted Mercedes, a strong capital and technology support, and Schumacher, Ross Brawn himself for the trust. Schumi comeback did not come to play, and his goal is the championship!

Mongolia General himself has said Schumacher, "collaborators" that he is "the culprit" because back in August discarding the body of the king lit the car speed and passion of the fire.

No matter where Schumacher back, how the results, I firmly support him!

Let us look forward to!

Want to help to you.



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