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Who are some Aston Martin, Kilgour together to build the V8 Vantage

331lu2010-01-23 13:02:07 +0000 #1

LE丨ON2010-01-23 13:14:40 +0000 #2
recent British thoroughbred sports car factory Aston Martin, has chosen to build bridges with the fashion. Unlike the above-mentioned co-operation case, Aston Martin did not choose first-line brands Kuadao; in a strong brand, under the British gentleman style, Aston Martin choose a suit with the British time-honored custom brand Kilgour to launch special custom version of the V8 Vantage ; while the two brands are June 26 to conduct the studio BETC in Paris issued a joint.

In the city of London's Savile Row suits and ordered the Kilgour, since 1882 embarked on a custom tailor history. The excellent quality, but also so that Kilgour was Rex Harrison, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and other old movie stars of all ages. After many years of custom suits in operation, Kilgour branched out into clothing for the first time this year, the field (Ready To Wear), and plans to brand the first one published in Paris in the spring and summer series of clothing; while Aston Martin is also a source of inspiration in this series and build out with senior Couture Concept (Haute Couture) of the V8 Vantage.



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