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10-year F1 Shanghai Station Advisory

West Coast reed2010-01-23 14:02:05 +0000 #1
booking but do not want to know which stands good. L stands for next year that is not the temporary stands, position, vision, OK? Is it the year before Hamilton depression gravel to that place? Everyone says that B is true, there has been this year, B5-B8. Would like to ask a friend visited, L, B5-B8 what a good point? Thank you
snowmount2010-01-23 14:12:11 +0000 #2
A Stand

are on the maintenance station, where you can see the opening ceremony, start, halfway filling for tires, waved a checkered flag of the awards are. A standing under, in particular the grid at that location, you know what a network is separated, because this time, the old cloth ah, Hamilton ah, it may tell you that on across the network, one meter distance. If the A, you can turn the 789 panoramic view, pointing Jiangshan great feeling.

Recommended index: Five

Recommended reason: Face to Face in intimate contact, but to consider their own pockets

B stands

This is a very good popularity stands, when the practice is almost here, full of. Perhaps it is because here in history, has in particular, in 2006, Schumacher and Alonso to fight in, but the people in this feast for the eyes in the stands. So this year, B5 - B8 to the gas station is located has become the drivers, that is, fancy it popular with good bar. Conceivably, in the exclusive driver stands, wearing the same color of the scarf, shouted the same name, shook the same flag as it really spectacular ah!

Recommended index: Five

Recommended reason: love cheering him on for his bar

H / K Stand

The two stand together, because their position is opposite the relationship, the price is the same. Here are right on the 14th turn, I believe many fans will turn on 14, remember. The past two or three years of competition, every year there are nearly 10 times overtaking will appear in the narrowest hairpin. Last year, the most memorable one overtaking Massa super-kimi, please forgive the word I used an ultra-bar is also here, perhaps, in the H or K, K powder will be tears, but punters should be blushed bar.

Recommended index: Five

Recommended reason: want to see overtaking, to the H / K to
No1Nano2010-01-23 14:35:47 +0000 #3
L Bar, I suggest you take a look at

Quguan network or to the relevant bar affixed to see
ay6982010-01-23 14:27:55 +0000 #4
Lawn vote regardless of the stands, and Zhang you buy a ticket on the grass stands can enter any of the grass stands.
Flea unbeaten2010-01-23 14:16:54 +0000 #5
B bad. . . Only see the first one start and immediately turn the Red River. . Could not see the amount of the other. . .
Soft Motion Picture Arts2010-01-23 15:08:23 +0000 #6
this year's competition has reached far the most critical time, and called on all fans to unite in support of the Law of Kimi, to support Felipe



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