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Chinese racing driver with foreign co-pilot how?

Gongfu tea drinkers2010-01-23 15:01:10 +0000 #1
Chinese and foreign riders are generally co-pilot. . But it seems like the Chinese driver Lu Ningjun and so it seems like English is not how ah? How they cooperate, the main pilot say? (Baituo complete all the questions to answer)
fanyiying12010-01-23 15:06:17 +0000 #2
simple words on the list of professional, not a very good standard of English

for example, LEFT, RIGHT, etc. sort of very simple
builtB2010-01-23 15:37:37 +0000 #3
simultaneous translator. . . .
Fly's stinky rabbit2010-01-23 15:19:35 +0000 #4
drivers where there is a direction pointer, as if you can navigate to the driver using his GPS Tips
Ma Tengjiao 1232010-01-23 15:56:00 +0000 #5
rely on high-tech
qq466167103qq2010-01-23 16:16:55 +0000 #6
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