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Why McLaren F1 sports car put the middle of the driver's seat?

o0 Creation of God 0o2010-01-23 15:01:47 +0000 #1

kimituyou2010-01-23 15:18:03 +0000 #2
such a sports car that is set primarily to the body center of gravity located at the middle part of the body to make it more stable at high speeds, but more importantly I think it is to allow drivers to experience the feeling of driving F1 (personal opinion, if inadequate, please forgive me, thank you)
holmesli2010-01-23 15:25:17 +0000 #3
all of the F1 cars are in the middle of the cockpit. And aerodynamics, driver safety, body balance are related to.
SONIC59272010-01-23 16:06:52 +0000 #4
MCLAREN Group's main industry is the aerospace, such as the European Airbus and the European Aeronautic, while MCLAREN produced two-volume edition of sports car chassis technology from MCLAREN F1 team, the majority of the old MCLAREN F1 technology have made reference to MCLAREN team MP4-4 of the technical features, plus the vacuum fan sites and carbon fiber body, so he is the home of the engine, driver's seat 1 in the middle, behind the two passenger seats. Directly on some versions of the BMW V12 powered engine, has been very close to the MCLAREN F1 racing teams to use the engine. This version of most of the model is currently being phased in, there was some minor facelift models: xp1 xp2 xp3 xp4 xp5 LM and GT GTR racing version of the entire department the class produced a total of 106, including six prototypes.

McLaren (McLaren) F1 to keep the world record over 13 years, has created a number of Guinness World Records:

(1) 0-100km / h with 3.2 seconds to take the lead to reach.

(2) McLaren F1 in 1998 created a mass production car world speed record of notarial 386km / h (1998-2005).

(3) the world's first carbon fiber material with a road vehicle.

(4), the world's first use of a mid-drive, 3 car (maximum imitation F1 driving style settings).

(5), the world's most powerful sports car of the Guinness Book of Records (627BHP).

(6) has remained the world's fastest naturally aspirated engine sports car name for itself.

Last year MCLAREN transparent to the outside world a new civilian sports car version of the product being developed MP4-12C.
kiddyseven2010-01-23 15:30:01 +0000 #5
= = all of the F1 cars are in the middle of the cockpit of the

Or are you referring to a known class of a F1 racing car?

Perhaps the bar is to model F1 racing



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