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Rally cars are those who give them converted oh? ? ? To loud noise before the child can go to a rall

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Brother of modified super like it please Thank you, master multi-Zhi Jiao brother QQ469261393
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The CCC domestic and CRC, for example (more realistic):

The first-prize vehicles, prototypes must be the largest auto manufacturers produce more than 2500 mass-produced car, so CRC (China Rally Championship) also known as World War II production cars. Since it is a production car wars, major automobile manufacturers will never give up this excellent opportunity to showcase the product. From this, we will also be able to see the market in the CRC on the battlefield all the hot models.

However, Rally is a race condition, one of the most difficult race cars, so the real race car with our daily production cars purchased already had a huge change. Modification of the car, its more powerful, better performance, but also more suitable for competition. In order to race fair, the Automobile Association (China Automobile Association, the competent authority Automobile Sports of China) on the modification of vehicles have very strict requirements. Take the MG 3SW Today, we take a look at an example of how an ordinary car into a chariot of the CRC.

The first step outside their vehicles converted from the outside of course it started. The specific contents are generally touching ring (the hood), plus the antenna, open vent, increasing installation of fender vent and so on.

As the Rally road conditions are relatively poor (in the mountains the main gravel road, if it is rainy day more bad road conditions), a longer schedule (day short track race, a two-day race, all stroke nearly 1,000 kilometers), so failure is very high frequency, in order to be able to quickly debug and repair, it must be able to quickly open the front cover, so the real race will be to install the hood raised ring.

In order to be able to convey timely and tactical arrangements, processes and emergency communication games, combat vehicles and the communications between the command center becomes critical, so tanks must be installed external communications antenna.

For safety reasons, the race car's windows are closed, while the driver and both are heavily armed (helmets, fire suits, racing suits, etc.), therefore need to set up a separate vents to ensure air circulation inside the vehicle.

More thick vent the exhaust of vehicles can enhance the performance, can improve the dynamic performance of vehicles. This is also the most common vehicles converted part of the.

As the race in the mountains, so there are often unexpected heavy rains over the region. 1 But when the rain or ground wet, the car at high speed when flying from point will soon be covered with mud is the side of the windshield. In so doing, the racing driver's attention would be severely disrupted, while race results will be reduced accordingly, but also taking a step forward but also seriously affect the safety of the game. Therefore, in addition equipped with a better windshield wiper device, the assembly of a larger special fender and reduce splashing mud-point distance and coverage area, is to fundamentally improve the problem solution.

The second step of internal conversion

When the first step in an external modification is completed, move on to the second step of the internal conversion. Internal conversion can be said to be "the first break after the legislation." In theory, the lighter body weight, the greater the help to improve vehicle performance. Therefore needs to be all the front and rear seats and interior demolition of all unnecessary ornament. Upon the completion of the work after the break is built. First of all, would like to enhance the safety of the car special, that is to install reinforced rod. Car as a very dangerous sport, there is often a vehicle rollover situation, that is a continuous rollover accidents also frequently occur, when, after the adoption of special enhanced support, once overturned, the driver of the safety factor will be greatly enhanced. Secondly, the installation of special car seats, racing chairs package of better and better at the same time non-slip nature, can do more than ordinary drivers seat to experience a sense of control when the road. Another exclusive racing three-point (of shoulder strap and a hem band) is also made to enhance the safety of the drivers a lot.

The third step is mechanical modification

Upon the completion of the vehicle and external alterations, you can enter the machine modification phase. At this stage the object is modified vehicle trip computer, engine, transmission, asphalt and so on. For these parts, the teams will be based on experience and competition needs to be adapted to their, but limited to the modification of the strict provisions of the FIA, so this part of the changes in the conversion of the car is still relatively small. Although this is not part of the conversion, but the performance of the vehicle was able to play a very significant role, absolutely, "the least bit of difference, loss of a thousand miles" in power. The same time, these parts of the modification, the general is also a major core of the team's most confidential information, the disclosure will not be easy. In addition, because this part of the small alterations can have large effects, so it has become the race, the teams up among the contents of the complaint.

The fourth step suspension, braking system

When the mechanical system to change after the completion of the transformation of the hands of the suspension and braking systems. The modification mainly consists of car suspension springs, shock absorbers and suspension systems, several parts. In order to cope with the high-intensity track the use of car shock absorbers will be more stout than the average civilian can accommodate more of the shock oil (used by the oil shock have higher than civil requirements) and shock absorbers. An even higher even with an external shock shock absorber cylinder, shock absorbers to improve the ability of the heat capacity. Racing Team on the shock absorbers of different set-up is also different, but generally have a certain amount of hard and soft adjustable capacity to adapt to different venues and driver state's needs. Advanced car shock absorber set-up is not only stretch (Rebound) and compression (Bump) two-way adjustable, but also fine to a different tension, compression speed, adjust the hardness of different degrees (the structure of the car than normal to avoid the internal shock absorber More adjustable shock body). A car with more than dozen of the spring at any time, as engineers, according to the different characteristics of the track and the driver of the actual feelings, needs, adjustment of the spring at any time for the car's settings. Racing car suspension adjustment is the most frequently changing part of the decision to adjust a number of factors, sometimes also need considerable experience accumulates.

Car's braking system (brakes, tires and wheels and some other) are also needed some modification. Car tires on the track in pursuit of grip effects, while the effect of tire grip by the material, size, and ground contact area, and surface patterns such as multiple factors. For example: dry track surface is completely flat tires (commonly known as "slicks") to create the best grip; and when the track surface water, the tire surface must have grooves (known as "rain tires") , so that between the tire and ground water discharges through these grooves. Therefore, the race start and race, logistics staff will be replaced according to the actual situation, a race for 6,7 times tires are very common thing. As the rally there will be a lot of the downhill race, T-bend, hairpin very special conditions, such as road conditions, so the higher the demand for braking, so the brake disc size, the number of calipers, or even the intensity of pedal and so on will be processed. We could achieve a rapid response, the effect obvious, safe and reliable. As for the choice of wheel is the most important criteria for light and solid, so the car wheel is used more with higher technological content, forged-aluminum circle. In addition, there is a requirement for car wheels, it is possible for the braking system allow a larger installation space.

Fifth step change the current face four mounted upon completion, will enter the final step in conversion "change install" the. The so-called "change install" is the car put on a new coat. A beautiful coat color, so that CRC workshop Bipin war, before the start early, had begun.

More on the cars have become a production car in the process of CRC. However, there is one thing we still have to be stressed, as the Automobile Association has a strict conversion requirements, so a CRC modified car is definitely not an easy thing, which is a combination of multiple technologies, wisdom and experience of the product. We can only say at this point that is one of the fur only.

Inner weight loss to meet the requirements

to reduce vehicle weight is an important one modified car, air-conditioning of course, to eradicate the number one target. So if high temperatures inside often up to 60-70 ℃, driving the car very "roasted" people are indeed kinds of torture. However, the district's Bay View has long been considered as a driver in the car to install the water-cooling vest system for cooling the drivers to improve driving performance (of course, the system power consumption and increase the weight of an insignificant)! "If you put ice water in, sometimes it feel cold!" Area of Bay View's driver, "Hai Ge" KUOK Hoi Sang said with a smile.

In order to further reduce vehicle weight, the extra parts inside will be removed, such as seats, center console panels, door panels, ceiling and so on. In addition, they also train in certain parts of the drilling steel plate to steal light, rust-proof plastic underneath will also be shaving - can reduce the weight of several kilograms. The work of such a cumbersome body welding reinforcement for the subsequent installation of roll cage ready. Body more light, the greater the horsepower to weight ratio and vehicle dynamics as possible, so that the car has no interior to speak of. However, given China's track race car body weight of not lower than the provisions of 1000kg, which three Toyota still has a number of "Luxury" equipment, above all, carbon fiber instrument sets, door panels; and the original VIOS Power windows are actually lucky to survive, these are due to specific weight requirements.

Fly conversion constant adjustment in the

suspension modifications, the Lin Lifeng of the VIOS car with a set of teeth stir in Taiwan STD shock (less expensive), the degree of soft and hard top 8 after the 6 Series Adjustable , suspension tuning for every match venue and weather conditions will make the appropriate changes. In our interview a time when the CCC during the Zhuhai. Its hardness, respectively before 6 and after 2, spring is based on pre-18kg hardness after the 12kg model. The Vios KUOK Hoi Sang's No. 3 car is worth more than 40,000 yuan selecting a set of TEIN shock absorber set in Japan, before and after a total of 20 adjustable, currently set for the former 16 and after 6, while the spring was based on pre-post-8kg 3.5kg models. This setting is based on Bay View team in Zhuhai Circuit for many years of racing experience and drivers to make my test settings. Au Wai-ho, according to technical director Jun Kang introduction, they continue to play through the two brands of shock and trying to set up, and even he found that, in some cases, they spring to set the car was actually faster than the soft, This is a very interesting topic, but related to the team technological security reasons, to disclose too much inconvenience to the outside world.

To enhance the car's cornering limit, let the car roll when the wheels are still as much as possible to ensure pressure is perpendicular to the ground, so that the largest force. Three each car wheels have been adjusted in the wheel of an obvious tilt (inclination of 4.2 degrees were uniform for the former and after 2.5 degrees), commonly known as "pigeon toed." MacPherson front suspension shock absorber is used in stir teeth can be easily "pigeon toed" without having to transform A arm, while the fine-tuning they rely on the shock the top of the fish-eye seat (wave sub-tower) for. While the Vios, Vitz Due to the drag arm rear suspension semi-independent, then the shaft through the changes achieved. In addition to the replacement disc, the rear suspension did not make too many changes, basic maintenance of original structure.

Brakes, and other enhanced

brake system is to improve race performance car of the most important part of Bay Area's choice of cars with Toyota cars in Japan Echo (Vitz in Japan version) on the package, brake single-piston calipers, due to lighter body weight, the car itself is not too much horsepower, so compared to some high-powered sports car for the brake system requirements are not too high. Brake pads is Japan Project μ of 0-800 ℃ products, the venue racing brake pads starting with the 0 ℃ product is really rare. (Project μ is also the area's key sponsors of Bay, one of the team)

the engine switch to the TRD Chupin hanging plastic hanging plastic hard to reduce the relative displacement between the engine and frame range. To reduce high-speed operation or sudden acceleration, the engine vibration caused by blocked off. The same time, this change also greatly avoid the jitter caused by the engine power loss.

Body strengthening increased security

Vehicles when cornering at the track will have a great lateral force, the frame will be so distorted by the force and deformation. Therefore, strengthening the frame rigidity, is necessary to move the car converted. Three cars were on the frame for welding joints strengthened, and the main part of the force must focus on treatment, it would add more than ten kilograms of weight.

And to protect the personal safety of the drivers of the most important equipment roll cage, but also an essential modification (which can prevent the car rolling on a serious car crash when the deformation is the event to require the installation of the components). Jun Kang introduction, three car roll cage made of seamless steel tubes are used by the greatest force A, B pillar with the 3mm wall thickness steel tube and the rest with the 2.5mm thick. In order to provide greater security, they match regulatory requirements in addition to an increase of A, B between columns and the cross-bars around the intersection of C pillar bar (race cases are only asking for a colored bars), etc.. Roll Cage Another major utility is through the welding inside corner of the importance to strengthen the frame rigidity, it bend the car's performance is also very important. The previous change, only weighing in horizontal bar, body stiff competition needs have been met.

Intake and exhaust are subject to competition cases

As the driving force for car modifications must be consistent with competition cases, it converted three cars introduced in the past, not the same as street car converted and not merely the pursuit of performance and without restriction to replace, upgrade accessories. First, intake system, three car's air filter to retain original products (instead of using the mushrooms first class), based on different cotton filter (wind across sponge) to replace original paper filter. This can greatly improve the speed into the wind, but it can only prevent the gravel from entering the engine in, but lost even smaller particles such as dust filtering capabilities, the general should be in every game apart after a routine inspection engine. CCC race laws to the throttle diameter of no more than 55mm, while the VIOS 5A diameter of the engine throttle had original 60mm, requirements to comply with competition cases, the technician Bay View is only Gaixiao throttle. In addition, they also air intake pipe, intake and exhaust doors are polished about it, as much as possible to reduce intake resistance.

Subject to competition laws restrict the exhaust manifold does not change, only to do the polishing, grinding and processing. The subsequent pipeline were replaced with stainless steel. Come out from the exhaust manifold to the tail section and the diameter has been limited to outer diameter 55mm. Exports increased after the end of the drum diameter is intended only to look good, of little significance.

Fuel injection amount of clever changes

increase in car fuel injection volume is an important step in power conversion. Trip computer by controlling the length of time to control the fuel injection fuel injection amount of size, is normally accurate to the thousandth of a second. To increase the fuel injection volume, injection time to rewrite the program so that every time lengthened, is the most commonly used method. On the other hand, by replacing the large nozzle, increasing the fuel injection quantity per unit time can be to achieve the above purpose. Jun Kang introduce them to use the latter approach. He Toyota 4A engine (1.8L) of the injector (a larger fuel injection volume) transplanted to this station 5A (1.5L) engines, not only do not need to increase the injection time for the computer, but also reduced after the adoption of the calculation, only When the engine high to allow it to maintain the original time, so that excess fuel into the cylinder part of the heat away, and play a role in lubricating the cylinder wall. Corresponding to the need for large oilTo, VIOS pressure fuel injection pipe maintained at 3.7bar level (original 3.0bar). Such a big change after the Vios in Zhuhai ZIC circuit (length 4.3km) on average fuel consumption of 1 liter per lap (commonly used 102 racing gas oil), a staggering, but the car's point of view this is very the normal values.

Therefore, the amount of time before the race have been refueling precise terms, in the premise of ensuring the completion of the race to minimize the fuel load. In case the calculation error, it is doomed to fail. History, once the leading car had crossed the line before the Pro-far, due to running out of oil can not sprint, but looking flag disappointed scenes.


an important part of the engine cooling system is another important aspect of car modification. Because the game engine is always in high-speed operation, once the cooling system failure, leading to rising sea temperatures, the engine performance is plummeting, a great impact on the final results or even burnt down the engine. This is three cars in the cooling system was also modified under the homework. Their water tank using the "horizontal" aluminum alloy tank, that water is a horizontal flow. This is different from the traditional top-down, and its cooling water flow from left to right. So the cooling water to stay longer in the water tanks, cooling better. The water tank so that it thicker, greater total capacity of more than 6 liters, while retaining the original water pump cases, still able to maintain normal water pressure. 1.3bar radiator cap pressure switch to high-pressure radiator cap. In the tank before the oil cooler be installed there, which is less than a 1.6L engine displacement is already a "luxury" goods, so its level is not too high.

More Vios and Yaris

Au Wai-ho team Hai Ge and Lin Feng Vios and Yaris cars for a consistent evaluation, the biggest difference is in the original engine displacement, the Viagra Chi a 1.5L, Yaris is only 1.3L, so power on the Vios Vitz less than some, but is still short of the Yaris has its advantages: such as the wheelbase is shorter, in the perspective of the smaller corners of its shift to more flexible and The results will also be a slight increase to make up for straight driving force behind the disadvantages. In addition, the Yaris hatchback sedan than the Vios, the body's center of gravity will be slightly higher roll will be larger, but most people tie for the hard-set is difficult to feel the car out.


in the planning of this topic, we have illusions: When has a Vios, Yaris, Corolla and other models of the owners to see the same model car with their car, close to the colorful body pull flowers, high-speed speeding while on the track before, to draw a Road light and shade, how exciting things ... ... So we carefully prepared the topic, its purpose, small little perspective, is to make love racing, like the conversion lovers, the ability to domestically produced cars are more in-depth access to opportunities. Rise to more far-reaching realm, it aims to popularize the car culture, China has just started racing waves.

Due to space relations, which we first introduced the group to participate in the Vios and Yaris 1600cc two cars, next I will introduce us to participate in group Corolla 2000cc car.


This change is not the appearance of the car a few more modifications. Just made some necessary changes, such as the large siege and empennage (tail section had to switch to large-scale GT, however, the resistance of the Vios is too large, the final selection of a small tail) is installed, one to the aerodynamics in order to meet the requirements, 2 years after installation even more dynamic appearance. The race cases to meet the requirements is no less necessary changes, such as prominent front and rear bumper of the tow hook (time of the accident to facilitate the rescue of its kind back to the pits handlebar) is an important one.

Vios facelift on the rearview mirror bullet type, in order to reduce the drag coefficient is, but nowhere near as common vision on the rearview mirror of the car. Driver Lin Lifeng introduction, according to the normal habits, drivers need to concentrate on the game in front of the track, if we take into account the rear of, at most, use peripheral vision when the tangent line at Ruwan glance look at rear-view mirror to see if there are opponents close to overtaking, Or out of the pit stops to ensure that varying line without interfering with other cars on the track.

Ignition System focuses on occasion

in order to increase engine power, VIOS cylinder compression ratio has also been changed high (method of leveling through the cylinder), at the same time with this change, such as the ignition time and intake and exhaust valve opening and closing times have also made corresponding adjustments, while the gas distribution sector was also made to upgrade camshafts changes (for confidentiality we can not know the transformation of situation). Jun Kang said that the adjustment of the ignition time travel through the rewriting computer programs to implement. Adjustment, primarily through a special knock sensor detects the knock situation, in the absence of knock under the premise of the ignition as far as possible before the time of transfer. Vios, Vitz line of high-voltage spark plugs are still using original products, and not fitted with earth. Reason is that original spark plugs-line performance, a more stable and less likely to spark electrolysis, live longer. The original line of spark plugs too difficult to generate electromagnetic waves, thereby reducing the traffic impact of the computer work. Spark plug used Toyota dedicated Denso 11-degree Iridium spark plugs, which is totally deal with a high compression ratio of heat engines to use.

Tank systems perspective

Open the trunk lid buttons Vios will be able to see the fuel tank. Original tank had long been removed and replaced in line with FIA requirements of explosion-proof fuel tank. This is also a necessity to meet the CCC race cases, which can prevent the car accident does not appear the explosion in order to ensure the drivers and the surrounding the safety of staff. Wei Hao ATL used in the main fuel tank explosion-proof maximum volume 30 liters (left), next to the separate installation of an auxiliary fuel tank (volume about 1 liter, the figure on the left main fuel tank round cans and two Bosch high-pressure pump (pumping speed of 5 liters / min, Figure 2 in the main fuel tank at the top of round cans).

it works is this: First, a pump to pump fuel from the main tank, transmission to the auxiliary fuel tanks, and then again by another pump will drop tank gasoline through the pipeline in the road before the oil pump to the injector rail, for the engines. track of excess fuel oil through the oil return valve back to the auxiliary fuel tanks, fuel tanks and then back to the main tank overflow. when racing fuel quantity is not much in the intense cornering process, due to centrifugal force, the main tank where the fuel will be left out of that aside, if the oil pump directly from the main tank pumping, it will be because regular smoking occurs less than a cutoff of oil from the oil situation a direct impact on engine performance. while the drop tank's role is in the game, has been to ensure there is sufficient fuel, no matter how intense cornering car, are able to ensure that oil-absorbing nozzle is always soaked in gasoline inside.

While the Vizi use VIOS the same tank system, but the Yaris hatchback shape is there is no closure of the luggage compartment, according to race legislation to require explosion-proof fuel tank systems are not exposed to their driving indoors, so more than one tank car Vitz process: All carbon-fiber plate coverage.

and to be involved in racing, if converted, are converted from a professional in the industry brought in the form of contracts, usually very difficult to mix in, unless there is more than ten years experience of senior technicians or engineers who may be candidates


Fuji IMPREZA WRX Rally Car

thank the owner modified: Zhu Yu concept shop】 【Source: Internet Read: 16

original vehicle:

2002 Impreza WRX, GDA, European regulations Edition, 218 , torque 29Kgm, Peking, Beijing, modified car


450 - Torque 55 Kgm-turbo set the value: low 1.2 kg/cm2 high 1.4 kg/cm2

converted League Club Forum is open, welcome to join!

This car as my everyday car, so tune your computer to street car engine spec based on


Legacy EJ25 engine, equipped with STI engine at the bottom of the top


JUN 2.5 Stroker kit (forged pistons , crankshaft, connecting rod)

JUN 272-degree camshaft

JUN self-made banana and exhaust Tau

Blitz pre-cooler

Trust TD06SH 25G turbo

Trust wastegate valve

Trust of large water tanks

Trust oil cooler

Trust oil Pressure Regulating Valve

Trust PRofec B spec-II turbo mechanical modulator

HKS fuel pressure regulating valve

HKS fuel modulator

HKS SQV discouraging deforestation

Sard fuel pump

Sard oil filter kettle

750cc x 4 injectors

HKS TI Hi Power in the Mi

# 8 spark plug the exhaust pipe

HKS Twin power ignition system

APEX head

Samco radiator inlet pipe

DEFI boost value; water temperature; oil temperature; hydraulic; row temperature; fuel pressure meter

STI engine to Suite
.... etc

suspension and chassis:

STI Day approaching end of regulation 6-speed gearbox 4.44

STI driveshaft

STI rear differential with Cusco R 1 way LSD

Cusco twin-plate clutch kit

TEIN HA 16 hard and soft adjustable shock absorbers (front 7k after the 5k in consideration of Beijing's roads, so soft)

GramLights 57 PRO Rims 18x8.5J

ADVAN AD07 245/40/18 tires

Endless 6 piston front brake caliper kit

STI Brembo brake calipers kit

Zerosport after the top of the pillars of the former after the top of the pillars of

Cusco Strut Strut

Cusco before the bottom of the anti-roll bar

Cusco after the bottom of the anti-roll bar

STI chassis, suspension rod, and tripod 6

Appearance :

SYMS ago surrounded by

Charge speed side skirts

C-west after the siege

SYMS rear WRC type wing

Morette HID headlights

STI fog lamp

Zerosport side-scattered light to change before the hood vent


within the bulk gas hood ornaments

Pivot super turn lights

Momo race type steering wheel, adjustable

Bride Brix II seats

Sparco 4-point seat belts

STI gear head

Let us know what the next Mitsubishi Lancer Rally race-specific training camps get on. This Ci SE Auto for the race is in full compliance with FIA standards LANCER modified car modified car, modified car in the Lancer on the basis of the major modifications made the following points:

1, installing a roll cage. to protect the body to prevent the rollover occurs when the deformation of the body.

2, converted into bucket racing seat chairs. increase the seats of the safety and comfort.

3, converted into a four-point seat belt harness. multi-angle, multi - position to protect the safety of motorists.

4, the steering wheel converted into exclusive racing steering wheel. diameter and smaller, and feel better.

5, changing the exhaust pipe. help improve the start speed of the exhaust pipe and make the sound more deep and more to wear penetrating power.

6, at the bottom of the car to install metal protective plate to protect the car at the bottom of pieces of hard suspension.

7, modified the next arm, shock absorbers, springs and other components in order to prevent the car back and forth Drift, Anti-skid, increasing the stability of the body.

8, install the rear wing. to increase the body under pressure, help maintain vehicle stability.

9, the installation of fire-fighting equipment.

10, unloading of the entertainment, comfort equipment. such as: air conditioning, stereo, rear seats.

11, with exclusive racing-style designs, makes one see that the passion to try it!

The above modifications are mainly aimed at safety performance modification, and the power, brakes, tires and some other are still using the original fittings specially tuned to better highlight the Lancer sports-specific genes was found.
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WRC out of those cars are not converted, and is a cars put on a shell only.'s domestic Rally scouts look at their website, but you still find a well-known points to be converted shop for two years before to get into that industry to know how the inside kind of



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