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Schumacher back in again? Is where teams? What are the prospects?

10028821962010-01-23 17:01:09 +0000 #1

ExtremeEngine2010-01-23 17:14:51 +0000 #2
Mercedes GP. Mercedes bought last year's champions BGP, and changed its name to Mercedes GP.

As for the prospects, is difficult to say.

There is no doubt that the MGP is difficult in the new season like last year, as the way BGP and sing, take a look at 09 the second half of the dismal season, there will understand BGP, and the Red Devils and the Silver Arrows are not fuel-efficient lights. Moreover, the Red Devils stopped F60 early development, focused on addressing the 10 season, coupled with the strength of FM and FA is still very strong, so although I like the Mercedes, but dare not say that will take hold.

Another problem is the uncle can not meet venue. From the testing situation, the state of uncle is still very good. But its done better than rookie Kamui Kobayashi, slow, can not be said that a disturbing signal, after all, the uncle had been over the age of 40.

Ross's ability and I have no doubt, but the MGP must face the Red Devils and the Silver Arrow 2 Super Lao Youtiao - forget that there changed the heart of the lotus Williams and Hui Guo. These are veteran teams, especially the Red Devils and the silver arrow, not reduce the strength of the teams (and Williams only disease compared to Tiger), so MGP'd be more difficult.

Another variable is the Nico. In fact, this very talented driver, in 2008 Williams car is a failure, this is no way to, Nico can only be honest and strength of the already depressed economy of the island together, but take a look at Williams's 2009 report card, there are already a substantial progress, the island still does not work, but Nico has become daunting. German cars were the first since King retired after the uncle was once considered the sea charges, but the toll of happens, and Kubica with the team, can only be depressed, and now I think that is a new generation of German driver Nico ... ... Now, however, Uncle again back.

In short, MGP is the one I am more optimistic about the team. Is likely to be won titles, but the one thing sure, not as the year when the uncle, as the Red Devils as easy as cut melons, and even BGP will not be like last year, ahead of a stop so easily able to get, which is likely to appeared as in 2008, as stomach-churning ride to the throats of the season-ending war.
kimi_cs2010-01-23 17:26:51 +0000 #3
yes ah, back pay, and in the Mercedes-Benz, the prospects Mody, we Mody one knows. The key is to look at cars Wang physical bar, in fact, the entire framework of the current Mercedes-Benz is the Brown GP, so no adjustment of the rules can be compared, and Mercedes-Benz engines, and certainly would not be any problem with, coupled with There Brown, in the strategy can be rest assured that, but everything is relative, depends on the situation of Ferrari and McLaren it, what is still a very important connotation -
mouth dripping blood, empty-ming2010-01-23 18:10:54 +0000 #4
mesay Des GP team confirmed in 2010 to participate in F1 driver lineup, the team is pleased to announce that seven times F1 world champion driver, nearly 41-year-old German driver Michael - Michael Schumacher signed a contract with Mercedes GP next year will be and Rosberg partner to F1 German national team lineup expedition 2010 venue. However, the two sides yet to disclose the details of the contract, including the duration of the contract and salary, but according to previous media broke the news, Schumacher 2010 annual salary would be 700 million euros, a three-year goal of the contract.
0 for 8 degrees2010-01-23 18:50:07 +0000 #5
is the Mercedes GP, next year will partner Nico Rosberg to F1 German national team's 2010 stadium field expeditions. Well the future, or worry about Schumi's body ...
Gui sputum2010-01-23 18:20:12 +0000 #6
Michael Schumacher is indeed making a comeback. In the Mercedes-Benz GP.

Predecessor is BGP.

Now in the testing of the.

As for the prospects, then, is not it say.

Comer lot ah.
shadow87122010-01-23 18:24:12 +0000 #7
Mercedes-Benz fleet, the future unknown, after all, big hungry age, but the car is still car king king! Thank you



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