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There are several cylinder car engine

qzwlz2010-01-23 17:01:15 +0000 #1

yo丶Rambo_2010-01-23 17:03:06 +0000 #2
earliest V6 plus turbines, because at that time the technology is not enough, can not make it to multi-cylinder, but the time will be able to export more than 900 horsepower of the. And later also added a turbo V12, but because the old trouble, finally Gaixiao, and became a V10, until Schumacher retired before the change of the V8's, that is, in 2006. FIA is also said to be changed, changed back to the first turbo V6 plus, but the car is a four-wheel drive, and use bio-fuels. Also achieve the 800's output, an engine can be used five stations, not the present two stops.

Now F1 is a mid-engine rear-wheel drive. The engine in front of the rear axle, which is below the cockpit, the driver is sitting in a game engine.
ExtremeEngine2010-01-23 17:45:42 +0000 #3
all types of racing is not the same.

General touring car engine is not fixed, such as the Aston Martin is the V10, while the Corvette is the V12, inconsistent, a few use the V8.

Prototype vehicle will be more concentrated in the V10, V12 between, such as the Audi R10TDI is the V12, while the RS Spyder is a V8.

Formula One racing engines subject to the rules strictly limited and can not recklessly.

F3, F3000 engine unification L4, while GP2 is a V8 4L, F1 for the V8 3.5L

history has been made many times to change the rules. Initially V6T, the engine in F1 history, the most peak in the '80s of the V12T, can output more than 1500HP power, then that is 91-year ban T, all the engine is limited to V10, 06 was again restricted to V8, but taking into account the cash-flow problems, so part of the team is still allowing the use of speed restrictions V10 engine.
goodyuun2010-01-23 17:28:20 +0000 #4
8-cylinder as the standard the United States generally eight-cylinder F1 8-cylinder



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