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F1 race car the previous rules on security

Xuan Yan demon2010-01-23 18:01:56 +0000 #1
I want to ask the next F1 race car the previous rules on security, thank you pull - hurry
MP4 ╅ 232010-01-23 18:05:10 +0000 #2
(also known as the Security vehicles, Safety Car; in the United States said Pace Car) is a closed circuit racing events, if encountered in the track of accidents or other abnormal conditions (such as heavy rain, the track there is fallout), the leading race in the car market, restrict their speed in order to safeguard the car and driver safety.

In the event if there are significant conditions (such as accidents or bad weather), the staff will be waving yellow flags, and in the display billboards play 'SC' words, on behalf of the safety car. F1 (Formula One) of the Safety Car roof ambulances and police cars have similar warning lights, light color is yellow and green. Safety Car necessary to maintain security within the high-speed, because the car's tires need to heat tires before being in a normal race track. Therefore, Safety Car needs a good performance of the vehicle (currently offered by Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG) as well as the experienced racer to drive (currently Bernd Maylander (Bernd Maylander, who is also a DTM driver)), attendance at the Safety Car When, in addition to driving away, there will be an FIA staff and emergency personnel with a first aid kit sitting in the car. When the Safety Car deployed, all the cars on the track can not overtake each other, leading vehicle must follow after the Safety Car.

When the crash occurred due to the failure resulting from events such as track dangerous Department has stopped the vehicle or debris, the safety car will be on the track. Or because the rain caused by special circumstances such as a temporary match difficult to carry on the safety, the safety car will be on the track. Before this occurs by the staff side of the track waving red flags suspended game, so that drivers return to the starting point in this first step. Now, in order not to have been suspended while the race car into the safety system. This method and CART in the pace car, as used in Formula One safety car (safety car) the name. When the game tracks a dangerous situation, staff will come up with written "SC" word of the board, the safety car will enter the track to guide the car in front of the track into a total ban on the overtaking of the yellow wave state. Only to track the restoration of a secure state until all the cars have to be under the guidance of the safety car on the track around in circles.

When the safety car lights went above beginning on the next lap the race start again. At the time, does not exceed the Line of Control can not be overtaking the former. In 1999, when the opening race in Melbourne because there is no off Barrichello is more than Michael Schumacher before the line of control has been sentenced to 10 seconds penalty.


and then in front of it is hard to find. .
Lynn 172010-01-23 18:39:05 +0000 #3
safety car came out just fine casual walk around



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