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is in Initial D, a man driving, the above is what the GTR, the next car I want to ask the real-name name? He is the round taillights that
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GTR is the performance characteristics of

G (Grand): superior performance of the car

T (Touring): Mercedes-Benz cars to long-distance

R (Racing): suitable for race cars


Skyline GT-R models the evolution of history:

GT-R generations in February 1969 about

1969 to 1972 it reached a 50 games unbeaten record, the performance has therefore become the eyes of God of War fans.

Model number PGC10 & KPGC10 (two-door version)

1989CC engine, DOHC inline six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine


Maximum horsepower Maximum torque 180N.m

drive system FR

GT-R II in January 1973 launched

appearance with the previous model, before and after the four round light design, but due to a substantial increase in the body, while the power unit is basically unchanged. Horsepower to weight ratio values caused by the bad, which have also become their main reason for losing on the track. Combined with the oil crisis, the decline in demand for performance vehicles, so the shutdown.

Model number KPGC110

Engine S20 2.0L engine (same as with the generation GT-R)

Drive FR

GT-R launched in August 1989 of three generations

inherits the well-known racing series Nissan SKYLINE origin, with the latest technology, won the "Invincible God of War" and "Road of the King" reputation, the R32 is the GT-R series of cars in the performance-oriented version of the most pure. Initial D,-ri-yi is the driver's car number BNR32

RB26DETT 2568cc twinturbo

the largest engine horsepower 280 (Japan hp limit)

Max torque 360N.m

Drive System 4WD

GT-R32 with the momentum so that could have No one can say the enemy, and thus returned to the king on the track position. As in Japan, 29-match winning streak. 43934 sold for a pure performance trends of the Japanese sports car really is a good performance in terms of three generations is the best selling car in GTR series to the generation of models.

GTR for four generations, launched in January 1995

model number BNR33

Engine RB26DETT 2568cc twinturbo

Maximum horsepower 280 (Japan hp limit)

Max torque 375N.m (torque than the old style to enhance 15N.m)

Drive System 4WD

GT-R33 in various aspects of progress, but the overall combat effectiveness, the fact is not above on behalf of the GT-R32 to the outstanding. A more persuasive argument is four generations of GTR for the performance of the market made a compromise and compromise.

GTR Five Dynasties in January 1999 launched

model number BNR34

Engine RB26DETT 2568cc twinturbo

Maximum horsepower 280 (Japan hp limit)

Max torque 400N.m (torque than the old style to enhance 25N.m)

Drive 4WD GTR 6 on behalf of the October 2007 launch of

model number GT-R R35 Engine Type V6

Displacement (cc) 3,799

maximum compression ratio of 9.0 horsepower (hp / rpm) 480/6400

Maximum torque (kgm / rpm) 60.0 / 3200-5200

horsepower to weight ratio (kg / hp) 3.625

drive mode AWD

gear type six-speed sequential manual gearboxes

Length Width (mm) 4655 * 1895 * 1370

vehicle weight (kg) 1740

Fuel tank capacity ( l) 71

2010 NISSAN GT-R (CBA-R35)

Engine Type: VR38DETT

Engine location-driven approach: the former in the home (gearbox at the rear axle) ATTESA E-TS 4WD

Maximum horsepower (hp): 480 (BESTMOTORING measured data)

Maximum torque (cattle - m): 588

Body Size (LxWxH mm): 4655 × 1895 × 1370

vehicle weight (kg): 1740

maximum speed (km / h): 310

0 to 100 km speed (in seconds): 3.7

there have been 50 games unbeaten row to a record five times straight JTCC championship. 1990SKYINE scenery year, not only BNR32 GT-R in Japan include group and N group A touring car champion, reached the JTCC appeared in more championship 29 times, 29 times it comes to participating in Belgium, Le Mans 24 hour endurance race of the Group-N Group 2,3 swept the name of success.

In the Guia Race of Macau, a Japanese driver Hasemi Masahiro driving a 600 horsepower more than the "Nissan" Skyline GTR (R32) car challenge at that time known as a Formula One car DTM-level BMW M3, DTM car specifications to allow more modifications, such as the lightweight body parts, titanium alloy pistons and connecting rods, and set up specifically for the contest ABS anti-lock braking system, but GTR is only a low level of A-group, many configurations are relatively Street car-oriented. BMW at the time the team are sent to Europe's top drivers, BMW expedition Guia has been for many years, drivers and teams on the Guia data from the track have plenty of vehicles is a finely crafted out of Guia race, so pairs of GTR fundamental disdain. . . . Results turned out to be GTR, but in order to lap 2 minutes and 32 seconds break the past record of shock than when any of a group of touring car racing were at least 10 seconds faster or more super-classes of the time is for! In foreign countries do not understand this team always trying to shape Taiwan, and not without a sense of flow lines from group A, eyes only 2600CC how cars have so much power, GTR shock at the time the car scene, the European car no longer afraid to look down on the GTR. GTR also sent a car to participate in European Group A touring car that, with TWIN TURBO, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, air package and other weapons, beating the then dominate the car scene SIERRA Gloucester Chikao RS500. Of the world have begun to notice of the GTR, in particular the FIA. 91 years Guia race, FIA suddenly two days before the game to inform GTR had to crawl over 100 kg! It was not fair how ah! A group of cars is obviously much better than the high-level specification of vehicles DTM load 100 kg, is the FIA afraid GTR momentum too fast and too afraid of the strength once again reelected title. GTR's motorcade in theory the engine horsepower can be offset by the 100 kg of load, but the force caused by spring but could not endure the shock, since there is no way to be more rigid in time series of spring greatly reduced competitiveness in the opportunity, although the final humiliation only a No. 3, but the sharp eyes of the crowd already knew who the real champion, "God of War" title from the spread opened at this time. FIA See Nissan GTR thunder too fresh, and in Europe there is no one car to the depot to their counter-attack and in the end only modify the race cases, in 94 years, ceased to hold Group A match race cases, it would force the GTR no more opportunity to participate in major international competitions, Nissan GTR car after only to focus on Japan's super-endurance races and JGTC of.

N group in Japan Super Endurance Race Lane, Nissan dominate the world, whether it is R32 R33 or R34 are the big winners of each race. Even if the Mitsubishi launched a four-wheel steering 3000CCTWIN TURBO the GTO, also Toyota SUPRA (the title of the Japanese sports car Hercules, 3000CC production of vehicles in the 3600 switch to have 46 kilograms of torque from 4,600 rpm there is 280 a) would like to relying on The RB26DETT engine than the GTR the advantages of large 400CC to GTR challenged. Unfortunately, GTO body weight, its V6TWIN TURBO engine size is too large, the development of mature GTR R32 did not pose a threat. Although the straight stretches of road and the SUPRA brave, because too large roundabout on the manipulation of body failed to slow to catch up with GTR. Later, GTO, and SUPRA slowly withdrew from the Super N1 Endurance Race, so GTR to become the first group of super-endurance race the only competition models, whether it is R32 to R34 which three generations of different GTR, won ten consecutive years each super-endurance race champion, also proved Nissan SKYLINE GTR in the last 10 years, the development of Japan's most successful cars.

Because the N1 endurance race teams in each competition will only choose GTR reason, forming a major modification companies have focused the development of GTR, the major modifications the company will launch a variety of modifications accessories, whether it is within the precision engine parts, turbine by pressure device, gear components, suspension, body and interior parts, so that the largest number ever GTR conversion company converted part of the cars. The major companies gradually adopt the technology arena to the civil area, notably the TOP SECRET 1000 Pi GTR, JUN 1000 hp GTR static 0 to 100 km from just 2 seconds 8 amazing time, VEILSIDE breaking 346.20 kilometers of the GTR Shock high-speed recording, JUN Hyper Lemon R III film called "super lemon R" up to 1000PS/8350rpm super horsepower and torque 82.4kgm/6900rpm terror created 383.715km / h speed of surprise! Some even converted on the 1500, GTR has unlimited converted from the world. That RB26DETT engine, six-cylinder direct-GTR out 2600CC DOHC 24 valve TWIN TURBO, diameter X stroke of 86.0x73.7, lightly oil a call has been up to 8000 rpm engine speed, with a large front INTERCOOLER, Six-type THROTTLE , INNER SHIM type VALE LIFTER, precision components for each one measures up to the Japanese GROUP A series of events, allowed the engine to become Japan's development of the engine and the world's oldest top 10 engines.

In addition, GTR is also equipped with ATTESA E-TSAWD (four-wheel drive), SUPER HICAS 4WS (four-wheel steering), DIFFUSER (air-mechanical package), car computer (can show G FORCE, temperature, number of functions) and other functions, pool Nissan's highest science and technology. Although the JGTC GT500 group events, RB engine has slowly retired, retired because the cylinder is a cast-iron heat is a problem, plus the design is in-line engine, weight distribution will inevitably affect the entire vehicle body weight distribution so that the body focus on the former side. Is now replaced by one of the world's 10 largest engine VQ engine, its size enables the body to better the previous mid-weight distribution and control the layout of the cylinder through the laser-polished so that the engine to play smoother.

SKYLINE cars in the name of love on the performance of vehicles for players who can be called Ruleiguaner, while the cars in the performance version of the GT-R is more a dream for any fan would like to obtain a performance of "fetish"! Not to mention the commander of all Japanese performance cars BNR34, even have more than 10-year-old BNR32 or national fans are now competing to snap up the object. I believe the domestic cars like the GT-R a friend a few, but not an English article system, introduced in detail this is known as "the steepest Dongying myth" of the GT-R cars. GT-R series has always been a high-performance version of SKYLINE relying, therefore, understand the GT-R is necessary SKYLINE cars from the birth of the beginning.

1957, SKYLINE cars was born in a "prince" of the depot, depot operations due to poor when they were in 1969, Nissan acquired. After the acquisition of Nissan Prince in order and walk in front of Toyota and other automakers to compete in urgent need of several appearance and performance are equally outstanding models to enhance the brand value and market share. As a result, after the reorganization has been shelved SKYLINE (skyline) and SLIVIA production of such models have been formally approved. GT-R series of the glory of the road was begun.

First-generation Skyline, the factory number R27. At the current point of view shape of the front is still a lot of flavor. Irregular waist line of the side is also relieved against the whole body shape, very muscular. Using water-cooled engine displacement for the 1989ccl maximum horsepower of 160 / 7000 switch, maximum torque 18.0kg-m/5600 turn. At that time was a performance-known best-selling model. Rear end a bit stiff, the front by the powerful style, beautiful waist caused by smooth feel as if a sudden cut off the rear, while the rear bumper looks ridiculously heavy abruptly seemed to have been knocked into the body of the vehicle Like most lines do not match and vehicle. Taillight shape simple, there is no visual effect. From the appearance of speaking, R27 is anticlimactic. Flaw lies in avant-garde of the front, rear body and can not be mediocre interface.

A short span of one year after the return of enthusiasm by the market impact of Nissan introduced the retro-fitting aerodynamic package R27 two sports version, officially named as GT-R. This is the GT-R was born. Vehicle 1 was born that, with beautiful appearance, strong performance Jibei sold out, also reached a Nissan brand image, capture the market share in mind. During the year, the Nissan GT-R as the team participated in the Japan GT Championship for Nissan won the first championship. After, GT-R miraculously created a 50-game winning streak record, while the GT-R undefeated on the myth was born. Other manufacturers can see the horizon line of cars as the four cars and two sports doorman car equally successful, they began to have to improve their performance models, but still did not jump out of shape on the old frame.

When they please in the shape of how the study of new car buyers look for when once again launched an attack in 1973, Nissan, R28 can be said that at the time of the launch of the Japanese car scene whipped up a whirlwind. Once again the leading design helped Nissan's busy, this now appears, and Aston Martin - the line looks very similar to the conquest of R28, 30 years ago, it seems like the dream car. The popular two-round light design, car-like filling mouth, long nose, full body, smooth the rear together with a good performance, but by the impact of the oil crisis at that time, only limited production of 197 will be came to an end!So, fans in Japan, is also known as the ultra-rare cars to pursue collection of objects into TFQh

1975 launch of the R29, for the Skyline GT-R cars history of the development can be regarded as an important part. Because in the R29, the first time in this day are still being used is called the GT-R cars soul, rectangular headlights and four circular taillights design group design. Is still the first version released four concierge car in obtaining a certain volume 2 will be introduced immediately after the Sport GT-R. This is a generation of neglected GT-R, because the volume of production is only 4,000 units, personally think that the GT-R appearance of the future direction of development starting from the R29. But also because production is too small it can not be considered a generation of successful product can only be said to be a facelift attempt. However, short-lived, in 1973, Nissan since the late 70s by the Japanese automobile industry crisis, brought about by the shock waves, as well as in Japan in the late 70s to early 90s, such as the implementation of emission regulation, regulation and a series of horsepower for the sky line GT-R performance cars such an extremely adverse impact of regulation, but was forced to stop the GT-R production. Therefore, R30 and R31 was introduced in two sports are not for sale, that is, GT-R model, only sold in the market horizon line (4 concierge car) model. As mediocre shape, the market does not reflect well. (However, R30 and R31 in China, could see its trace, it appears production is also not too little) time, many fans think that GT-R cars on this glorious end. The early 80s, an exciting news from Nissan has finally announced: Nissan Motor Co. will resume in the near future GT-R cars production. After 16 years of a long time and finally August 21, 1989 launched a long absence, the third generation of the new GT-R, the factory number BNR32. Was a much-anticipated new GT-R certainly not perfunctory, but Nissan also wants to revitalize the strength of the performance car. Externally, the car used R29 inherited from the rectangular headlights and four circular taillights combinations. Modeling also takes into account air resistance while doing very streamlined. Original aerodynamic package to do beautiful and extremely useful. R32 use a new inline six-cylinder twin-turbo engine, which is a generation crew RB26DETT, and unique style of electric control torque can be divided into four-wheel drive chassis. Maximum horsepower for the Japanese regulatory limits 280. Equipped with five-speed stick shift ,0-100KM / H speed up the performance of 5.1 seconds. After the new car market, the market reflects the near-madness, sales performance record of more than 43000 vehicles. No one who saw the Japanese manga "Initial D" of the fans can understand where babies that night driving BNR32 name appears in the autumn mountain, the audience envious eyes, and countless words of praise as evidenced by this new era of GT-R's authority is located.

In the BNR32 achieved great success after the Nissan cars in six years later, in March 1995 launched the fourth-generation GT-R, No. BNR33. Are still using the original model for the BNR32's RB26DETT inline six-cylinder twin-turbo engine, after a new fine tuning of the RB26-powered though a little small for the 276 notes, but to contribute to more rapid. Aspects and changes in appearance compared to BNR32 not significant. However, I do not know is not being BNR32 Nissan dizzy with great success, in the BNR33 body actually had a GT-R cars in a rare flaw is BNR33 even use the same factory for luxury cars, "the Duke" in the chassis! As the control performance of a racing car of life even use a car chassis, its handling can be imagined. Even if the engine no matter how promising, will be offset by the chassis of the congenitally deficient. So, BNR33 in the market suffered a huge defeat, sales dropped for the more than 16,000 vehicles. Nissan NISMO tuning Queen's admits the car's chassis so that we will work on the RB26 engine burned.

Learn from their mistakes, Nissan BNR33 experienced failure in the future, to understand this truth: no one will find in the GT-R comfort. What they need is Henla shape, quick acceleration, sharp handling.

Nissan engineers K with that belief, and finally in 1998, in May, developed a GT-R cars the most successful models ever - BNR34! From the appearance point of view, Nissan R33 has been completely out of the shadow of defeat, the new car forms an exception Henla. A huge front air intake grille, as well as deformation of crystalline diamond xenon headlights, 19-inch six-spoke-style wheels, as well as exposing the golden BREMBO brake calipers with large ventilation hole brake disc, compared with Mitsubishi LANCER EVO series should be eye-catching large-scale tail wind wing, as well as improved high-lighting of the Outer Circle within a small, four taillight combination of a the same information to disclose - Dongying God of War is back! Manipulations, Nissan designers BNR33 on the lessons learned so that they paid special attention when you create BNR34 **** controllability. In addition to continue with the degree of auto-Ke Yi tire attached to the electronically controlled torque distribution four-wheel-drive chassis, but also the introduction of four-wheel active steering system. The system can make a significant shift in the front wheel moves, the rear wheel front wheel steering angle according to the size of the shift accordingly, the result is that we can to turn sharper point of view. Power connection, Nissan offers the choice of three engines, this three NEO STRAIGHT 6-cylinder engine, the same is configured with the famous "NICS" (Intake Manifold two variable-length systems) and "NVCS" ( Variable Valve Timing institutions), to take the engine speed in each domain can have a perfect performance. Start start-type 2L naturally aspirated engine (RB20DE) talk about the use of computer-controlled oil and gas out of a very good mixture ratio, and with concave top of the piston design, so that when the mixture into the cylinder to form a special swirl to reach ... ... stratified combustion, improve combustion efficiency, to achieve the purpose of lean-burn engine's maximum output of 150ps/6400rpm, 19.0kgm/4400rpm, thanks to lean combustion, thanks to fuel consumption has a decent performance. And the 2.5L naturally aspirated engine (RB25DE), may play a maximum output 200ps/6000rpm, 26.0kgm/4000pm, Zheke engine emphasis is "LEV" (Low Emission Vehicle) aspirations, low-emission, low-pollution , the newly developed catalytic converter can effectively control exhaust emissions, so that CO, HC, NOx than the current value of the exhaust emission limits in Japan were lower about 10%. As Nissan's top sports car, power, naturally the performance of impressive! Highlights 2.5L turbo-charged engine (RB25DET), which is Skyline R34 by carrying the most powerful in the heart of the maximum output reached 280ps/6400rpm, 35.0kgm/3200rpm! Such data is far better than on the R33 output. The rides on GT-R R34's engine is still the magic weapon for Nissan after the house-line six-cylinder twin-turbo (RB26DETT), Ji 2.6L twin-turbo increase displacement, maximum output: 280ps/6800rpm Maximum torque: 40.0kgm/4400rpm. Why is it necessary to call for housekeeping magic? In the modification is that it seems to have unlimited potential. From 1969 onwards in the race, GT-R has always been based on invincible attitude appear in the game until today remains the same.

However, the GT-R in recent years, several major shortcomings and gradually exposed: 1. Vehicle weight problem: This issue has been plagued Nissan manufacturer, as well as racing modified their biggest problem. GT-R's weight and its biggest rival Toyota SUPRA and the Honda NSX, respectively, compared heavier than 100 kg and 130 kg. In the car plant, the 1 kg lighter are all related to the victory and defeat, it is conceivable, GT-R carrying a burden in and how much the race. As the body overweight, for fuel consumption, horsepower consumption, curve manipulation, as well as the braking system will result in the loss of a great negative impact. If it were not with the performance of the engine and handling performance, stability and excellent chassis, GT-R might already no longer be the glory. Therefore, the vehicle weight is the GT-R victory in recent years, more and more advantage of the key reasons for the weak. 2. Drag the question: In fact, strictly speaking, GT-R and SUPRA, NSX, and can not be considered at the same level opponents. Because the latter was independently developed models, while the GT-R is relying on the performance version of the SKYLINE cars. The Nissan 300ZX exclusive performance vehicles, and BNR33 the same chassis as the problem of the fools can not afford to become a Rotary, Nissan GT-R can only be against. This has resulted in the GT-R in order to drag racing car shape against the embarrassing situation. The subsidiary of vehicles not change shape, so is the GT-R drag problem facing the second major problem. 3. Emissions: In 2003, Japan will implement new emissions regulation, for large displacement high-power engine emissions made specific requirements. As a result, the current Japanese performance vehicles such as GT-R, SUPRA, NSX, 300ZX, GTO, etc. will not pass the test because of the misfortune of facing shutdown. Nissan did not want to let the whole world once again, the performance of fans once again lost their GT-R, also hope that the GT-R be able to get rid of the shackles of the number of constraints. Thoroughly to become unassailable, "Dongying steepest myth."

Finally, Nissan has great moves, the summer of 2001, Nissan released a new SKYLINE, factory number is V35, the engine VQ35DETT developed using a new engine. However, a much-anticipated new car reckon the world's next generation GT-R's fans perplexed. Not like a performance car body shape, too much high, and long wheelbase cars to make a new car there is no superior athletic at all, be regarded as a car down a good car. The most important point is that GT-R cars for the soul - rectangular headlights and four circular taillights disappear from the combination of new models without a trace. Fans angry that this is from the BNR33 Nissan lost since the second time, committed the error is unacceptable. The summer of 2001 for the GT-R's fans is particularly dry and hot, while Nissan has also been the introduction of a variety of R34 GT-R's limited version of the attitude to create a collection out of print. 2001 Japan Tokyo Motor Show Nissan booth. A result that shocked the world spread the news: GT-R officially divorced from SKYLINE cars, become an independent cars. While Nissan is on display at booth R34 GT-R of the orthodox successors R35 CONCEPT. SKYLINE from the launch of new fans sorry to R35 CONCPET ecstatic when published, GT-R's development in the heart affects the number of people ------ there is nothing wrong! Body bold, simple lines, pressing the familiar kind of momentum there is a four-round lanterns together with proof of origin and that the steering wheel on the nameplate, GT-R is back! Since then, GT-R no longer have to endure the fetters of SKYLINE, you can independently develop their own low-drag body lines, use of lightweight materials, body, flexible, agile chassis. There had already been confirmed in the R35 will carry a new seven-speed hand gears. Some fans believe that a new car too rounded shape lost the majesty of God of War should have, but the front has already been mentioned, bold styling of the GT-R has brought too great a burden, which is also the GT-R broke SKYLINE fetters of the most obvious change.

2007 October 24, the new GT-R finally the mystery of Tokyo Motor Show in the Nissan booth opened officially announced to the world Skyline GT-R Japan God of War has been returned, and in a few years after continuous R & D breakthroughs, the new GT-R as revealed by the fighting capacity and technology, even the average level of Japan's ultra-running into an amazing realm, but also to Europe and the United States, major investments have to re-evaluate the strength of Japan's ultra-running. If you follow the previous naming convention, the new GT-R should be called the Skyline GT-R R35, but there are indications that the Nissan GT-R may be out of skyllne cars become a pure sports car, first of all is the new GT-R no longer share the chassis skyline. He used a newly developed PM (PrlmeMidship) platform design, Nissan's chief engineer Kazutoshl Mizuno stressed that the new GT-R in both urban and on the road or the track can meet the different tastes of the drivers. After rigorous wind-tunnel testing of the developed by the streamlined body, with the exception of the ultra-low air resistance has a 0.27 performance, but also combines elements of modernity and tradition in one, so that the spirit of GT-R from the inside out completely to continue. The new GT-R has a very rich content, which may be the reason why Nissan has spent more than five years of development time, which gave this new models hang "GT-R" badge reasons, because it is saddled with All Nippon announced to the world of motor racing's traditional burden of combat power, in order to achieve such performance, Nissan has invested considerable effort to develop GT-R, in order to ensure that it will not make the world disappointed, also proved that they did exactly that.

2008, GT-R on Niu Bolin on the circuit, seven minutes 29 seconds 03 results shocked the automotive world, not only mercilessly get rid PORSCHE 911 GT3, excellent performance in the global super-sports car scene and lay a heaven and earth. Since then, with the GT-R Facelift, upgrade hp to 485hp, product performance to continue to improve, GT-R to 7 minutes 26 seconds reproduction of the legendary 70's performance. GT-R on April 24, 2009 in Germany again, Niu Bolin North Central track record, NISSAN GT-R with 7 minutes 26 seconds results in one fell swoop than 70 Porsche 997 GT2 and the Porsche Nurburgring king of the North Central Carrera GT, far outstripped the Ferrari F430, Ferrari ENZO, and Pa results almost equal to the Gini Zonda F Clubsport, in the world of motor racing has aroused a great sensation, has allowed himself to buy a Porsche GT-R to test the its real achievements.

NISSAN GT-R's chief development engineer - water, wild and sensitive (Kazutoshi Mizuno), Mr. GT-R is also the record said: "It will continue to GT-R performance continued to improve in order to honor all the GT-R owners, but also to a record for every second of every minute and every GT-R to stimulate superior performance and vehicle owners and potential of blood. "
a Japanese national treasure-level sports car fame as a Japanese national treasure of numerous sports, NISSAN GT-R is Nissan Technical The synthesizer, since its inception will be numerous honors.

May 1964, at the Hairpin Suzuka International Circuit, NISSAN GT-R win in Porsche 904, NISSAN GT-R legend from the beginning;

August 1989, equipped with 2.6L inline six-cylinder bi-turbo engine, and equipped with the most sophisticated 4WD system, NISSAN GT-R officially come out, and in the next contest in 1990 JTCC and writing again the legend of the creation of 29 appearances a perfect record of 29 wins;

Over the past fewYears, hailed as the most demanding track in Germany Niubaigelin, in the case of wet road, NISSAN GT-R to create a single lap 7 minutes and 38 seconds of the extraordinary achievements; 5000KM endurance test, but also the creation of a single-lap average of 7 70 minutes 26 seconds of the latest achievements; the German highway filled with water, NISSAN GT-R will not be less than the speed of 300km / h, around the world, including the burning of the U.S. highways and snow-covered roads, NISSAN GT-R's performance has let the world marvel.

However, the great glory and did not let NISSAN GT-R stopped the pursuit of the perfect pace of evolution. Each of its time to upgrade, are a major advance in technology.

Next-generation GT-R launch three models

NISSAN next-generation GT-R in October 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show debut by the end of 2008 by the world's automotive industry magazine - Motor Trend magazine (Motor Trend) named "Motor Trend Car of the Year ", and claimed that the car show world-class performance while, NISSAN GT-R has also won the Japan Car of the Year Special Award (Most Advanced Technology) and the United States" 2009 Motor Trend Car of the Year "award.

A new generation of NISSAN GT-R has three models, GT-R GR6-type dua, GT-R Black edition, GT-R Premium edition. China will import level for the NISSAN GT-R Premium edition, which is NISSAN GT-R's the highest level, a total of Yao Ishiguro, tungsten steel gray, pearl white, the ultimate titanium, lava red, silk, silver exterior colors to choose from six kinds of at the same time, black and gray interior trim can be free to choose.

NISSAN GT-R's exterior design has obvious Japanese super sports car style. With the Lotus team and Yoshitaka Suzuki team together to, NISSAN GT-R in all aspects of performance can be said to extremes.

NISSAN GT-R's interior, highlighting a comfortable driving the core design philosophy. Ensure that the equipment, instrumentation and control devices, the layout of those who use the most convenient driving. Multi-function instrument panel, in addition to water temperature, oil pressure sort of data, to better show the first 20 seconds of exposure to vehicle acceleration, braking and steering operations generated by G forces (vertical and lateral).

3.8LV-type six-cylinder twin-turbo engine delivers a powerful driving force

a new generation of NISSAN GT-R is a very good performance in all aspects of the super sports car, using the latest developed a new high-level mid-engined platform, powered by Nissan The new upgrade 3.8LV-type six-cylinder twin-turbo engine VR38DETT, you can provide it with more powerful driving force. 0-100km acceleration time of 3.5 seconds, and because of its excellent aerodynamic performance, the maximum speed can reach 310km / h.

NISSAN engineers design, maximum use of natural forces. Specifically for the NISSAN GT-R has developed the world's first independent rear variable-speed drive axle 4WD, through carbon fiber propellers combined with the tail drive unit while reducing the vehicle's center, thereby greatly reducing the front wheel of the air resistance; used RunOnFlat large-diameter tires to increase tire grip area; the same time, computer-controlled 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, new suspension, powerful brakes, the perfect balance of four loads, improved cornering performance and stability. Even at 300km / h speed of the road, the driver can still quite happy to chat and vice-driver's seat passengers.

NISSAN GT-R fully reflect NISSAN "people-oriented" philosophy and the repairer "car the protection of human" security concept. Wide range of high-brightness according to photo gas discharge lamp, high LED brake lights, heated exterior mirrors, low-drag wipers make driving more comfortable and more secure; ABS, EBD, Brembo 4 wheel brakes, to ensure that occupants security; VDC-R system and with the 4WD system, the vehicles are on autopilot when you encounter a crisis situation to safety. Former SRS dual airbags, bilateral air bags, air curtains, effectively guarantee the safety of traveling the same time, NISSAN GT-R a pop-up hood safety design, but also reduced the injury crashes on pedestrians.

The unique features, not only reflected in the performance of the design, but also reflected in its unique production process, carbon fiber, aluminum and steel are the various components of the production process of high precision installation, the installation has been completed, NISSAN GT-R for each one to go through a series of comprehensive tests to ensure the various components of vehicles running in top condition.

For the NISSAN GT-R to the formal channels of Dongfeng Nissan to sell into the Chinese market, Dongfeng Nissan vice general manager Ren Yong said that the "super sports car repairer who is both a relentless pursuit of the ultimate in automotive technology, but also drivers who speed and to experience the ultimate dream of passion. We hope that through the NISSAN GT-R's imported, to meet the sports car enthusiast for the NISSAN GT-R's desire for a real sports car players chasing the ultimate dream. "
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Skyline GT-R R34 V - SpecII specifications

depot Nissan Nissan

Car kinds of numbers BNR32

Engine: Engine number RB26DETT, Type: Water-cooled longitudinally mounted inline six-cylinder DOHC 24 valve twin-turbo blower supercharger with intercooler

Cylinder volume (cc) 2568

Diameter X stroke (mm) 86.0x73.7

Compression ratio 8.5 / 1

Maximum horsepower ps / rpm 280/6800

Maximum Torque kgm / rpm 36.0/4400

Engine Management Systems ECCS red line 8200rpm

four-wheel-drive powertrain with five-speed gearbox (FS5R30)

wave of 3.214


2-wave 3-wave four-wave 1.302



After the five-wave wave approaching end of 3.369


Suspension System: (Front) multi-link (rear) multi-link

Steering System: Ladder teeth Super Hicas, ATTESA, E-TS system

Braking System: 4-wheel ventilated discs After the first four piston with two piston calipers

Wheels / Car: rim before 8JJ x 16 "aluminum (114.3 +30), after 8JJ x 16" aluminum (114.3 +30), tires (front) 225/50R16, ( later) 225/50R16

Body: length (mm) 4545, Width (mm) 1755, high (mm) 1340

before and after the Cross-Track (mm) 2615

Weight (kg) 1430

tank capacity (L ) 72
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