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f1 car king is the king who is Michael Schumacher Motorcycle

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Luoxi Wa Valenti Valentino Rossi (Valentino Rossi) (2009 season photo)

Name: Wallen Dinuoluoxi (Valentino Rossi)

Nationality: Italy

Date of Birth: February 16, 1979
-owned vehicle fleet: Fiat Yamaha

Height 182cm

Weight 67kg

marital status, place of birth of unmarried

resident Urbino, Italy in: Italy (since the tax went to the back)

"" the number of entries overall championship Data


227 for the first time the total number of competition entries in 1996 Malaysian Grand Prix (125cc)

Pole Pole number 58 for the first time in 1996 the Czech Republic Grand Prix (125cc)

Sub-station, sub-station championship win number 103 for the first time in 1996 Czech Grand Prix 125cc Group

4026 sub-total score is the effectiveness of team Fiat Yamaha
>> Driver Introduction

Rossi, February 16, 1979, was born Urbino, Italy. He inherited his father's talent in the motorcycle movement. In 1990 from the mini - motor race began his career in 1993 in the Italian 125cc championship team, in the first season won the race. In 1994, won the championship. In 1995, Rossi entered Aipuliya teams to participate in the European Challenge Tour, the first season a year 3, the same year, he is still the Italian 125cc national championship team. In 1996, Rossi took the top event in the world motorcycle championship stage.

MotoGP career to 1996: In the Malaysian Grand Prix on behalf of Aipuliya team debut the world's top motorcycle race stage. Accumulated 111 points and No. 9 the year. Career in the Czech Republic won the first race.

1997: Driving Aipuliya racing history by becoming the second youngest 125cc world championship team. Plot 321 points of the year title. 11 races: Malaysia, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Imola, Germany, Brazil, England, Catalonia and Indonesia.

1998: Driving Aipuliya 250cc car to participate in group games. Accumulated 201 points and the year the first 2.5 races: the Netherlands, Imola, Catalonia, Australia and Argentina.

1999: Driving Aipuliya racing history by becoming the youngest 250cc world championship team. Plot 309 points of the year title. 9 races: Spain, Italy, Catalunya, Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

2000: Driving Honda Racing to attend 500cc group match. Accumulated 209 points and the year the first 2.2 race wins: Britain, Brazil.

2001: Driving Honda car, access to 500cc world championship team. Plot 325 points of the year title. 11 race wins: Japan, South Africa, Spain, Catalunya, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Portugal, the Pacific Grand Prix, Australia, Malaysia and Brazil.

2002: changing the rules in MotoGP, after driving the new four-stroke Honda RC211V racing to win the first MotoGP world champion. Plot 355 points of the year title. 11 race wins: Japan, Spain, France, Catalonia, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Australia.

2003: on behalf of Honda (Repsol) team received a second MotoGP world champion. Plot 357 points of the year title. 9 race wins: Japan, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, Rio de Janeiro, Malaysia, Australia, and Valencia.

2004: move to Yamaha team, and once again won the MotoGP world championship team. Plot 304 points of the year title. 9 races: South Africa, Italy, Catalonia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Malaysia, Australia, and Valencia.

2005: continue to represent the Yamaha team, four points ahead of world championship winning MotoGP team. Plot 367 points of the year title. 11 race wins: Spain, China, France, Italy, Catalonia, the Netherlands, Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Qatar and Australia.

2006: continue to represent the Yamaha team, because the stability of the car did not receive YAMAHA annual championship. Accumulated 247 points, runner-up. 5 races: Qatar, Italy, Jiatai Luo, Germany, Malaysia

2007: continue to represent the Yamaha team, because the car and the Michelin tires YAMAHA did not receive an annual championship (Yamaha team after the end of the season Rossi issued a public apology to the owner of statement). Accumulated 241 points and third year. Four sub-stations crown: Jerez, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal.

2008: continue to represent the Yamaha team, ahead of three points won the MotoGP world championship team. Plot 373 points of the year title. 9 races: Shanghai, France, Italy, the United States Laguna Seca, the Czech Republic, San Marino, the United States Indianapolis, Japan, Malaysia.

2009: continue to represent the Yamaha team, ahead of a station group to win MotoGP World Championship. Plot 306 points of the year title. 6 races: Jerez, Jiatai Luo, the Netherlands (No. 100 World Championship wins), Germany, the Czech Republic, San Marino.

Belongs to Rossi's record:

1, Rossi is second in the history of more than 6 times to obtain the highest level of the world's top motorcycle race championship. The other one is 8 times to win阿古斯蒂尼.

2, Rossi was the first five seasons in a single season nine times or nine times more sub-stations won the championship.

3,2005 in the Netherlands Station, became the first top-level competition won five consecutive points races of the Yamaha rider.

4, Rossi is the only other one apart from阿古斯蒂尼consecutive season, winning the first five races in a driver.

5,2001 years, the success of Rossi became the youngest driver to win across the three groups. The other two drivers to win across the three groups are: Phil - Reed (125cc, 250cc, 500cc), and Mike - Haierwude (250cc, 350cc, 500cc).

6, Rossi was the first four youngest driver 500cc team title, placing in front of him is this: Freddy - Spencer, Mike - Haierwude and John - Sotis. (cloverfor)

7, Rossi was the first 2 get 100 points more than the victory of the driver stops, the other one阿古斯蒂尼.

Main achievements

1996: 125cc World Championship No. 9

1997: 125cc World Championship title

1998: 250cc World Championship runner-up to 1999: 250cc World Championship title

2000: 500cc World Championship runner-up to 2001: The World Championship 500cc champion 2002: MotoGP World Championship title

2003: MotoGP World Championship title

2004: MotoGP World Championship title

2005: MotoGP World Championship title

2006: MotoGP World Championship runner-up to 2007: MotoGP World Championship Runner-up

2008: MotoGP World Championship title

2009: MotoGP World Championship title

World Championship MotoGP12-year-old to participate in motorcycle racing for the first time, very quickly emerge. Not only in the Italian domestic, but also in the whole of Europe are given a number of victories. 96 In early times in the World Championship 125cc class after the race, to 2002, becoming the second to obtain three kinds of the history of championship-level driver. 2004 season, Yamaha citizenship, access to nine victories for Yamaha brought after an absence of 12-year-old champion in history by becoming the first team for two consecutive years in two different GP world champion driver. His outstanding car control technology, fast speed, superior performance and the character of so many fans warm admiration for it. September 28, 2008, Rossi won Japan's Motegi circuit in wins, second in the championship ahead of Stoner 92 points, three points ahead of schedule to obtain the annual championship, becoming the eight time winner. October 25, 2009 at the Sepang circuit ahead of a station group in the world won the MotoGP championship, becoming nine time winner.

(2009 to continue playing for FIAT YAMAHA team, driving YZR-M1)
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Valentino Rossi
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Valentino Rossi
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Peter Pan Rossi
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Peter Pan Rossi
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Super MotoGP Moto GP Rossi (Italy)
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Italian Valentino Rossi Peter Pan
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of course, Valentino Rossi
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Mike. Doohan. The former five-time world motorcycle championship. Later, accident, amputating a leg, they retired.

If we say that F1 might be the first person you think of Schumacher, but if the twentieth century's greatest motorcycle racing driver would only Mike. Doohan had.

McDoo Han, 1965 was born on June 4 in Queensland, Australia Brisbane, the capital city. He was just 7 years old when he began riding a motorcycle. His 9-year-old, he has started to learn the business engaged in competition, but he was most notable achievements is the completion of the Queensland 10-12 year-old championship pursuit race. A gradual increase in the level of Mike, the speed motorcycle riding faster and faster. So far, though hard to believe you, but Mike did not want to become a high-speed road racing driver. 'When I just started the game, in fact most of my time, are cross-country in the game, I think that the road race of the drivers are crazy. I never thought to ride too fast, because I'm afraid and broke his leg. I started the game riding a 250cc street car, and that is what I want, because it can only reach 180 km / hr. At that time I think this speed is already fast enough for me had.

Mike from a very early age began to know to become a racing driver himself, but never thought would become five-time world championship winner. 'I was a kid in Australia right to know what is happening abroad, very little, so until I heard that when 20-year-old world champion. I mainly want to race in Australia, but one thing brings me to a different direction. Doohan began in 1984, driving a Yamaha RZ350 car to participate in his first game, and quickly learned how to win technology. By 1987, he has gained 57 points, 26 wins good results. Doohan excellent results that he began in 1988 became the Marlboro Yamaha team full-time driver. In his year in Australia and Japan, Yamaha Formula One car and four-stroke Superbike race has made 33 stops on the 16 wins achievement.

1989 Doohan driving a team-mate韦恩加德纳and Yidilaosen Rothman, together with support from the Honda team took part in the 500cc World Championship. That year in Hockenheim, Mike finished third and won a total score on the ninth. Doohan, with incredible lap times of 25.442 seconds to complete the race and eventually finished third. Over the next few years, Doohan continued to achieve good results in 1993, won the fourth. 1994 was the beginning of the myth Doohan. 14 points nine times to win, 1 top three results for the Doohan won his first world champion. Doohan not satisfied with this, continue 95,96,97 won the world championship. Through the Group's four game winning streak in the 500cc, Doohan joined the one with the same level of outstanding duo, Jia Kamo Augustine, and Maike Hai Wood. In 1998, Mike, in his fifth reelection time world champion won eight victories. The following year, he was in the first round to fourth-place finish, the second round to finish second to start racing. Unfortunately, the third round match at Jerez in Spain, he fell, and injured is very serious, and this has become Mike retired from the arena to the reasons for Honda 500GP team general manager. Mike in his GP career, won the long list of titles. His many victories were remembered. '1997 Years in Brazil, let me be very memorable victory. In the remaining three or four laps, I was out of the race, when I am slower than the leading driver of about 4 seconds, I thought I could not catch him. But they also made a few mistakes, let me be close to the distance, and finally the last lap, I exceeded them, and achieved the final victory. Mike has many good memories, and he also recalled in his racing career in a very embarrassing situation. 'That was in 1990, I have to leave the competition in a hot spring in Belgium when the track. At that time during warm-up, I washed the hill and kept the gear change, rear-wheel sliding into a straight ditch, threw me out. I had to go back to that everyone can see where I fell, and they applaud for me. That's a very embarrassing moment people. 'Despite the Mike Honda is now a consultant, he also has the time to learn from others. 'I think in my lifetime, there are many different people are I want them to study. In the early days,I think everyone wants to learn to some extent to his father, and then you obsessed with a particular thing, you will want to those who would do such things to learn. In my career I also have a few of you want to learn. I think they are among the most famous is the Yidilaosen. 'Mike is now sitting on the track side, he has made as the audience and consultants the opportunity to enjoy the fun GP race. 'This year's GP race very well, because the GP race is a kind of show. I believe in this year's race because of the experience of participants continue to accumulate, the continuous improvement of the speed the game will be more exciting. But now I think the GP race owned by the recommendations of the best tools is the fierce competition. For me, this is very strange, because I do not miss driving. I think our view of these highly competitive race will make more and more people turn on the TV or in person to see GP race.

With his valuable knowledge is difficult to evaluate, with who he was covered with wounds and dazzling honor, Doohan out of the track in order to begin a new career, manager and consultant, Mike will no doubt be in his magic Previous Champions mythology and add a new chapter.

In the 137 games, Mike won 54 victories, 58 second lead into the top three 95 times, five times 500cc world champion reelection. McDoo Han in 1989, president of met Alpinestars, when he hoped that Doohan able to use their company's products, but it was Doohan is using another company's products, so two could not reach an agreement. Later, in 1992, Doohan broke his right leg, had provided him with the companies can not match boots specially made for him he needs to race boots, therefore, have this power Alpinestars company to become a logical partner Doohan, They have been specially produced Doohan race boots worn by the right foot, so that you can wear two kinds of brands Doohan race boots enter the competition. (Even though this is not a 'unrepeatable', is enough to be called 'unprecedented' any more.) From around 1994, Doohan started wearing Alpinestars products specifically participate in the competition. When he wore at the time the product terms are 'futuristic', in order to protect his legs from the impact, and other injuries other than the main, but later it gradually developed into the mainstream of the product. Doohan's 11 season 6 season, time is formal cooperation with the Alpinestars company, there is a season, several games to zero is in state of informal cooperation. Prior to 1988, he was wearing Alpinestars company's products, but he has paid more than 90% of the time; later Alpinestars president for his 'compromised', but he insists that wearing Alpinestars company's products until retirement.

Doohan champions dominate:

1998 500CC Mike - Mick Doohan, Australia

1997 500CC Honda Mike - Mick Doohan, Australia

1996 500CC Honda Mike - Mick Doohan, Australia

1995 500CC Honda Mike - Doohan of Australia

1994 500CC Honda Mike - Mick Doohan, Australia Honda

GP ". motor industry, no one did not know!
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