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A variety of car steering wheel view.

ggunslingerf2010-01-23 19:02:15 +0000 #1
Recently read some video inside the compartment of the car and found a different car steering wheel rotation angle will be different ah.

1, say, a unilateral WRC steering wheel looks like half a circle would not hit, add up to 240 degrees, right? Watched the video Tsuchiya kyu disabilities, he looks like and arcade Initial D, as a unilateral 270 degrees, that is useful to 540 drift car, right? That GT can support the largest to 900, this and the real car is relatively close to it?

2, I understand, the general urban vehicles in order to prevent traffic accidents, do not allow sharp reversal of direction, so the angle of 900 degrees is designed to fairly relaxed. Rally due to turn complex, and therefore bar designed for 240-degree steering angle is very compact in response to a continuous cornering. And the drift racing in order to fight the direction of both fast and can control it with a known accurate converted into the steering wheel 540 degrees in this way than a compact family cars, but the liberal point of view than the rally cars.

This understanding correct?

That is the number of F1 here?

3, for example, GT4 Force wheel to play GT4 on the PS2 can only be 200 degrees and 900 degrees, while the PC can arbitrarily adjust the angle. That in my experience the precise force feedback on the PS2 and the closest to the real car steering wheel angle, and in the PC, the Logitech Driving Force GT4 Rally transferred into a 240-degree play RBR.

This match should be the most reasonable of the bar.

ExtremeEngine2010-01-23 19:14:20 +0000 #2
NOD ... ... a very strong understanding.

Here is a steering wheel than the problem. The so-called steering ratio refers to m-degree turn when the steering wheel, the corresponding steering tires (all-wheel-steering and the Offroad Racing SnowRally do not know how the operator of the ... ...) the corresponding n-degree turn, then turn over the car is the m: n, a good understanding of the steering ratio is a bicycle. And general than in the 16-18 cars turn around sports car is usually in the 10-12 (not converted).

The cars are usually killed by a unilateral bar and a half laps ... ... It seems that many are like this, but the tires are generally located in the steering angle of 20 degrees up and down, but the ultra-running many of them are lap and a half, as drift car ... ... I'm not concerned about this, but for comparison in terms of professional drivers, even turning to open more than 18 cars, in a very short period of time can be quickly played in two laps and a half is, of course, an easier semi-circle of some, as drift precision handling of the car, it is not clear, it seems not very accurate.

As for the F1 ... ... this would Bijiao Shu had.

General F1 tires are 14-degree steering lock, of course, this value can be adjusted, and there are few venues that Beijing's streets of the curved horn Garak (MonteCarlo, except that the downhill corners), 14-degree steering lock enough tire use. Steering wheel steering angle is the FIA regulations, unilateral 110 degrees, the steering ratio on the small. In addition, F1 steering wheel complication is that it is not a fixed value over the steering. The more close to the middle, turned to the greater than, the more close to both sides, turning over the smaller, so turning the steering wheel F1 will find that, in the middle of the area to meet the control accuracy, but the sharp reversal of the time needed, steering wheel angle comparison This is the way the front tire quickly Niuguo Lai, another above 110 degrees when the race is also the FIA under the perspective of special circumstances, the maximum is 240 degrees, of course, need to turn off the steering wheel lock. For example, when a collision, this time more than the car can be set above the front tire steering angle for steering.

F1 steering wheel for this setting is to take into account almost straight when the road needed to turn to the required accuracy and speed requirements of a small steering ratio, after all, the steering wheel of a knife 50000 with an astronomical amount of suspension system, so NB is also understandable.

GTR standard should be 540. Formula chaos inside the very ... ... F1 is 240 (all) / 110 (game time), GP2 is not clear (MS is also a unilateral 180), F3 is a unilateral 180, Formula steering ratio were not fixed. In addition, the room inside the Prototype racing team does not seem to 540, but a unilateral 270 (at least I've seen Audi R10TDI so.
Lakelv2010-01-23 19:42:33 +0000 #3



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