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I ask the question about car emissions

CDK61542010-01-23 20:01:11 +0000 #1
Japanese sports car's engine until 2:00, after a few modifications of the displacement of those horses have more than 1000 super sports car of the 6:00 of several emissions horsepower no big ask how this is going on?
ExtremeEngine2010-01-23 20:15:17 +0000 #2
modifications are death-defying original car ... ... can not be so crazy.

Fact, emission from the 2-3L squeeze inside the hp 1000 is not without - F1 engines are the 3.5L, power is close to 1000, but the result is that the only run 2,000 km, used the scrap.

Modified car is the same, it can be anything without scruples, but the consequence of change out of the car's durability will be a serious decline, for example, after installing NOS, each with a bottle of gas, the car would be equivalent to shortening the life span about 1,000 km. Of various parts of the engine damage is great.

As for the ultra-running, they use V12 or W16 engine, 6L or 8L of the displacement, is to ensure that a car can run for 10 years -20 years, which is the amount of the so-called I, are taking the car to push its limits , take a look at F1 life know what the consequences of super-sports car manufacturers original running time, is not so stupid to.
Du Radium Strontium2010-01-23 20:42:29 +0000 #3
LZ himself would say ah. It was converted!! Ultra-running Ye Hao. After all, genuine goods. A lot of concerns about this. Including cost. Durability. Even the parts maintenance logistics. There are signs contract category.

own modified words. tire bell with the BBS's. MAXXIS tire of. brakes with brembo's. hanging with TEIN's. intake and exhaust with the TOM `s the. turbo with HKS's. even with the NOS of nitrogen. will not have any problem. But for a car manufacturer is. If you want to build a car and so many manufacturers to sign a long-term supply of spare parts supply contract. that it is not realistic. so. prefer to open another production line. the other made molds.

so . How can the ultimate goal and performance-modification cases compared to it?!!



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