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How Toyota Vios Drift

huangbin06172010-01-23 20:01:43 +0000 #1
My car is a Toyota Vios 1.5 automatic, how can the drift do? If so, please explain in detail the next
baizhangbing52010-01-23 20:13:31 +0000 #2
before the car can drift, but the small Japan said that before the car can not drift, because the former drove many to drift with hand brake, the rear wheels sometimes lock is running and sliding is not a rolling operation, and the tire flew less clear smoke drift, but by definition, the first car can drift, I taught you two strokes it, but because of security considerations. I suggest not to float, first: injuries car, second: automatic transmission, it is difficult to ensure drift at low-speed high-torque output, there is no LSD limited slip differential, torque loss of more. Third: Reiz Vios not like you can shut down electronic systems (ABS EBD, etc.), the presence of electronic systems will make the car drift is not up, 4th: The internal equipment is not professional seats can not be shoulders and neck Hu Zhu, drift, when driver body is difficult to maintain stable and prone to danger. Seat belts, a 4-point drift, and we are 2 points-based. Car chassis without reinforcement, did not install the roll cage, hard to guarantee the safety of danger.

You are also on the drift of their personal experience to tell you how to drift before the drive.

Shift the fundamental principle is "sliding" is a kind of sliding out of control, is cornering too fast when the wheels break traction due to the occurrence limit lateral movement of the body.

Side of skateboarding for a variety of reasons, and they are:

1: the road friction coefficient is small, rear-wheel grip limit break;

2: into the corner too fast, the rear wheels pushing my limits;

3: In the corner increase in throttle too big too fast too fast, and strong motivation to make the rear wheel friction with the ground breaking the limit while the skid (mostly occurred in the high-powered rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive high-performance car, after the small horsepower do not have enough power to drive the rear wheels skid);

4: front-wheel drive vehicle into the bend too fast, the more understeer occur (also a Tuitou) situation. However, before the drive can also be the tail-flick action, anxious to play at a sufficient speed the steering wheel slam down hard on the brakes at the same time destroy the original body of inertia, so that the wheel will be because the lateral force grip is too big breakthrough in the limit so that the body spun the situation;

5: There is a driver deliberately to make the car skid tail flick, so that the front as soon as possible to point out the bending direction (more in a more slippery surface, such as rainy days or when the use of such gravel road open method, under normal circumstances, the open - France is not the fastest).

In fact, there are many other reasons, such as the rear of the car too much so, in short, break the most fundamental reason for this is rear-wheel grip limit the occurrence of broaching sliding state.

The tail flick occurs when want to save cars, the usual way is to play the "backhand rudder" that is, which side slip to the rear, aboard which side to fight the steering wheel. Drift is controlled sideslip (DRIFT).

Handbrake drift: 1. Not to the general Ruwan point, early cutting the steering wheel, brake handle and then the vehicle sideslip.

2. Sliding down immediately file, and keep sliding state to the cornering apex.

3. Bend to reach peak, they can bend out of Bigfoot throttle. (When the hand brake pull up lock button do not release the hand brake, pull an appropriate time, the car sliding into the appropriate angle can be let go)

lock block: (automatic transmission car basically can not do, and is not modified The car is not recommended)

the use of lower body weight transfer files to and let the rear thrown way over-wa. Operating procedures are as follows:

1. Into the pre-bending slightly to enhance the speed into the bend, cut the steering wheel, and then slam on the brakes and downshift at the same time.

2. At this point vehicle center of gravity forward, the rear will suddenly thrown out.

3. Release the brake and the accelerator out of turn Bigfoot.

Inertia Drift: (front drive cars Jieke do)

1. Slow down, and down into the bend before the file, put a small cut throttle and the steering wheel.

2. Into the bend Feet throttle, wheel horsepower will be carrying large, fail to seize the ground, and let the rear thrown.

3. At this point turn with the throttle control the degree of throttle more weight, more steering angle, the front right to a bend point, and then smoothly to a bend.

Suitable for a way to drive on those before, but, it is recommended to use hand brake, other methods are not recommended, first, there is no other drift of the basics, it's difficult, and second, automatic transmission cars unsafe, difficult to control, and the car does not weight, not stability, security considerations, Mody, only one cavity hot-blooded pursuit of drift, rather than focus on safety, bluntly speaking, lost his life is a constant.

Here to tell you some basic modification parts:

hand brake wire: for rough, the original car is very small.

Chassis reinforcement: (that is, on the screws tight enough to look at the welding parts welding, reinforcing it)

Brake Oil: The minimum standard is DOT4

In addition, antifreeze, exhaust, fans, must be maintained in the best condition .

Drift preparation:

Venue: must not in the street, crowded places, out of trouble you know what happens. (Choose a wide and scarcely populated areas, such as the bigger cement playground)

Tires: bleach used to have heating, a professional tire technology for burning too much damage for civilian car, the easiest way to tell you, driving slide laps, multi-twist direction. Without preheating, when drift is likely to result in uneven tire heat and the occurrence of the phenomenon of tire flying leather, which overturned, hitting the wall, not preheating with your life Meiliang Yang. (Must carry spare tire, once the tire burst, it becomes the setting sun Xia Fei, the soldiers go back home handlebars ... ...)

Brake: drift before deflated

Chassis: a good look, drill into the underneath.

I can only say that these, and drift is after all not put it so simple, detailed and I can not afford to fight them all, but should focus on practice, first-rate drift is not a day once they can be trained, and have adequate funding, (tires, repair money, and converted the money), look his friend pay attention to safety, I am new to drift a few years ago, my dad's Lexus right rear door, breaking a result, spent more than 10 million for a new door losses than gains. Vios is really very suitable for drift, and even the Toyota Reiz proud of drift, are limited-slip differential has changed, and Reiz not suitable for actual combat, but a small play about with the Vios is the line.

Finally a reminder:

1: pay attention to safety

2: Note that the car's carrying capacity

What do not understand, you can always ask me.
bakhtd88882010-01-23 20:16:43 +0000 #3
Toyota Vios is the pre-precursor, the drift can not, and only after the drive in order to float, while emissions are too small!
_ Gloriously dead ball of2010-01-23 20:11:28 +0000 #4
Drift cars ---------------! very hurt



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