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Why did drift into the corners, less emphasis on good or bad? Do not understand ah!

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Ruwan methods can be divided into two types: "slow to the fast out" and "outside the inside and outside," the former "slow in" refers to the bend before the slowdown, and then narrowed bent first half of the radius, and widen the bend radius of the second half, and then filling out the bend in order to obtain limits of motorcycle drag racing "fast out" effect. As for the latter are bent Jizhi limit drag racing's "outside" edge towards the bend "of" cut into the Apex, and then along the bend of the "outer" edge of left corner, it is called extreme motorcycle racing "foreign inside and outside."

On the ramp at the same time attacking bent to note is that the next center of gravity would suddenly shift, steering wheel disc thus become extremely lightweight, while the first round of seizing power has declined. RR car is an Extreme Case, the focus had been biased towards the rear, to accelerate the ramp to make biased towards more serious, there are two possible scenario: one, the first round of the lack Grip Ruwan caused Understeer, this time twisting the steering wheel, the front does not Li instructed fly outside bends. Second, even if the first round of the Grip Ruwan enough, the rear wheels may also occur due to excessive slip Grip emerged Oversteer, large torque of the vehicle more prone to. If coupled with slippery road surface coefficient of friction to reduce the above situation is even more would be an exaggeration to enlarge. Therefore, before the exact limits of motorcycle racing Ruwan control the speed and response characteristics of the car control the accelerator, for example, can also be opened the first drive is relatively larger throttle because the front itself is strong enough, Grip relatively more abundant. Avoid sudden acceleration, increasing the weight transfer; should not place all closed throttle, because turning on the ramp at the same time would reduce the speed twice, Ruwan will become very slow, Ruwan speed should be measured after the steady throttle into the turn.

Relative to the limits of motorcycle racing on the curved ramp, down ramp leading to bend to note is that the focus of a substantial forward, and even the whole front axle fell on top of the most important point is that speed is not as automatic as the slow ramp, otherwise subject to gravity impact of the car crash will continue to increase, many drivers tend to slow down due to inadequate lead Overspeed Ruwan. Like into the Saigon before the down ramp take a left through the chicane, and that the scars on the block wall has been a number of accidents showed the crash car is usually only one side body or sand board reimbursement, human lives and few casualties, which shows that they Ruwan has been given before the brake, or accident will not be so small. The problem is to determine their speed Ruwan something goes wrong, underestimating the speed of Ruwan also underestimated the depth of bend until the Overspeed Ruwan, they only make an amendment in the rough frightened into the accident will be stuffed in these circumstances Cheng.

Down ramp Ruwan secret in fact only two points, the first is the need to BrakePoint in advance, do not think that bends before the re-Brake, a certain speed can slow down the down ramp of the situation in the center of gravity but it will fall, therefore the whole front axle , the rear axle may have been filed. To reduce the rear of the braking force. Brake Point earlier this braking force is not only compensate for the loss, but also to ensure that reduced to a safe speed Ruwan. The second point is pay attention to the steering wheel disc reaction to changes, in particular the focus of all FF vehicles fall car in the first, as a result of breakthroughs in the first round of the Grip, the front will be curved towards the outside Lut; even Grip just enough, twisting the steering wheel would also be more than In the flat roads more sensitive, particularly to pay attention to the down ramp leading to a narrow bend, weight, speed increases will occur in which a steering wheel steering angle greater than expected, the vehicle will be drawn into the bend and therefore within the trend. Hairpin to hairpin is the shape was hairpin bends, bend angle less than 90 degrees, a 180-degree bend after the direction was changed, when the above factors are met, then it is a hairpin bend. Shek O Road, Hong Kong before, there is a very famous hairpin bends, but no longer see the road rebuilt. Within the bend is a small hill, the mountain is not high, are also considered a clear vision, clearly saw a head-cars, conquering not too difficult to invade it into the following ways, or if the blind hairpin bends, it should be apart from anything else will slow down before entering full speed.

Attack the main points of the limit drag racing hairpin nothing more than what we have said in two ways: "outside the inside and outside" and "slow to the fast out." But it must be noted that, usually seen from the driving position of the hairpin bends, the angle is higher than the actual shallow, widespread use of "foreign inside and outside," Ruwan will cause premature set their eyes on the inside of the second half of the curves are necessary rapid twisting the steering wheel to correct alignment, so that motorists are ruthless tight corner. Ideally the right to attack pre-bending method is clear that the depth, careful control of Ruwan speed and get out of tight bends Apex digital refueling.

If using a "slow to the fast out", they need a clear Late Apex this Tem, that is, the original Apex bit put the latter point, which will accelerate the point at the same time after release. Normal use "outside the inside and outside," turning, is seen only towards the cut into the Apex, but "slow to the fast out" is over the original Apex, and then towards the new Apex rapid twisting the steering wheel, before filling out the bend. As twisted the steering wheel to make urgent action, then it should slowly into the. If still not understand, see the drawings inside the new Apex has been slightly moved to the corner after the second half, it also called Late Apex.

As the limits of motorcycle racing hairpin bends are usually deep, practical applications are much more difficult to determine the location of Apex, most people use a "slow to the fast out", like it its easy to find the Apex lies.

In the high-speed corners means the limit of arc greater drag racing bends (bends greater than 90 degrees) and the availability of more than three-wave-band high-speed adoption.

Po in the high-speed corners often talk about "things foreign" law-based, but when the greater curvature of bends, Apex began to place stays hard grip, imagine a straight line when passing close to a five-wave corner to find Apex is how difficult. So when high-speed corners of the arc as large as a certain level, in fact no need for further follow the "Outer inside and outside the" law of the road alignment, unless they are driving at the track, every corner already know in advance, or should try to make their own at the inner journey time to grow, so it has been easy to drive.

A general attack bending point is that, in addition to earlier set their eyes on the inside, the bend it should be carried out slowly set their eyes on the outside, this can reduce the rate of turn relative to enhance high-speed stability. But want to tell the one, the speed of high-speed corners can be very high, once the accident is certainly not the abrasions on the hands and feet, as between the single, so Ruwan and judge every action must be very prepared for stays grip.

Compound bends, is defined as two or more different corners of the composition of arc, so after the bend radius of the Ruwan subject to change. Can be broadly divided into two types: first is the ultimate drag racing Ruwan, the bend of the arc along narrow, so drivers will have deeper feelings. The second is after the bend of the arc Ruwan will naturally widen the relatively smaller amplitude twisting the steering wheel. Compound bends in daily driving is often encountered, Shek O Road there are several similar bent, but are also the most fried fried car corners varies due to bend more often after Ruwan found that a sudden narrowing of curvature, if the speed out of the corners with the original continues to twist into the corners, we will certainly Overpeed, easily lead to accidents.

Most in need of attention is the first class corners, it has two Apex bits, it is important to determine where the two Apex. In such a case the most effective way is to turn the corner into two different arc treatment. The first one hit the first turn, could remain open cut into the Apex, but then take a little set their eyes on the outside, waiting for the second Apex appear. As the second corner of the arc smaller, so when you cut into the second Apex need to use a "slow to the fast out", while the latter Apex release (ie, Late Apex), until the Apex of your isolation, was cut into, acceleration, a bend, the situation is a bit like attacking hairpin. Speed control, out of the first corner after going to a slowdown in oil revenues, if circumstances permit can be printed a printed Brake, otherwise not have been flying out of the corner into the second bend, the limits of motorcycle racing this junction point is where most accidents.

Blind bend is the driver who can not foresee bend a class of corners in road surface conditions, which most often appeared in the mountain road bends. It is precisely because the front field of vision be hindered by the mountain can not be foreseen on the right track car oncoming force, mountain addition of a narrow, thus creating more step on the center line situation. Step on the center line of the gas car is usually a large saloon car or truck, because a longer body and often in the Apex-bit across the line on the right track, this time directed at Ruwan if you finish in time, then it can never "finish work". In fact, blind bends, which is not to attack any technology, the only personal restraint and self-cultivation, see if can do it every blind bend on the deceleration, it is already the best technology into the blind bend.

S bend the shape of the no objection must be S-shaped, it bends in the opposite direction to connect the two together to form a continuous corner. Hong Kong's roads are usually encountered in S-bend curvature is larger. Put down the basic method of attack is based on "foreign inside and outside" as the basis of these, there will be some changes. Suppose the shape of the limit drag racing is the first right turn after the left, into the first bend to comply first be bent towards the outside of the Apex cut into the inside bend, this time in relation to the next left bend, the Apex is the second bend position the lateral, and then headed inside the Second Apex cut into the bend, out of the corners where it is the second lateral bending, line spaces are turned into "inside outside inside and outside" the. Must bear in mind is that the first bend into the finished set their eyes on the outside do not homeopathic, but need rapid twisting the steering wheel to change direction, so that will be passed the S bend.

S bend also have large S and small S of points, small S bend is more rare, if encountered, then is this: alignment with the big S bend the same, but the exit after the first bend gently brake, speed up the car to make it slightly tail-flick in the first direction, and at the same time achieve the deceleration effect. This requires a certain technology, the general limits of motorcycle drag racing surface is even more inappropriate use
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Ruwan point of view is good, paste fence closer you move to the radius of the smaller you go the distance is the shortest, but you can adjust the cars out of room for bending angle



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