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Jie Aoゞcoyotes2010-01-23 21:01:10 +0000 #1
why mainland China to sell TopGear (car test report) and Hong Kong sold TopGear (speed-chi) so much difference?!

Taiwanese version of TG is also the difference? Non-mainland China version can be purchased through what channels?
ZoZofeng2010-01-23 21:12:50 +0000 #2
never seen

in different regions of the TG magazine should be able to have our own reporters and editors test and write something bar

"" TopGear speed records, "unlike any one in the traditional sense automotive magazines. By working with the British BBC's Top Gear television programs and magazine co-operation, "TopGear speed records," not only have high brand awareness, more brilliant British original graphic reproduction rights. In addition, "TopGear speed records, "inherited from the British edition of style, to a large number of unexpected fun topics, humor, easy to understand drawings of life, drawn close to their readers, young and a vibrant photos and layout, a magazine of the automobile anti-serious, difficult, drawn conservative , excessive academic routine. "TopGear speed records," to break tradition, founded the purpose and to recruit "experienced by the F1 racer to the car fanatic, as well as newly qualified drivers license plate" became the Articles as target audience. " # tghk



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