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Loeb Why not take part in Paris-Dakar Rally

FIFA2000OPEC2010-01-23 22:01:28 +0000 #1
Loeb is not consecutive Rally driver did not see how to participate in Paris-Dakar Rally, he participated in Mody
_ days _ __ line __ Health2010-01-23 22:14:05 +0000 #2
Conventional WRC drivers are retired or withdrawn from the WRC event, before going to Dakar competition! Contract is on the one hand, on the other WRC stadium to be much larger than the achievements of the Dakar Rally!
gytsnb2010-01-23 22:16:04 +0000 #3
every racer and the team are under contract during the contract period of

is no longer possible to attend another game



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