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KIMI is not a good man

KFC Ice 20102010-03-15 18:11:44 +0000 #1
After listening to what Tiger Woods, I suddenly thought of KIMI is also a husband, it was a good man KIMI do
Amhenry2010-03-15 18:20:52 +0000 #2

KIMI is the Finns, the Finnish tradition of men, is the favorite drink. KIMI in the scandal over the last decade in this respect is not too much matter. KIMI has been repeatedly reported, however, ludicrously when drunk: The most ridiculous is that he drunk in the bar, it actually turns off all their clothes, in the bar Flurry to the big show around them. On another occasion, was found lying naked drunk Finnish bar edge sound asleep. KIMI such incidents Zengyin a public apology to his wife. (KIMI seems married early, and should be around 23 years old, looks like most of F1 drivers get married very early.)
Pressure Sister2010-03-15 18:54:17 +0000 #3
It will make him a good man for love

but I do not like him
Apple smashed Newton2010-03-15 18:37:54 +0000 #4
He is not only a good husband to his wife to know that we only know that he is indeed a people like the driver
enzoYQX2010-03-15 19:05:10 +0000 #5
kimi people are still good, Schumi is a good man
hockwood2010-03-15 18:39:11 +0000 #6
KIMI is quite a decent bar, is the lack of enthusiasm, pull pull cool cool
Tajul2010-03-15 18:53:54 +0000 #7
Look at look so honest, it is estimated certainly not honest. But I still like Kimi, he is very talented
MSC31242010-03-15 19:20:51 +0000 #8
kimi people are still good, Schumi is a good man
bl puppy nose2010-03-15 20:45:59 +0000 #9
Manduo before marriage have also heard negative news, but I do not think is entirely his fault. Beautiful for words sometimes are not as bad boys, but there are too many around to his deterioration pet him. .

They have the talent, they have money, temperament is also so special, Iceman Iceman ah, I wonder how many girls eye then mass. . .
wood234562010-03-15 22:48:33 +0000 #10
absolutely ah, although sometimes looked and acted more lukewarm, but in fact for the family and friends is a good
Choco_Cookie2010-03-15 21:43:35 +0000 #11
nonsense, KIMI is a good man

he and his wife is very affectionate
Season Aniwa2010-03-15 23:14:50 +0000 #12
ziekoel2010-03-15 20:02:08 +0000 #13
This is not what we understand to be, and only a very, he had learned to get along. KIMI

Sadly, this year can not run F1, and I wish KIMI achieve good results in the WRC
Lin Chi Pui2010-03-15 23:33:24 +0000 #14
I believe it is because only people talking about Jennifer, when the ice will melt, and from two of the pictures you can see that he was love his wife.

Actually, the key is that you would be willing to believe that he is a good man



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