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What is the benz3 valve technology

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What is a three valve technology
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SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) in Chinese means "single overhead camshaft," which, DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) Relative

single overhead camshaft in the cylinder with a convex cover the root axis, direct drive into the exhaust door, it has a simple structure suitable for high-speed engine. Generally used in the past, side-cam, that is, the side camshaft in the cylinder, driven directly by the timing gears. In order to camshaft rotation transform the reciprocating motion for the valve must be used to transfer power valve lifters. In this way, reciprocating movement of the parts are more inertial mass, it is not conducive to the engine high-speed movement. Moreover, the thin Tappet has a certain flexibility, easily lead to vibration, speed up the parts wear, even out of control valves.

Can see here, maybe that Che Youhui DOHC better than SOHC, so say good LS engine. In fact, this is wrong, though from a technical point of view alone SOHC is no DOHC advanced, but in fact the basic situation of roughly the same. (Compression ratio, displacement, air-fuel ratio ... ...)

DOHC and SOHC engines put together two factory set contrast to the case, no matter which aspect of SOHC is absolutely dominant, but to wild horsepower modifications, then high to slag , SOHC will not have more than a. In addition, from the time the invention for two persons of the same period. Only from the name seems to explain two more advanced camshaft, but the DOHC complex process, the maintenance costs are high and we may not notice them, while the SOHC in this area is dominant.

Single-camshaft mechanical structure is simple, the problem is relatively small, low-speed torque larger. One of the intake and exhaust camshaft opens the door, time is fixed, but the mechanical structure is simple, maintenance easy, economical, fuel-efficient are single convex edge.

Old Style 5.0-liter engine are basically three valves ... ...



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