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CBR22 Why CBR23 expensive than

y45716352010-01-24 02:05:11 +0000 #1
CBR22 Why CBR23 expensive than the?

First, the old age of 22 compared with 23 followed by 22


250 23 is produced when a further 22 horses due to the speed limit so not 19 years of violence

may be why the price of more than 22 than 23 these 23 expensive?

Could it be only because the appearance of multiple inverted air duct to look good?
hejie3g2010-01-24 02:12:45 +0000 #2
22 is the final of a car where 250CC displacement. is the most classics of a .23 is the 400CC displacement, but not 400CC displacement of one of the most classics.



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