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The Porsche 911GT1

In every way asked SS2010-01-24 02:05:29 +0000 #1
figure, from top to bottom: 1996,1998,1997-year version of the Porsche 911GT1.

Will the three versions of the 911GT1 What is the difference in all aspects of do? Are 911GT1, why should so many version? Trouble master answers about adding points to award!
malekithss2010-01-24 02:19:31 +0000 #2
you GT1 racing and street to give their confused. The three plans were 96 of the GT1 street version of paragraph 98 of the GT1 car models, 97 models of the GT1 street version.

GT1 car has introduced three models, namely 96 years of GT1 car, 600 horsepower and weighs 1 ton. 97 years of GT1 EVO car, 544 horsepower and weighs 1.25 tons. 98 years of GT1 98 car models, 550 hp and weighs 0.95 tons.

Street Version There are two versions, one a 96 out of 993 frame-based version, another is 97 years out of the frame based on the 996 version. These two frames are different, but the engine is the same. 544 horsepower and weighs 1.2 tons. 100 kilometers acceleration 3.9 seconds, top speed of 310 km.
hc8710302010-01-24 02:28:38 +0000 #3
GT1 participating LAMANS specially designed and manufactured as events require the fate of the car must be at least 30-volume, mass-produced cars so output GT1 Porsche GT1 then produce weapons of a street version of the top and bottom of is the production version of the number of rare expensive version of the middle is the entry (911 words a video is the loss of downforce and the flip, very exciting to see what yo can go to search)



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