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2010 Dakar Rally finish

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first phase: 1 month 1 Ri (Zhouwu)

1 Yue 2 Ri (Zhou Liu) Buenos Aires - "Cordeau W

Action code: Kala Mu Pagoda Valley

start of their first day of only 317 kilometers of road sections. Buenos Aires drivers bid farewell to warm the public, accompanied by New Year's bell left the Argentine capital. The big race on this day camp is located in Cologne. Argentina, there are two places called Cologne, as well as one at the border between Argentina and Paraguay. More than 300 kilometers of road sections, just the opportunity for drivers with their car run-in, due to kick off will soon begin.

2, is the real beginning of the game. On this day motorcycle racing circuits and is inconsistent. Motorcycles and four-wheel motorcycles go first 349 kilometers of road sections, and then a special section of 219 kilometers. After a stage, there are 84 kilometers of road sections to get to Cordoba Camp. Total mileage of 652 kilometers. Automotive Group special stage of 251 kilometers, 32 kilometers more than the motorcycle group, with a total mileage of 684 kilometers.

Motorcycle / four-wheel motorcycle: 349 kilometers -219 km special stage -84 km total length: 652 kilometers

car / truck: 349 kilometers -251 km special stage -84 km total length: 684 kilometers

On this day The game mainly through Calamuchita valley, but the stage in some places could not overtake the rear. Organizing Committee, taking into account along with motorcycles and cars and trucks go down the same line there is danger, so the design of the two lines, so that the early withdrawal of the battlefield motorcycle. Moreover, the motorcycle and racing two lines are different. However, two lines or less challenging, there are many motorized master spin master race through Calamuchita valley Rally Argentina will be feeling, but the steering wheel vibration will remind them that this is not a rally, but off-road.

The second stage: 1 month 3 Ri (Zhou Ri) Cordoba - "Rioja

operation, code named: in-depth understanding

motorcycle / 4 Motorcycle: 56 km -294 km special stage -- total length of 276 kilometers: 626 kilometers

car / truck: 56 km -355 km special stage -276 km total length: 687 kilometers

In order to avoid cross-racing motorcycle with the impact of race on this day once again go their way. In this particular stage, the majority of jumps and high-speed corners, off-road motorcycle jump master can also enjoy the blind, of course, depend on the courage and luck. After the great changes in stages, line of sight suddenly see the light, roads are no longer bent, but the road up over the stone. Racing team driver down the middle stage of the stage to protect the brake.

The third stage: 1 month 4 Ri (Zhou Yi) Rioja - "fiambala

The operation, codenamed: white sand

Total Length: 441 km (259 kilometers -182 km special stages -0 km)

This is the first phase of the third day of the race, drivers will face a high-speed stage. The roads vary greatly: from the dirt road to the sand road, especially the last 30 kilometers encounter sand dunes. The sand dune is not large, but the difficulty just right for the first stage of the competition. Here is famous for white sand dunes. Here the drivers or even the feeling of skiing. Should also alert drivers of climate change, dust storms often occur in this region.

4th Stage: 1 month 5 Ri (Zhouer) fiambala - "Copiapo

Action code: Atacama

Total Length: 629 km (394 km -203 km special stage -32 km)

Organizing Committee staff will be very busy these days, because that day is a rally across the Afghan army for the first time - Chile border. That day will start early, driving circuit is mainly crossed the Andean mountains, in some places more than 4000 meters above sea level. Being cold shiver when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery here. Down time has come to Chile to meet the driver is a real desert special stages - Atacama Desert. This stage is not very long, just let the drivers do a good job tuning the car in the desert, because the next few days with the drivers to be sand dance of.

The Fifth Stage: 1 month 6 Ri (Zhousan) Copiapo - "Antofagasta

operation, code named: Death place

Total Length: 670 km (90 km -483 km special stage -- 97 kilometers)

in this region rich in gold and copper. Antofagasta road leading to the race driver is a hardship, they will witness the worst because of mining roads caused by the need for good physical and psychological endurance. Beginning of the road is very wide, but the stones are also a lot of problems would be too easy. In the next part there were no roads, car team to co-operate may be the two must be tired of the breathless. This road the locals call it "Gwadar." Stage of the end of the rhythm of the game has changed: more and more towards endurance closer, we are not careful driver would certainly have made a mistake. Game will mark the peak of a retired race.

6th Stage: 1 month 7 Ri (Zhou Si) Antofagasta - "Iquique

operation, codenamed: North-

Total Length: 598 km (180 km -418 km special stages -0 km)

drivers at this stage to be evenly played. Competition is inclined towards the most northern part of Chile. Dust before the third stage of the great need to drive carefully. Most of the stages is a high-speed, drivers who want performance at this stage is to full speed. However, drivers should pay attention to save the physical, about 50 kilometers, there will be the same as the African desert, sand beams. Will encounter great difficulty in the last part of the sand dunes. Climb up a sand hill in the last time, the car can slide down to the way downhill, where big business from Iquique, only 3 km, but we have come to the Pacific coast, landscape did not say.

7th stage: 1 month 8 Ri (Zhou Wu) Iquique - "Antofagasta

The operation, codenamed: Salar What does it mean?

Total Length: 641 km (37 km -600 km special stage -4 km

This is the longest one in this race special stage, but also the most varied one. Leaving Iquique, people will always regret it to patronize the game, and not properly Click here to enjoy the scenery. Now, the opportunity to come. at the beginning of the section, while drivers can be easily over sand dunes, while enjoy the view. However, some of the back of the drivers to be careful, because too "salar", is a swamp meaning. this section of track about three kilometers, but by need technology. There are also a lot of great salt pile, but I think a lot of drivers do not look at martial arts. but here the speed can only be 10 kilometers / hour by hour! over the salar are followed by leading to the return to the path of Antofagasta, most of the line high-speed, broad, but sustained several kilometers. road can be written to allow drivers to arrive at 6:00 p.m. before the Camp , but to see the drivers that have the fortune of. However, this is getting late that it does not matter, because it followed by a rest day.

8th stage: 1 month 10 Ri (Zhou Ri) Anthony Faga star - "Copiapo

Action code: Dune

Total Length: 568 km (96 km -472 km -0 km)

nearly 100 km of road sections is to allow drivers to avoid the often foggy areas. arrived at the starting point in the special stage, the vision will be better. If the rest of the good, in the Atacama desert, the penultimate leg will be another hard-fought. The first part is chaos dwellings, slightly inattentive the car will be reimbursed. After the stone was only a few kilometers covered, speed also increased, but the near Copiapo is a side by side when the sand dunes. would like to see a picture of the driver need not slow down, because that day's game was long, while the sunset time soon.

9th stage: 1 month 11 Ri (Zhou Yi) Copiapo - "Serina

Action code: 20 people in a row

Total Length: 547 km ( 0 km -338 km -209 km)

Today is the last day in the Atacama desert, 180 km before the stage is the best desert and sand dunes, but could not the same factor. track is very wide, motorcycle Fat car is 20 cars started at the same time. In this day made car, a total score for each group leader is very easy to identify, but who may not necessarily be on the podium. But from a technical point of view, who arrived in Dace Lane sodium, certainly has completed the most difficult part of the competition. still have a long distance behind the drivers to remain calm. for amateur drivers, Dakar, they have tasted the bitterness of the essence.

10th stage: 1 12 (Zhouer) Serina - "San Diego

The operation, codenamed: short but excellent

Total Length: 586 kilometers (112 kilometers - 238 kilometers of special stages -236 km)

we are not only good-bye A Taka Ma desert, Chile must also enter the hinterland. competition, mainly in the mountains, the more near San Diego, the more they discovered the plant is very lush and variety. mountain bend, pay no attention to a serious accident occurs, it takes a long time repairing the car. That day is best not to hurry too much, is more important than winning.

11th stage: 1 month 13 Ri (Zhousan) San Diego - "San Juan

Action code: Aconcagua

Total Length: 434 kilometers (211 kilometers -220 km special stage -3 km)

This day marked by crossing the Paso Libertadores Pass, altitude 3,500 meters, while also leaving to return to Argentina, Chile. special stage in Argentina.'s top 50 km is the only competition the plateau stage, the mechanics must do the plateau set to prevent the car lost power due to lack of oxygen. driver will be the highest part of the Andean Mountains competition, while the main peak seen Aconcagua - 6859 meters above sea level. arrived in San Juan before the driver from the woods to find the racing line. Similarly, in the past 20 kilometers downhill, the driver to protect the brake.

12th stage: January 14 Day (Thursday) San Juan - "Rafael

Action code: Fairy with Dinosaurs

Total Length: 796 km (23 km -476 km special stage -297 km)

This is the total length of the longest day of . On that day the game a dynamic and highly ornamental. We will have to leave before the dinosaurs out of Yao's place, the track is split out from the bushes nearby valleys there are many fabulous "chimney" has completed about 200 kilometers special stages, the driver had to use temporary roads to avoid the protected natural areas. The second part is mainly a lot of jumping sand. motorcyclists will feel his arms sour, of which only very few people can insist that run 100 kilometers per hour or more. As this day the game too long, and come to an end, a lot of drivers have been exhausted.

13th stage: 1 month 15 Ri (Zhou Wu) Rafael - "Santa Rosa

Action code: Gray Life

Total Length: 725 km (76 km -368 km special stages -281 km)

game two days coming to an end, but the overall results table is still changing. who do not know Who Nihuil through the gray sand dunes, when can stay. This part of the road about 40 km, followed by large high-speed road, has been to give the drivers went to end. but here is not the best place for high-speed car show because it is now The most important is to protect the car had. Otherwise, your game Jiugen it becomes gray, like a desert.

14th stage: 1 month 16 Ri (Zhou Liu) Santa Rosa - "Buenos Nuosi Yi lys

Action code: happy hero

Total Length: 707 kilometers (166 kilometers -206 km special stage -335 km)

from the top first, to the last one to stay in the race track is the last day of the purposes of . In the end of a few kilometers from the exit list goes on. 206 km of special stages is a high-speed stage, and be extra cautious. In the stage end of the 32nd winner of the Dakar Rally on a first name of San Carlos de Bolivar to first hold a small village in a small ceremony. on the road leading to Buenos Aires, drivers will be a hero of a warm welcome to the city will see huge crowds of people, this scene will never forget you .
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Buenos Aires



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