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mengmeng482010-03-16 11:10:55 +0000 #1
I want to know some very expensive high-end cars

is mainly concerned with its place of birth, a simple performance, presentation and add some other description

the best pictures, so better

good you can to the sub - (but very few of my own points on)
ExtremeEngine2010-03-16 11:25:01 +0000 #2
luxury car class.

Rolls-Royce, Rolls-Royce, the common name to become louder, Rolls Royce. In the United Kingdom. Produced specifically for the British royal family is known for a high degree of luxury cars.

Wikipedia Description:
's a phantom, gust and other vehicles.



100EX: / view/1076085.htm

Bentley, Bentley, or called the Bentley is the RR The sister company, but the RR was BMW acquisition by VW bought Bentley, BMW, and VW in Germany happens the two auto giants, there is the most direct and positive competition between ... ... 6887.htm

under which there are elegant sports sedan, GT coupe Continental GT.


------------ ------------------

Maybach, Maybach, belonging to Daimler - Chrysler Group, is Mercedes's high-end brands (Germany three Auto giant luxury cars in attendance), this is a purebred German companies.

under which there are 57,62 and other luxury vehicles.
----------------- ---------------

Cadillac, belongs to the U.S. General Motors Group (which has a Game Over).

be regarded as a model for the U.S. luxury car. Long-term the White House special vehicles.

Above considered "very expensive", while the Mercedes S Class that can only be considered General of the ... ...

sports car class

a real expensive cars are sports cars. But the sports camp, which composition is very complex, there are some very expensive, very well-known, but the performance in general, some more expensive, performance, stronger storms, but the visibility was about 0.

Aston Martin Aston Martin, the orthodox British sports car, a subsidiary of One -77 has capped the world's automobile market price cap.


there are some such as DB9, DBS, V12 Vantage sort of , are not cheap, the cheapest to 4.5 million.

Bugatti Bugatti, the French brand, attached to Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen You're back ... ... This makes Phaeton feel then ... ...) of the Veyron's once ranked the world's first expensive car for a long time, in 2009 finally climbed the two cars came.

-------------- ----------------------

Ferrari, Ferrari Ruleiguaner. Italian sports car manufacturer, belongs to the Fiat Group. With the car started, and later involved in the field of civilian vehicles have always been known for high-performance sports car, sports car now can be said to be a banner, its F1 team is the only one season, full of all the teams, but also to achieve the overall F1 track the largest number of championship teams. Its quite a lot of high-performance sports car. There FXX, Enzo, 599,458,612,430, California, of course, some already retired car models such as 360,575, F50, F40 also Ruleiguaner role. Of course, there are major flaw, such as Testarosa, great water sports.

model too much, interested in their own search.

Lamborghini, Lamborghini, Italian well-known tractor manufacturer, because Forui Ken Rambo Gini Mr. and Mr. Enzo Ferrari quarrel, gradually switch to the production sports car. Results Lamborghini sports car is now more famous than the tractors (of course Lamborghini tractors are also quite good), belongs to Audi AG (Audi also belongs to Volkswagen Group).
's A Reventon, Murcielago, Gallardo three major product lines (the exact product lines that can not be regarded Reventon), but also can be specific to the LP640, LP560-4, LP550-2 Valentino Balboni (This is the Lamborghini test driver exploits the name of 2009 honorable retirement).

Maserati , Maserati. Italy, after a two king had to cobble together. Belongs to Ferrari, but Ferrari also belongs to the Fiat, so ... ...

and not the same as Ferrari, Maserati has not only built-made luxury sports car, sports car classic representative MC12, a performance beyond the super-Enzo sports car (though carrying or Ferrari sponsored by Enzo's V12 engine, above), is the president of car.

Porsche, Porsche, the German founder of turtle is named after the name of Porsche, this man was later founded a company called Volkswagen, and then later the Porsche and Volkswagen lost ... ...

to produce the famous sports car RR , turtle although the general appearance (their designers lazy, have to admit), but the performance is good and fans are hardcore. There's a MR sports car, is that ranked third in the world of the Carrera GT. Even so, fans think that 911 is really the most orthodox of the Porsche, in addition to the relatively low price Caymen, Boxter, cars Panomera, SUV Caynne.

Pagani Pagani, Italian manufacturers, an unusually low profile ... ... ... ... unusually strong strong exception (so far not been mergers and acquisitions).

Zonda series, its low performance cars do not ... ... So far, C12-S, F, R, etc. series, put forward a limited edition that is commonplace.

Koenigsegg, Kenisaike, the Swedish supercar manufacturer. And Pagani surprisingly similar.

A subsidiary of CCX, CCXR are super-expensive, super-performance sports car.


The following are some of the basic can be considered No sports car has a price the city and its vendors.

McLaren, McLaren. F1 to see if Ruleiguaner is that record second only to Ferrari that McLaren team. They introduced the 93-year F1 (not a F1 car, the car's model is the F1 ... ...), to set numerous records, many years after the Bugatti was finally broken.

Now the old king McLaren F1 car is an absolutely respectable sports car, the price has risen to three million U.S. dollars 1, 1-77 expensive than the nearly doubled.

The new century, they have to bring MP4-12C, but this can only say that McLaren step backward, because the car is only equivalent to the standard Ferrari 458, while the F1, is the Enzo must bow before the King.

The following of these companies, and some can only be called the workshop, very small, but often make a Some super-powerful sports car. Just tell us the name of the:

Gumpert, Germany

Ariel, England

TVR, Britain

Noble, United Kingdom

Ascari, United Kingdom

Caparo, the UK

Barabus, Germany

Zenvo, Denmark

... ... ... ... There are many, sometimes does not want to up ... ...



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