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Chung-tai 5008 conversion

wl9566627612010-01-24 05:01:15 +0000 #1
my family's congregation Thailand 5008 is silver, and would like to look into the car below, but the car color change, to understand the experts take a look at what the car have changed if the change down and how much money? ?
bxlxl1192010-01-24 05:03:05 +0000 #2
the bumper torn down? Can not you? I feel quite good looking bumper, plus a skirt, front fog lamps sure Huan, and circles painted gray, and luggage rack then? Dismantled also estimated the car itself is quite good looking, the whole into the oil so that you will certainly be up! My family is white I have changed a security bar owners know that the best spent only 700. Such a change in the industry according to 5000 estimates were not fees



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