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Chasing dreams, want to be a racing driver!

wuyuting0052010-03-17 04:10:48 +0000 #1
Steps to becoming a racing driver I basically already know:

the first car to attend training, to obtain the car's license: A, B, C, D, E according to this I know

Training costs are as follows:

Cost: Rally 4500, the venue Race 6000 ( These are the 3-day cost of) [meet]

requirements: more than 2 years driving experience and good health. [Has meet the requirements]

Note: Two boxing license three days of training, access to the temporary game license, within two years, participated in two national-level race (the national short-track race cars) in order to positive, or two years after the effective , may re-training.

The question arises: 1. First of all, my 21-year-old age there is no problem?

2. In obtaining a temporary car E photo after year, to participate 2 times the national competition can be regularized, ask to contact the competition is their own, or have specialized departments to help contact (such as the original car's license to participate in the training department?)
Guards famous2010-03-17 04:17:13 +0000 #2
contact you as a team, or car organizing committee, as long as you give them the rent will be able to participate in the competition
more spicy eh dream2010-03-17 04:23:33 +0000 #3
I think you should first go to contact several sponsors, so there will be come to you to join the team.



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