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angelwsyy2010-01-24 06:01:26 +0000 #1
Let's use a home's tires for several years why the F1 race on the tires scrapped it, but the world's best tires ah. . .
snowmount2010-01-24 06:07:06 +0000 #2
F1 tires focus is to use rather than durability

F1 tires in very high temperatures near the semi-melted state


to do is to increase the grip on the car race down some of tire

Nearly a rotten grind

So F1 tires are one-off

tire is responsible for the role of engine power to the road of direct media, so if the lack of superior performance car tires, power can not be strong again for speed. Is precisely for this reason, tires and chassis, aerodynamics and engine known as the four factors that determine performance of the car. Early development of F1 tires before the birth, but in the land, there is no vehicle on the tire performance requirements such as F1 being so harsh, F1 tires of science thus becomes unfathomable.

To provide a link for reference only
zenohoo2010-01-24 06:50:11 +0000 #3
Let's household if the opening of tires to 300 km / h, then scrapped a few seconds, and get the point. General Tire temperatures as high as 80 ℃ when the tire will cause great harm to 80 degrees Celsius or more abnormal tire wear will accelerate think Kanba F1 racing in the back corner when the speed had all 60 yards, the maximum speed to 300 do the above, the rate of the temperature will soar to go from here? If you see an IR perspective, then, you will see is red tire temperature super-high. The tires are all normal with the speed level, usually by car can not exceed this rate, otherwise there are security risks, speed, the highest level, but also a number of more than 200. If you can be made into an F1 tires fitted to your own car, then slowly opened, it is estimated can be opened for decades, O (∩ _ ∩) O哈哈-



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