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Action with the toe when the foot brake should be where? How to keep?

baiiy2010-01-24 07:01:03 +0000 #1

life under the waterline2010-01-24 07:08:18 +0000 #2
This requires practice has sufficient experience, different speeds of different Ruwan perspective, we take a different intensity and time
snowmount2010-01-24 07:23:36 +0000 #3
the so-called heel-toe action, which is in cornering ago, at brake at the same time, using his right foot skills complement the oil will be reduced to the appropriate gear when the gear out of the bend. Here, "with the" here refers to heel, "toe" which means the toe.

Because the same speed, different gear not the same as the corresponding engine speed in order to block 5 and Si Dang, for example, assume the same at 100km / h speed, general speed of the car Sidang will be higher than the five block around 500rpm , then shift, the gears will be because the speed gap between the lower block the difficulties caused by the phenomenon, especially in the straight-tooth gear in the situation will be more obvious. If you do not use with the toe action, even if the smooth-down, there will be a high engine speed wheels pull the phenomenon, ranging from film to accelerate clutch wear, the worst case, it will damage the engine.

If you use this time with the toe movement, right foot slightly in the brake at the same time make up the oil, so that engine speed in the left foot under the clutch of the moment can be pulled up and smooth down run at the same time in the clutch engagement speed of the wheel and engine remain the same, as far as possible will not let the wheels sharply higher engine speed, then he moves beautifully with the toe is complete.

Heel & Toe has long been acclaimed as the world's auto enthusiasts fetish, and many amateur drivers have to do with the toe movement proud. In fact, inside the car, the action can be said to be commonplace, you do not want to do is immune, because the effect of bringing a small action is huge.

In the car to be driven high-speed straight stretches of road at the end in preparation for Ruwan ago:

1, right foot brake foot pedal to start braking.

2, the left hand began to shift the clutch pedal under the action.

3, lower stall the process, from the current file out, the stall through the gap at the same time, the right foot to foot as the axis and maintain the same braking force, the right foot heel to the throttle side of the move, and press the accelerator pedal , so that engine speed increased.

4, after the speed increase, then stalls hanging down into the file you want to complete the shift action.

5, release the clutch pedal left foot. (Such as the need to continue to drop files, repeat the first 2

5-point moves, repeat the process in the clutch down file can not completely loose end)

6, to complete the stalls and slow down the process, put his left foot from the clutch pedal back into the fixed - , right foot control the throttle, ready to Ruwan.



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