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Kenisaige, Pagani, Lamborghini, Aston Martin's opponent

and so on Guoying2010-03-17 13:11:09 +0000 #1
for more than four runs ultra-far the most popular brands are the I, if the opponent is a Lamborghini Ferrari, Kenisaige of opponent is Bugatti (both of which have long been a household name), then the comparison of well-known Pagani, and Aston Martin rival What is this? Also best not to the same opponent, but opponents hope the four brands is unique, the question strange, thank you
ExtremeEngine2010-03-17 13:15:57 +0000 #2
These do not seem to complete a so-called opponents of the bar ... yes ... like Koenigsegg Bugatti opponent this point, seems to have a problem, but the media speculation Koenigsegg where mad speed faster than the Bugatti and then there is this statement, in fact, is not, I'd think that Koenigsegg and Pagani are diametrically opposed to the two, both are is too pure sports car, while Bugatti is more like a luxury brand rather than a pure pursuit of speed sports car (Veyron is hardly a pure sports car, too many high-tech makes the driver of the technology has become is not very important, together with two tonnes of body weight). This camp, mostly in pursuit of ultra-high speed of the track is known, in addition to running, without considering anything else, purely insane level, in addition to get rid of these two brands are Gumpert, Caparo, Lotus and the like

Aston Martin yes, and Ferrari, Lamborghini a type, they are good at production as a relatively high MR adaptive sports car manufacturer, and the Koenigsegg and Pagani compared with the three brands of cars not only take into account speed, but also about the daily car use, for example, to the jolly ... ... Pagani and Koenigsegg is a slowdown with a lot of cars will knock in the end disk.

However, Aston Martin, as old-fashioned British manufacturers, and passion that has permeated the Guizu Qi Ferrari and Lamborghini is not inflammable and explosive materials, like a little bit different.

In this camp, besides the two largest Ferrari and Lamborghini brands side, there Ascari, Corvette brand so.

As for the Porsche, sports car in Europe, which it is felt the most unique one, 30 years of production car, in the latest 911 top will still be able to see the shadow, and the RR layout in the sports car which is very unique, but the skill of the German turtle is quite terrible. Therefore, many people are not like Porsche, but there are a lot of people crazy obsession with Porsche (especially the original Porsche, very few people take the Porsche back converted, although European manufacturers which have great potential for Porsche modification) .

Another Ford GT and the Audi R8 is also inside this camp. Japan's Nissan GT-R sports car which also include the

There are several types.

Muscle. In particular, the last century 70's Dodge or a Mustang, pure American Muscle.

This car looks too domineering horsepower is extremely abundant, very Huan Biao straight into the corner to finish off, but one. There are many people like, but really the pursuit of American sports fans love more than the muscles.

Trot. Also known as the hot hatch, these cars may seem not quite enough power, but it happens will be able to run super fast. The most famous is the GOLF GTI, although it more and more fat ... ...

Rally racing, characterized by small-displacement engine, 4WD, near-infinite potential for modification, the most classic of course, is EVO.

This is my car carried out in a rough classification, in the same class sports car inside there is always a competitive relationship, but for the big super-race run, this competitive relationship is not particularly evident down. Because the volume itself is not large, and truly know the meaning of cars who have their own set of aesthetic standards, as above said, it was only recognized Ferrari, it was only recognized Porsche, the rich collections regularly bought, Top Gear once invited a guest, he was stopped inside the garage a few dozen cars, all of various ages, various models of Ferrari, the other cars without looking.

On the theory of brand value, Ferrari The appeal is undoubtedly the greatest. Just do not know cars will know that Ferrari could run very fast car very well understand the strength of Ferrari is not blowing (not the same as this and Pierre Cardin), followed by Porsche, but very difficult to have between the two competitive relationship, especially Porsche, like, wait for them to have enough money to put from 356-997 to buy all the cars back collection, hate to see in the street wanted to open a CGT rate of 300 smash it (so cars do this, it really can be said to be very successful). Lamborghini is even worse in some, although it is a very strong car (ER ... ... are not afraid of offending people, Lamborghini car is very beautiful, but the track is absolutely poor performance)

Aston Martin, lay not know much about, which means that the brand called Li absolutely no Ferrari strong, and I feel it is the lack of passion. Ferrari did not dare to Zaochu an interior of any car out of leather, but the Aston is a can not make such things.

Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Pagani would useful purpose. Rites were known.

Together, in my reckoning The ranking something like this:






Aston Martin
5433703812010-03-17 13:19:27 +0000 #3
huangxufengk2010-03-17 13:43:44 +0000 #4
Aston Martin's new opponent is a good Mody Bugatti
ssjsflxf2010-03-17 14:06:48 +0000 #5
Aston Martin DB9's rival Ford Mustang GT500, Pagani Zonda opponent is Porsche Carrera GT, Spyker c12's opponent was Bentley Continental GT. Personal analysis, OK?



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