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Automatic transmission car to drift

badol2010-01-24 07:01:53 +0000 #1
car is a Toyota Reiz V6 2.5 automated manual, rear-drive, there is no hand brake, only the foot brake, how can we make C word pull the wind drift, or other actions?
shadowless night leopard2010-01-24 07:13:22 +0000 #2
Toyota Reiz is the original, Yao? Original, then the best place to ask your car (such as 4S shops), you have this car is not equipped with rear-wheel differential lock differentials, generally they are all original locking differential device. If so, do not Naqu drift, otherwise they will be one: Almost Gone with the Wind it up. 2: Even if forced float up, and do not look good ... will be damaged differential.

Seen Reiz drift race Well? By the Japanese orange stunt team performances, those Reiz cars are to replace the rear differential all open differential!

So, first went to change differential, and then to drift. Of course, if you are technical, but is still off, then the first Bieluan Gone with the Wind ... ...
chenwj1332010-01-24 07:47:20 +0000 #3
stabilize the direction of the throttle a bit deeper at the same time, brakes, as long as the lines between good control!
yu crying乄No Tears2010-01-24 07:25:48 +0000 #4
front-drive small drift skills (sedan tiptronic) original car.


to choose the road a little flat smooth surface, because in the tail-flick procedure, once the rear side hit a ground cracks, cars can easily flip side.

2, bend

do not choose the angle of the bend too fast.

3, speed control

Ruwan about the former speed control 60.


under the speed of turning point selection to determine turning points, the faster the speed, the turning point of intersection should be more in advance. However, according to the width of the junction of Beijing in terms of a general speed not more than 80.

5, turn off ESP

As with the above elements, put the left hand on the steering wheel on the right hand on the hand brake on. Ruwan drift to the left when the vehicle speed to maintain 60, hit 120 degrees to the left (not each vehicle must be 120 degrees, according to their own vehicle to determine the minimum radius turn), and tighten hand brake. Next, the process should be deep into the tail flick stepped on the accelerator (for example, select Manual mode, will have to quickly cut a file, and stepped on the accelerator), to maintain a high engine speed, when the front will move over, he was immediately hit with both hands against the steering wheel, the angle modification angle. After modification, send open hand brake.

Sidebreak-Drift handle thrown in cornering the rear brakes to make way (for FF vehicles) as procedures are as follows: 1. Not to the general Ruwan point, early cutting the steering wheel, brake handle and then the vehicle sideslip. 2. Sliding down immediately file, and keep sliding state to the cornering apex. 3. Reach the peak bending when the throttle out of a few that Bigfoot bend.
LEONXEME2010-01-24 08:35:48 +0000 #5
stalls on the S mode, and then the speed of about 50kph shift when the magnitude larger, and with anxious stepped on the accelerator, until the time the rear wheel sliding out the direction of counter-play.

Or the speed of about 20kph every step on the accelerator, the direction of the sharpest.

Pay attention to safety.



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