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fi car with accessories lump-sum amount of money

kkaa19732010-01-24 08:01:28 +0000 #1

yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-24 08:07:00 +0000 #2
According to rough statistics, one can enter the race of the F1 car price of around 989.37 thousand euros (see table). And this price can only be assembled out of a roadworthy car, If you go to participate in the competition, a contest was also the need to replace a large number of parts:

◆ brakes: a set of 5400 euros, 17 races is necessary to consume 91.8 thousand euros.

◆ brake pads: a set of 3100 euros, 17 race is 52.7 thousand euros.

◆ Suspension system: 3 race to replace a value of 11.5 thousand euros, a need for six sets of the season, a total of 69,000 euros.

◆ Tires: € 2300 a, cost of 1.2512 million euros a season.

◆ Wheels: 5 games for a set, a set of 4600 euros, a season, needs four sets, valued at 18.4 thousand euros.

◆ Exhaust system: a € 9200, a season with 17, 156.4 thousand euros.

◆ gear pair: a set of 15.3 thousand euros, 260.1 thousand euros a season.

◆ Engine: 276000, one Taiwan, one season and need 17 units, valued at 4.692 million euros.

◆ Transmission: 99.7 thousand euros, one Taiwan, one season with 17 units, valued at 1.6949 million euros.

To make a value of 989.37 thousand euros a year to run the F1 racing events, above the parts list must be taken into account, of course, far more than these parts. We have for you a simple calculation of good: an F1 car for the year is the total cost of entry - please adjust the good respiration - 8.84877 million euros. Yes, the equivalent of 65.3 million yuan! These figures are still the basic costs of F1 racing, if coupled with R & D costs, design fees, wind tunnel test fee (or even wind-tunnel laboratory costs), public and private testing costs, the figures turned at least one-fold. The new statistics also contain damage a vehicle, such as Jacques Villeneuve in 1999 in the Belgian Grand Prix, the great crash and last year's Burti "Beyond Schumacher" wonderful car crashes each have to pay an extra on this incident cost of millions of euros.

You still interested in setting up its own F1 team? In the car on the track before the first FIA do not forget to pay 36.8 million euros deposit ... ...

car value (unit: euro)

a brake disc (only one tournament) 5400

2 tires Insurance 770

3 brake pads (only one tournament) 3100

4 anti-vibration device 5100

5 Data Transmission System 122.7 thousand

6 steering wheel (estimated) 76700

7 seats (for driver custom) 3800

8 full-vehicle advertising tape 1500

9 wheels (only 5 games) 4600

10 Exhaust System (only one tournament) 9200


11 tail 12 engine (only one tournament ) 276000

13 suspension system (only 3 games) 11500

14 tires (each race using the eight sets of tires) 73600

15 gear pair (only one tournament) 15300


16 fuel tank 17 car cabin 138000


18 body 19 gearbox (only one tournament) 99700

20 pedal (set) 1500


21 steering 22 fire-fighting equipment (located in the engine and body internal) 6100


24 before the brake 30700


25, the nose assembly floor (including all fixtures) 1300

26 the entire vehicle line 16900
ExtremeEngine2010-01-24 08:20:31 +0000 #3
upstairs it was a site in 2003 was the introduction in 2004, and now The F1 more expensive. However, the cost of each team is not the same.

Ferrari, McLaren and other wealthy invest the money in the above and more cars are also expensive, usually around 400-500 million (upstairs and that more than 100 million U.S. dollars in the car many years ago, of course, including rising costs and inflation factors). Small teams are more compact, generally have only one car into 2.5 million from top to bottom. It is estimated that in recent years. The 08 most expensive cars in recent years, and 09 slightly cheaper than the 08. In the aerodynamic body kit, front wings, designed to simplify the above have done. Costs will decline next year, is expected to control the cost of FIA in recent years has been talking about themes.



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