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Michael. Schumacher, again, coming out to join into the main Mercedes-Benz F1 team, why

21216633332010-01-24 10:01:03 +0000 #1
is that retired early retirement, and still feel that I would not have to quit, let us to publish your views
sjj13972010-01-24 10:17:39 +0000 #2
I remember the original is just like Schumi said retired simply because the results of Ferrari's political left.

Joined Mercedes-Benz GP I think there are still several reasons.

1. Schumacher retired though, as the team's consultant, but the main force is the development of civilian vehicles, but no driver Michael Schumacher F60 before, although long-term appears in the Ferrari garage, but the so-called failed his command of the stands seats, and we can not see the car in fact the speed king is still quite eager to take part in motorcycle race ROC race, are very eager to see Schumi's.

2. Mongolia total have been implemented in the proposed FIA allow a convoy of three cars the system requirements, in fact, I believe that Mongolia is also clear that the total his thoughts, if a 3 car, more than 10 teams, then run up the mess, and But why Mongolia is still insisting on the total FIA system for the implementation of three cars, I think that Schumacher might be shown as the total Mongolia would like to drive their own desire.

3. This year replacement massa comeback, although because of neck injury did not succeed, but we see from the number of laps Michael Schumacher, his strength is still not diminished, this may also be added back to his own confidence.

4. I think we should give credit to the success of this year's BGP, although Honda began in 2007 to begin developing the 2009 car, but the use of rules of play can think of the level of walking a fine line, and allow BGP so the car has speed and good appropriate strategies so that BGP from last year's final countdown to first shake the body to become this year's championship, and perhaps this is also very tempted to Schumacher and Brown together again, to achievements in the eight-time winner Michael Schumacher.

5. May be internal problems Ferrari, Ferrari F1 team to run as a perennial, and became synonymous with F1 team is not bad money, but the internal guidance to the frequent emergence of the first leader to build the whole of Italy, so Brown, Todd, and even Michael Schumacher whom must give way, but the performance of the achievements of the past two years, the Italian leader of the so-called achievements is indeed not up to much.

6. The temptation to bar the German team. Mercedes-Benz engine + strategies + Schumacher + Brown, the whole German fleet investment's influence, all this is moving in a very positive direction, there is no doubt that such a combination of extremely attractive for Schumacher achievement 8 Crown has laid a very good foundation.

I think this might be the main reason for Schumacher back bar. However, from this year's situation to determine the next year, there is indeed a hard to say, because too many factors of instability, if the combination of this year, it should be to look at, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz GP, Red Bull, McLaren a few teams, but there are The new team there, a dark horse does not know that there are not there, but the showstopper is estimated that a lot, so it says no, it's only just went to see.

Hey, next year or continue to support the red clothes bar - -.
fkfdf2010-01-24 10:36:30 +0000 #3
because Ross Brawn
snowmount2010-01-24 10:24:48 +0000 #4
Mercedes-Benz of Germany Michael Schumacher in the team's official press release said, choose the return is a major challenge of their lives. He had wanted to wait an old friend Ross - Brown, cooperation, and look forward to the upbringing of success of return-Benz grace. The following is a personal statement Schumacher Original:

"Whether movement itself, or an individual's life chapters, for me, a Mercedes GP Petronas team represents a new challenge. This is my racing career, the new chapters. I'm looking forward to and my old friend Ross - Brown, as well as from the Mercedes I was a young driver project, together with a companion on the cooperation. "

" I believe that: We are to work together, will participate in next year's F1 the world championship. I can not wait to get back on track. For me, this collaboration is a reincarnation. from my career in F1 to open the individual, the Mercedes-Benz for many years for me to provide support. now I hope to give something in return in this three-pointed star brand. "
じ☆ ve ↗ Long2010-01-24 10:44:34 +0000 #5
after all, their national team will always have feelings, coupled with their love of the car. Should the back, I think another reason, mountain does not allow two tigers, no matter how, will support him. Do not know where to look, but in fact he seemed to have wanted to go to the German team.
240,493,1812010-01-24 11:25:03 +0000 #6
Ross Brawn and the German team is the main reason, coupled with environmental needs of today's F1 Schumacher such a man. Unfortunately, Mai Kailun ruined the image of Mercedes-Benz in my mind. However, king or support vehicles.
Choke Qiao Wei2010-01-24 10:29:28 +0000 #7
fade retiring early

do a little bit because I think he paid the Mercedes team is almost the German team,



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