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zhangleijhy2010-01-24 10:01:29 +0000 #1
December 2009, depending on market conditions to the one in Tianjin in 2005 Lioncel conversion program, attach a brand (opposed to the conversion program to copy a few years ago) By modifying the requirements: handling, braking, comfort. . Power is dispensable able to cope with the problem of insufficient air-conditioning power can be opened, the best can make the car very quiet (when launched) This would not know from where to start, and on the bumps off road and piles of similar response is better I am not racing mad, that is, want to have a safe and comfortable good handling car, only to change headlight shape, because it practical to run business is the main, motivation to change is also a small line of non-essential, fast speed is also good, the price control 18,000 or less, as do acoustic treatment but also for tape, that is, in Tianjin panoramic跑跑, there is no mountain, but there are rural road was not very good. . . By the way explain wheels on the extent of influence of manipulation and comfort ah, the best re-introduce a converted shop in Tianjin, so that together with 5 points.

bbaann16882010-01-24 10:12:45 +0000 #2
This is not easy since you do not require dynamic, and that the car is definitely not a quiet move to the engine, of course, quiet! you are simply required comfort and caters to the safety modification to the bar in general store will definitely have to You have a full chassis, and then again a full suspension of the four wheels of your car is equipped with 4 gave removed you do not know the size of models of steel ring with the tire and then you have been laughable a large sum of money if cars do not give money will not let you drive away (now many of these are your original should first remove the old to the new ones a bit like Squeeze * smacks *! words to tell you that I sincerely the most economical and most practical for you are most helpful for you to replace the whole group of shock (shock absorber now very cheap as expensive as a brand did not previously have a lot of careful selection of your own! then gave four wheels, replace tires with the steel ring is change (to buy the entire group would be generally cheaper with discount Now this thing is much cheaper than before, you may remember that in exchange for its size than your original (that is, the original manufacturer) are big on the 1st example, your original is 15-inch 16-inch for you! and then buy an engine room bar (very cheap) for the bargain are cheaper but quite important although you have the right vehicle to help! there is a shock absorber of lower height than the original 1

2 lattice can be (to run up and look more beautiful will be more stable) can not transfer a particularly low on the grid is like


2! on wheels for a group of a group of shock absorber 1 engine is a bar I believe that the You will feel your car ran a new and certainly call satisfaction! certainly within your budget (even 8000 is not even handled well, but you may need to buy brand-name among the best brands to buy at best price 8000-1 10000 between)!
Idle temperature high2010-01-24 10:14:50 +0000 #3
18000 Mody is your budget?

require manipulation of dynamic comfort braking


I'll give you calculate a set of TEIN shock absorbers ss top bar of the wheel with the middle of the exhaust back pressure tires Dual-muffler (also quieter than the original) of the caliper you are Moxi brakes for a large steel bar brake pads brake hose your budget is not enough

though I say all the modified parts produced in Japan, but prices are higher compared with those who Domestic and Taiwan-made products will be much better and durable

18000 really is not enough for your use or you oh


for a set of TEIN shock absorbers for the four Chinese-made imitation of the cast wheel-for-4 slightly better in Tires (DUNLOP DZ101 Bridgestone MY-01 tires, etc. and sets up much worse than that, and stronger compared with the original point) specially for the lion's rod is best together for a few sets of roll bars for front and rear brakes great such as intake and exhaust brake pads changed on the money go and see if the quiet was turned over to the middle of FGK exhaust with silencer package for KN or HKS intake of

last wish you well



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