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The drift of the fastest cornering speed is the number of

wanghanweiML2010-01-24 13:01:16 +0000 #1
Tsuchiya a maximum drift cornering speed can also be
bbaann16882010-01-24 13:15:25 +0000 #2
I have seen a drift cornering speed breaking 200KM! But trolley is now in the scrap metal plant and the The man driving the grave has been long settled in the market!

really his grandmother's upstairs then 2 180 with 210 of you but where's the courage (the courage of shameless) allows you dare to say in public statements that idiot, then with the district lie big joke!

simply drift cornering speeds are 150 or more will certainly be planted! either drift or the tail-flick is a car out of control (a brief loss of control) is a phenomenon that I have not heard of anyone with more than 150KM cornering no accident (and of course, is not a big Bay)! drift with the tail-flick Taiwan side than on the mainland would also like to play with perfection still mad I have not heard of

180.21 thousand people in Taiwan can often be seen running in the tail flick to open super - (and know that Shajiao super Paoba) people to open than the performance of ultra-running is to open ultra-running speed, but tail-flick or a drift in Taiwan to play a lot I had never even heard of this record of 180.21 thousand! but I was really seen for myself in order to breaking the speed of 200KM per hour drift cornering but the next second I saw the car crash scene a lot of things are only momentary speed of 200KM only, let alone more (not to mention cornering speeds over 200, even if you啦open in large roads are not careful one might be prepared to reborn, let alone go to cornering)!
Tu ink2010-01-24 13:34:52 +0000 #3
Orido school for the first time by making the speed of 180 km, after which the record has not been updated do not know.



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