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FR and RR which drift Gengshuang

three37s2010-01-24 13:01:29 +0000 #1

yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-24 13:16:02 +0000 #2
In fact, RR car back because of engine, weight distribution and FR cars opposite. Drift moves in the corners than in FR vehicles are obviously better to do . Another point I have to brake early. brake and then dropped files, maintain a certain throttle. blow to the direction to see if a stall speed not lower and lower. adjustment of throttle and direction. out of the corners of the movement is called the beautiful ah. after two days of drift after the discovery , to do the absolute first to grasp the drift movement Ruwan line. throttle control is particularly important, but there is one point I do not quite meet. it is a single lap time with the drift to run slower than the grip, after all, law or no grasp drift running Act fast to run to. Another key technology is also inexperienced bar. RR car is most likely to be the focus forward to lack of rear grip car, generally are not difficult as long as there is a certain horsepower Gone with the Wind of the (RR car must have been Ultra-running class horsepower is not a problem), young of animals, but difficult to master it wants

now popular drift cars such as Nissan's Silvia series, before and after the weight ratio of 55:45

For the majority of all requests so that the rear wheels skid drift, the If owned or rear engine, rear-wheel grip will have a significant effect will be very difficult to float. There are also the stability of drift in the process of bad.

This is why the mud has been said that BMW is not suitable for drift, first, because BMW positioning in the luxury car, or not do it playing the. 2 is that although BMW is the FR, but BMW is 50:50, when the balance of grip and good, but the drift is not suitable for high-speed long-distance drift.

Of course, this is theory, what kind of car can float to the master up and a good drift. Do not say FR, MR, RR, that is, the same FF float. . .
JadeWKing2010-01-24 13:25:29 +0000 #3
On the refreshing degree of absolute FR. FR's center of gravity closer to the top center of gravity is more reasonable, and relatively RR rear wheel load of smaller, more time can do continuous drift. Another focus of FR to the state of being maintained in the drift easier.

RR's car because of its focus on the issue, some very strange temper, such as pine oil may drift state but will exacerbate Drift, etc.. And the RR of the car to drive Under and Over will be extremely difficult to change out after feeling, and this drift is also very unfavorable. Of course, RR drift speed of the car holding a certain advantage. Because the drift of state a lot of emphasis on the body is contained in the rear He Jia, while RR car rear heavy loads more than the FR, which makes the driving force behind the rear wheels RR cars more, but this is the tire to bring rapid wear and tear.

The real drift of players can be done on the track he wants to drift out any line. Drift, the higher the better they can understand the technology of this. With the technological upgrade, drift angle can be done more freely. Drift length will be a sharp increase in places far away from the Ru Wan began to drift while the car is almost a straight line paddling, Ruwan, when it came to the car will be very obedient start arc drift.

There are some other car is an absolute do not drift. The problem is not a car but the person causes. Kind of like a F1 car, flying high-frequency, intense reaction when entering the drift, but a very short time, no one can react, no matter what people do not do anything to get that car drift. And hanging off the balance that is extremely difficult to master. Can be said that most people give F1 cars are not necessarily open him to go.
Man Boff2010-01-24 14:24:29 +0000 #4
RR Rear-rear-wheel drive drift more robust!



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