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Do before the car can drift, drift, how Gone with the Wind?

Mr囧Children2010-01-24 14:01:49 +0000 #1

Haichuan tolerance2010-01-24 14:08:29 +0000 #2
is the car will be able to drift, that is not the same as the consequences of roll-over


1 is not turning
yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-24 14:07:58 +0000 #3
want to achieve unparalleled perfection perfect drift, there must be one-upmanship of the technology, the vehicle options and modifications are very important, and now their vehicles at the theoretical level, give you some suggestions for those with limited areas, a number of demands is not easy to do, and modification technology and parts are all starting problems, and this requires that we first understand the general direction, and then to the actual situation with their own creative modification.

In the whole process, we hope that we can follow an order of preferential treatment, that is: the highest priority is their own driving skills, then the durability of vehicle modification, and finally play a full performance of the car. The modification is that it gives an ideal vehicle to enhance the performance of the minimal damage to the car itself, but also can help drivers understand the drift of itself and its own technology, and best step by step modification, in that they can live in complete control of the performance of the existing later converted to the next step. Do not converted one themselves for losing control of the monster, in the technology has reached a certain level before the car on, then they hang up! Remember, not to do reluctantly thing!

Second, the drift car conversion cost is not small, because even if the car has not been modified, if necessary, tire replacement, clutch replacement, brake system maintenance, and so on is a very high expenses, and coupled with occasionally get rid of dial box, regular pull gold spray paint, head, tail, corner lights crashed, so this becomes a very expensive hobby! In the practice of consumption, maintenance, repair, alteration, transfer the regularization of teaching is entirely possible to compare the cyclic semi-professional track drivers and teams, this absolute, far, far ahead of ordinary street car, so this point I hope you sufficient psychological, time, organizational plan, as well as their fully prepared, because to give up halfway, then all previous inputs are likely to be an exercise in futility! But also hope that the actual situation according to their own to myself a plan, not to do things beyond the plan, so as to go further.

Well, you will first converted what? Ueo D1GP driver wins ho clearly pointed out: the basic modifications of course, include anti-slip differential, brake systems, shock absorbers, but there are very important is the exhaust system (modified product), "exhaust system is very the basic, from the very beginning, when the need for more enough to have heard the engine operation! "- Ueo Sheng-ho

should be said that the car modified for the purpose is: to allow the car to run more smoothly, more suitable driver technology, performance, stabilizing, and all must be the principle of these!

Conversion engine chapter:

do not need much horsepower, but more important is the engine smooth functioning of the degree of quick response, even the maximum value of the output Ma area, transit region's abundant torque, this than the Super Mario come important. For beginners and the majority of practitioners, the learning and contact stages, 200KW of the S13, S14, S15's enough, more horsepower would give the car becomes difficult to control. Most of D1 vehicles, only about 300KW or so horsepower, but torque is sufficient to achieve 470NM of torque at 2500RPM to play an average of 6500RPM.

Frequent, rapid throttle movements, as well as regular high-speed operation would affect the engine life. In fact, most drift with the engine running, under high pressure in the long run, there will be some minor problems. Desirable to limit the speed of the most original, so that you can in the long run, under minimal pressure to reduce engine damage.

If you go into the engine's internal structure, then replacement of a higher intensity of crankshaft, piston chain, piston, screw, better bearings, as well as the use of camshaft alterations can achieve the purpose of enhancing engine durability, while a stronger torque, higher intake efficiency, and the broader forces (power and torque) area. Coupled by some of the more experienced on-board computer (ECU) adjustment teachers, ECU set-up also allows you to travel from the regular practice and save a lot of money!

Air-flow meter can measure change more, if the traffic can be converted with the computer is no better, and of course, to go through the appropriate set-up. Or you can rewrite the original of the ECU, so would be more economical, but this need for adequate technical support for conversion!

Multi-spray some oil on the engine, and no harm Moreover, if the other components have been upgraded, then a converted fuel supply system is also very necessary, and fuel pumps, fuel injectors and oil pressure regulator, can be guaranteed under any circumstances can be the operation of the provision of adequate fuel supply!

Then there is TURBO, in general, preferable to use a number of small, responsive, you can take care of the entire forces of the region for the best. Generally larger displacement engines (for example MAZDA 13B, TOYOTA 1JZ, NISSAN RB, etc.) can use a little bit of ground freshman TURBO, those for the four-cylinder engine, it is rather just the TURBO can all be installed, so that to achieve the desired results. Do not mad pursuit of high-pressurization value, probably maintained at 1.0 to 1.3 is completely sufficient.

In general, the coolant temperature at low speed when the traffic will be reduced into the gas, so a large-capacity water tank is also very necessary, therefore, for the modification of a larger water tank bar! There is also a good oil-cooling modifications, as general, drift with the engine is normally used in the murder of the oil.

In fact, INTERCOOLER (central cooling device) was damaged very likely that it could be made in advance for the future replacement of the budget, or the upper and lower range INTERCOOLER narrowed, and increase the banner degrees, thickness, increasing density of heat network will be INTERCOOLER installed in a high position, etc., to keep the cooling effect, or use of any feasible way to reduce the impact the economic consumption.

Maintenance tips: Use oil-cooling lines to the oil filter and the engine separated from Bai Zhi. There is to do regular routine maintenance.

Drift drift produces the emergence of the principle of blame in the end is a kind of: Chasing after the cat. Love life part (or all) of grip, while the front wheels must be able to maintain a grip (up to only a small part of the loss, the best of course, is to obtain the extra grip of), then as long as the front there is a certain degree of lateral force, the car had tail-flick, that is, produce drift.

So that the rear to lose grip of the way: A1, driving the rear wheels with the ground manipulation has a negative velocity difference between the (relatively low speed rear-wheel); A2, under any circumstances to make the rear wheels with the ground speed difference between the positive (after round of the relatively high speed); A3, driving the rear wheels reduces the ground between the positive pressure. As long as these three which is enough to meet one. In fact A1, A2 are the way to reduce the friction coefficient, will separate them because the applications in different ways.

To maintain front wheel traction methods: B1, driving the front wheels with the ground is not so great between the velocity difference; B2, driving the front wheels with the ground is not so between the positive pressure to reduce too much, the best is that we can increase Large positive pressure. These two want to meet Caixing.

Actual operation inside, pull hand brake will certainly satisfy A1, B; slam down hard on the brakes, they meet the A1, A3, B2, do not necessarily meet the B1;-power large enough to drive at the speed of the latter is not very high, Meng stepped on the accelerator may be met A2, B.

Speaking of the best white, producing drift methods are: C1, straight stretches of road travel in the direction of pull hand brake after the fight; C2, handbrake turning and Latin America; C3, straight stretches of road travel in the direction of slam down hard on the brakes after the fight; C4, turning the slam down hard on brakes; C5, power rear-drive large enough (or the front and rear wheel drive force distribution ratio tended to after a four-wheel drive) is not very high in terms of speed and play direction Meng stepped on the accelerator.

Where C3, C4 is the use of weight transfer (the weight transferred to the front wheel on the rear), was the least hurt the vehicles. C1, C2 only for the former race car and pull the four-wheel and can be avoided, unless you are afraid of ruin cars.

Note that C1 and C2, C3 and C4 to separate because of vehicle movement line

there will be quite different. Important Note: drift cornering and general cornering like their speed limit, and the drift cornering speed limits up to only be a little higher than normal cornering, drifting cornering on hard ground the speed limit is lower than the normal cornering! Do not believe "Initial D" inside the drift cornering faster myth. The following figure shows an example of Ethernet high-speed drift.

As for the final can tail-flick, with the friction between tire and road surface coefficient, vehicle speed, braking force, the size of the accelerator, the former Cat flutter. Love life is small, vehicle weight distribution, wheelbase wheelbase, suspension and other hard and soft number of factors. For example, rain, snow on the road to tail-flick is easy, does not want to tail-flick but more difficult; speed the more likely the higher the tail-flick (which is why safe driving is not to drive fast and oh, first); beat the direction of fast, easily Drift ( taught me to drive the shop called me to fight the steering wheel too quickly, Oh); Tread wheelbase smaller the body the higher the weight transfer of the more powerful, the more likely Drift (also easy to roll!)

It was mentioned that a variety of drift way, in fact, within the above five kinds. Include "Initial D" which is described in first turn right, then turn left drift fierce way. This is an increase in the weight transfer, for example, in his case where the right front wheel in order to further increase the positive pressure. Why is that this will further increase the pressure on the right front wheel? To review what the weight of the transfer啦. But why the right front wheel to increase the pressure? Because the use of C3 or C4-generated drift outside of the front wheels when the pressure is four cars cat flutter. Love life, and play the most important role, and further increase its pressure, they can make the body rotate faster.

The most advanced method for forming the drift Scandinavian Flick

is a WRC rally inside the movements used in the special, it was also called Pendulum Turn. If I remember correctly, it is a rally driver Carlo Sainz initiated.

Assumed to be entering a more urgent right-handers. D1, if the came out from the previous bend your position on the left, then straight ahead, if the location is not on the left, then do not immediately rely on the left, but left a little driving directions. D2, to ensure the direction of vehicle driving stability, the right to step on the brakes in the end, the four wheels will soon be Hugging, vehicles will be according to the original direction was always slide down. D3, are going to be bent into place, the steering wheel to the right to play a certain angle. Hugging the guiding role of the front wheel is small, the front will not soon go right. D4, to the bend into place, quickly release the brakes. This front will be fierce pull to the right, body rotation speed of thought.

In front of said D1, D2 is a simplification of the preparation of action, done much easier. Complete preparations for action looks incredible - let the body move forward when the front is the left! To generate such a glide is the first to the right to play a little direction, and then left to play a little direction. Because the movement of vehicles left from the right into the middle there must be a forward moment, that is, at this moment immediately step on the brake in the end, the forward slip of the body. And because the arrival of this moment must be pointing when the front left, and so we produced a body moved forward, the front refers to the left action.

This initial process is only a second time in less than complete, because the road is very narrow, and does not allow a large left offset, so this kind of action is a dangerous and challenging moves. Note that there is a drift Oh! In other words, a complete Scandinavian Flick is a combination of the two drift. This complete action is not recommended in reality try!

Scandinavian Flick in the rally inside the soil, gravel, snow has very good when used to reduce understeer (that is, outside front wheel slip) effect. Compared to normal way, this method has two advantages: one, into the corner before the front wheel to the right put a certain angle, then the two front wheels from the left front of the accumulation of additional soil gravel or snow, increases the of the right front wheel thrust; 2, into the corner before the front wheel had been placed on an angle, and into the corner when it hit the steering wheel so that the direction of front wheel pendulum slowly compared to more quickly have a big thrust to the right, at this time The most outer body is still in the road - turn into the ideal position (remember that out-in-out of the cornering line?). The second point advantage also applies to the hard ground and produce tail-flick.
ExtremeEngine2010-01-24 14:58:49 +0000 #4
front-drive can not be the general drift. Because of its power front, which is equivalent to the car forward, "dragging", and then drive back to front from the "push", and before the drive is often the engine front, the front too.

After the drive is still the best drift cars, 4WD and pre-basic drift it up. Ability to grip too.
497,995,8972010-01-24 14:32:51 +0000 #5
can be ah, or else how can there be any track on the public POLO do, this is typical FF car, and is the precursor of the car, of course, drift cars are basically met FR RWD's, FF can indeed drift, but not the same way, FF is generally pull handbrake turn tail flick, there is a fierce cut direction of the oil revenue, and other do not know, He He



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