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Test where the car driver's license exam Yan can do before? After the test how well Canadian team? H

A leopard Think Racer2010-01-24 16:01:03 +0000 #1
Detailed description of the problem and help respondents provide accurate answers where there are strict test car driver's license exam can do before? After the test how well Canadian team? How to get to race?
IRF5402010-01-24 16:03:19 +0000 #2
the team in general is to study simplified version of the day in 2000 a total of 3-5 days, enhanced version of half 2-3 million to completion of a provisional book, within a year to participate in competitions, to get results, to the lowest level official of this;

To be honest, the real play car racing in general, are from primary school, open a go-kart, and can achieve a certain ranking, and then gradually build to spend a few million;
yu cry no tears乄2010-01-24 16:10:36 +0000 #3
First of all, first went to the local go-kart with a certain amount of practice to join the club (Note: must be a big club, because the big clubs can handle the car driver's license, and will hold regular events), there is a certain drive skills when seeking a driver's license, and competition within the club.

5 driver's license points, in a level to get certain points may apply for upgrades, and thus a level of competition will eventually participate in the national-level competition. If we formidable, they can sign a contract with the fancy of the team can participate in international Race. But very difficult.

Can go to the Chinese Federation of Automobile Sports Training Center and the Beijing Haidian Driving, Racing Club, Po-Feng obtain a racing license waiting for a few. However, a match in hand. RMB how much is the key. If there is no sponsor. Not millions of you are not a regular plug to adapt to road racing section.

NOTE: Due to motor sport in the country is not popular, so the need for certain economic pillar of strength.

Obtain ordinary drivers can take part in this after two years racing in the steam-linked training courses, training and site training is divided into pull, pull out the E-class training, racing driver's license, the venue is generally C-car driver's license, drivers to participate in more than five games After the game, you can apply for a higher level of game photos, and so on, the domestic B could apply for FIA racing driver's license, you can participate in international and other events of the

Baidu know the car category experts (Hou Junpeng) in Recommendation:

As a racing driver, except for their own potential, acquired the efforts, but also a team spirit of cooperation, open-minded studious quality. In addition, the most important thing is to support the family or your wallet, the car is a money-losing sports, there is no money, basically racing career, the step-dimensional difficulties.

Currently in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan and other places are in the Automobile Association racing license training base, such as the district's Bay View Beijing team, Haidian Driving the team, as well as regular training courses in the Automobile Association, Shanghai's 333 fleet Guangdong Huizhou International Circuit, and so on, all entries

costs, the current domestic price of 6,000 yuan is generally three days or so or 15 days 2 million per

to be a professional driver will have to wait, and then continue to hone their own , domestic motor sport has just started, many places are not very perfect, for the driver to explore as well.

Currently, the country's top riders Chen from China to reach 1 million annual salary is probably more than other big teams around driver Siwushiwan ranging from a small fleet of about 100,000 yuan each year, but if there is no performance car by, I am afraid the To match with their own money, if the shuffled around and the car purchase, modification did not say a race entry fee is about 8000 or so, accommodation, insurance, coupled with a race of about 10,000 yuan of money, but does not include car transport as well as transport costs, there are six races a year, that is about a year into the personal driver to spend 100,000 yuan or so, this is the vehicle is not damaged, if, unfortunately, overturned, and crashes, and repair of money is a very a large sum.

To attend racing a one .... F3 F2-examination, in order to test the F1 through lap within a specified time. (China has yet to reach that level was "
levels: novice

June 1, 2005 Hehe This is certainly very difficult to strategy in general you should first go-kart race through domestic and able to achieve good results and then go abroad to participate in the final Formula Renault exam before they can be eligible for a driver's license of the FIA and the FIA are divided into three levels, namely; the lowest level of F3 and then a higher level of F3000 If you have passed the first two can be opened in F1

Now F1 to open the world's very few people no more than 50 people as far as I know, that if not a test for a driver's license, but FIA issued. In short then, you have three kinds of way to get it.

1, If you have small open-karting champion, and then in the Formula Renault Formula One championship, or the king, and thus a smooth rise to 3 or Formula 3000, then the door away from the Formula One not far away.

2, In view of the first is clearly inconsistent with reality, if you have a 6,7-year-old child was also similar, then, if you like me, are "like a flower 19-year-old," we recommend that you learn Takuma Sato, in his 19-year-old Honda when Members of the civilian car when the test drive, was discovered and selected to open the Formula One. If you are interested, we might have to ask the Dongfeng Honda or national flag or something, lacking no shortage of test drive member.

3, if, unfortunately, you have 20,30-year-old, then you can only learn kasiki Yang, while racing on the motherland on the moment of universal access by a east wind. or if you and the big sponsors are there any blood or economic relationship, and your driving skills and good to none, then they give you into the car insurance could legitimately be the altar!

need to have motor racing driver's license Caixing. In our country, motor racing driver's license from the Federation of Automobile Sports of China (hereinafter referred to FASC) according to the International Automobile Federation authorized to award the International Sporting Code. Federation of Automobile Sports of China issued the highest level of motor racing license level is C-class, followed by D-and E-class; provincial motor sport authorities to issue F-class motor racing license, But the F-Class license can only participate in competitions organized by the provincial department of motor racing, motor racing in the domestic local circumstances with little or blank you only participate in the national tournament, so you need to get the FASC's racing license.

to get There are two ways: First, directly to the Chinese Federation of Automobile Sports of the training department to participate in training and after passing the examination to get the car license; Second, through the major car clubs or provinces Motor Sports Association, after passing the examination for the training FASC to get the car license. For example, you are in Shanghai, you can choose a car club to participate in the training they obtain a license. alternatively two methods, it is recommended you choose from the more recent places of residence.



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