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2010 Dakar frequencies Live do

I'm not old Shaanxi2010-01-24 18:02:01 +0000 #1

yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-24 18:14:18 +0000 #2
quickest way is to look at the official website of the Dakar, achievements and information kept up to date, no Chinese, www.dakar. com, the central five sets of programs are broadcast the next day, after editing, the time difference the day, video, television rights sold to major institutions, it should be no larger segment of the video on the Internet, the European sports above are small pieces of video, they and Sohu cooperation of the Chinese version, you can also take a look.

Every year, after the electricity can offer overseas users mule emule download video, basically in English or French, no subtitles, even richer than the content of CCTV5 more, but no Chinese teams and drivers introduction. 3D2

This is the last year ... there are people from the opening to finish the DV film ....( to hire their own)

There is usually the fastest time for the tribe to upload


can be fixed into the web page to see StarSports STAR Sports Taiwan and Taiwan

will be prompted to download the and install PPStream player

in the web page where to watch the video playback window, right can be seen full screen

You can also right video window "Add to Favorites" so that a list of your channel PPStream have it anymore

View program table to (W7 on behalf of Sunday's)
, or televised Table - Sohu Sports

the station are:

WRC points 3 days of each essence

Universal Racing Collection

Asian Touring Car Championship


WRC car racing special edition magazine


V6 Asia Formula 3 ... .. and so on



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