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The question on Ferrari

love Fate decides Sansei2010-01-24 21:01:03 +0000 #1
F1 Ferrari to create a dynasty of five hero, car God Schumacher, manager Jean Todt, technical director Ross Brawn, chief designer Roy Byrne racing, there are places Who are you? I remember that the engine seems to be the chief designer, and later transferred to the parent company of Ferrari Fiat Group gone?
yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-24 21:06:30 +0000 #2

Schumacher in Brazil, the curtain call with the end of the performance, Ferrari's F1 history will also open a new page. In the past two days, the team has announced two significant personnel changes since the message: Let - Todt was promoted to company's CEO, Ross - Brown retired from the introduction of these two message, declaring Ferrari in the past 10 years, creating 11 championship glory "Iron Triangle" combination of formally dissolved.

But as so - Todd has said, no matter how many there have been brilliant, these are nothing but glorious history of Ferrari in a section of

The history of Ferrari will continue to write, so shake-up is necessary, but also the laws of nature , this moment is not the end. Here, we will go into the details look at before and after exchange transfusion Ferrari.

Exchange transfusion before the Ferrari

From 1996 to 2006 the decade, perhaps the most brilliant Ferrari in the F1 period of six constructors championships and five drivers will allow all the competitors to bow to concede defeat. Was able to create such an impressive record of wins and losses, the root cause behind the history of F1 has a rated as the strongest team. Manager so that - Todt, technical director Ross - Brown and ace driver Michael Schumacher, the three men has been the industry known as the Ferrari of the "iron triangle." But in fact they are only the forefront of the representatives of only the chief designer Roy - Byrne, engine director Paolo, an aerodynamics specialist pass Bassis ... ..., they become Ruleiguaner.

On their life experience, I believe, no need to repeat them here. Among them, Ross - Brown and Schumacher, very key point is that they Benetton's time on the work together. From the 1996 Ferrari "rendezvous," the date, there are up to 10 years, so long cooperation, which in F1 history, is very rare. Staff stability is an important factor in the success of Ferrari, which is useful in any one team, and Ferrari to build the next generation of workers in the framework are also adhere to this principle. Schumacher in 1996 said that if one day Todd is gone, he would leave, at that time was deeply moved when Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher to Ferrari because it was the first year. Only today, first decide to go is Michael Schumacher.

Of course, the Ferrari has a solid addition to talent resources, they become the industry's elite. Let - Todt called the F1 in Zhuge Liang, Ross - Brown graduated from the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Research Institute, followed by addition designed the Champ Car outside (non-F1), then the effectiveness of multi-teams F1 teams. Of course, his career really started taking off begins at Benetton era and Roy - Byrne co-operation, B194 is a great starting point. About Roy - Byrne, he may be regarded as the leading authority in the history of F1 car design-level characters, set aside time Benetton did not say, from the 1999 F399 to 2004, F2004, the six Champ Car speak for themselves. It is said that Schumacher most of the people are grateful to Roy - Byrne, for his career in the championship seven times driving the car, are Roy - Bayern design.

As for the engine director Paolo Martinelli, I do not think no need to say, because the Ferrari engine is obvious to all aspects of accomplishments, especially in the V10 era. Tong Bassis aerodynamics expert, went to McLaren in 2004, but in the end of 2005 they returned to Maranello, under his leadership, the Ferrari in this year's aerodynamic development, re-walking in the the forefront of the industry.

Finally a central figure in Michael - Michael Schumacher, who is also executor of miracles Ferrari, the German people have to have a good racing talent, but also has a hard-working, cool-headed, comprehensive technology and a strong triumph desire outside. Crucial point is that he is an excellent team leader, has let the people around him to work around the capacity of the leader. This makes the Ferrari has been condensed into a whole, whether in the face of failure or success to meet, making the Ferrari of energy, has been the biggest play.

Ferrari team in 2006 Senior Team List

Job Title (English) Job Title (English) staff (English) staff (English)

Ferrari CEO Montezemolo, Chairman and CEO Luca di Montezemolo, general manager of General Manager Let - Todt Jean Todt, technical director Technical Director Ross - Brown, Ross Brawn in charge of design and development of Design and Development chief designer Aldo Costa Costa, chief designer-pass Bassis Nicholas Tombazis engine, Engine Director Paolo Martinelli Paolo Martinelli, director of Competition Director, Director of racing activities Domenicali Stefano Domenicali Technical Adviser Technical consultant Byrne Rory Byrne engine design and development Engine race an development Simon Gilles Simon

shake-up after the Ferrari

From the November 1 start, so that - Todt was promoted to the company CEO, the new Fei Lisa (Amedeo Felisa) will become the team leader position, called the general manager of Ferrari's official title (General Manager). Fei Lisa who have just joined the board, he replaced the帕格利亚诺(Renato Pagliaro) seat on the board, who has resigned.

At the same time, Ross - Brown, chief technology officer from the rank of Armando (Mario Almondo) to take over, rather than all previous projections Domenicali (Stefano Domenicali), but the latter now has a new title called Sporting Director (Sporting Director).

Ferrari's new technical department will be composed of the chassis department and engine department, the former by Costa (Aldo Costa) the leadership of the latter by the Simon (Gilles Simon) is responsible for. Both men will report directly to Armando (Mario Almondo) reporting.

As we all know, 248F1 is Costa independent design work, but he was not the team's chief designer, in accordance with arrangements for the team title, the main designer is still aerodynamics expert pass Bassis (Nicholas Tombazis), while the Costa's job is to design and development director (Design and Development). However, Roy has announced a two-year contract renewal - Bayern will be in the next two seasons continue to serve as his advisers, in order to maintain a smooth transition of technology.

The above-mentioned engine department replaced by Simon, who will be the new engine director Paolo Martinelli will travel to the former parent company of Ferrari Fiat Group, but Ferrari has not announced his future specific positions, only said that it would be a new challenge. It should be the situation with Todd is almost done purely management.

Peace talks before the shake-up, like Ferrari, we are here to also put drivers on the last one to analyze. Next year, the Ferrari number one driver will come from the McLaren of Kimi Raikkonen defect, who nicknamed Iceman of Finns, and Schumacher has a distinct personality, though no doubt his speed, but the personality is become aspects of people's worst fears.

Ferrari team's technical manager, Nicky - Sidi Ni (Nigel Stepney) When talking about the future of the team, said the team will soon face the most daunting challenge is how to make Michael Schumacher's successor - Kimi melt into the convoy to go. Compared with the Michael, Finland Iceman with entirely different characteristics, next year, he had to keep Ferrari's engineers to effectively focus on his work.

"No one can fill the boots Schumacher." Si Dini said. "For KIMI terms, which is not easy for us as well. Because in the decade-long time, you get used to a certain rhythm of work and working methods, as well as the understanding of the drivers and information communication method and now want to Suddenly, you face another one a different driver, so it will take time. "

while the former F1 world champion Niki - Lauda put the situation as more serious, he said that Finland is impossible to play got Iceman Michael Schumacher In Ferrari's role, and that once the start setbacks, Ferrari may crash.

Ferrari team in 2007 Senior Team List

Job Title (English) Job Title (English) staff (Chinese) staff (English)

CEO, so that - Todt Jean Todt, General Manager Amedeo Felisa Fei Lisa General Manager Technical Director Technical Director Armando Mario Almondo design and development director Design nd Development chief designer Aldo Costa Costa, chief designer, director of Tung Bassis Nicholas Tombazis engine, Engine Director Simon Gilles Simon's sporting director Stefano Domenicali Domenicali Sporting Director Technical Advisor Technical consultant Byrne Rory Byrne

there is an important answer to wait for announced

In here, we do not want to make any forecast the future of Ferrari, as the ultimate truth that will make all projections are obviously meaningless. As the Si Dini said, time will give an answer. But here, there is an answer we still urgently want to know, that is, after Schumacher Ferrari in the end will play what role?

In the German drive to announced his retirement the day, it would mean that the internal Schumacher Ferrari will remain in the team, but said the possibility of testing very large? But let - Todd and Brown's whereabouts have surfaced, but no German driver information. We know that in November the winter test around the corner, if Michael is really testing for Ferrari, to help develop a new car, then the answer will soon be announced. To be sure, however, Schumacher would not like Badoer test such as a pure hands, he at least managed to play a certain role. Such as test director!
Too good to be good2010-01-24 21:36:24 +0000 #3



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