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How can I go to study abroad Racing

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go to foreign countries specifically to learn the car? The first one you have to have money 2 get a car 3 driver's license must have a car the first four games to be won the first five to get into the team and then have the opportunity to go abroad to learn the name of the exchange also means that the car is actually only go to another school team to exchange ideas and technical experience from what I know now there is no institution is dedicated to teach only the training institutions in the car is to teach you some basic things and then give you the car driver's license For the car driver's license I will write in the following

to become racing's The first step is to obtain a racing license. At present, the domestic training of qualified authorized by the International Federation of Automobile Sports Federation of Automobile Sports of China Driving licenses issued by racing, there are Federation of Automobile Sports of China and the Beijing Haidian Driving Training Center, Feng Bao-racing clubs of the few. At present, due to the needs of development, some provinces and cities of the car club can also be handled certification, access to driver's license issued by the qualification. The teaching of domestic production of Mitsubishi cars, mostly Japanese, French-made signs 106, made in China Jetta King, Beverly and so on, but they are in accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of Automobile Sports of the standard car modification. As long as domestic traffic department has issued driver's license, good health and no major disease elderly persons may enter the study. At present, China mainly dominated Rally racing course tuition prices in the 3000

5000 per month, semester 3 days. Key learning the basics of racing and racing basic safety modifications, as well as gravel-based brakes, cornering, playing direction of the wheel, the basic method of operation by a coach demonstrates the area, and lead the students in person in the professional circuit to drive, to help students grasp the fastest motor sport's basic essentials. Three days of training, the primary class of basic training, only three kinds of skills, one is a straight-line acceleration; second is the high speed ABS, pump the brakes when you use a similar technology for fast short-range brake; third is fast cornering techniques. Do not sound like these three skills, get on the modified standard car, and the usual driving feel completely different, for example, in the first, the Guarantee you will ask others for their willingness to open the car home, because you will feel that he will not "normal" driving by. You might think that training costs are too high, but the high cost of training is equivalent to compensation, many academic institutions will be driving the car on his way to a site will be destroyed, and these maintenance costs are very expensive

domestic car training is mainly for the Rally venues and race categories. Among them, the training institution rally dispersed, the venue is currently focused on race in Zhuhai International Circuit, to Campus car-based. Training costs ranging from initial training is generally Rally 3000

5000 yuan / year (three days, excluding food, accommodation and transportation costs). Zhuhai Campus of high-value models, so training costs are also a lot of money, a two-day initial course fees and 35.5 thousand yuan (including accommodation, and 20,000 deposit), that is, if the training does not damage the car and eventually Contributions to 15.5 thousand yuan.

At present, riders participated in the training trips less than 1000, not to mention the actual contestants. The main reason is that the car was too expensive, not to mention super-luxurious F1 Formula One car, I saw a car, and its conversion cost of about one million yuan on, and all of the conversion work is done in Germany light the new joints reached as many as several thousand, plus the logistical maintenance service game, event activities, the costs and the cost of repairing damage to the car and so on, which has by no means merely personal interest by virtue could solution of the. Completion time, each student must be personally driving the car, pull in the professional arena through the examination results of successful applicants will be able to obtain authorized by the International Federation of Automobile Sports Federation of Automobile Sports of China issued a racing license. This license level for E-class, where you can obtain the highest level of C-class, but the holders of Class E license who can also participate in a variety of domestic car rally event.

In addition, there are intermediate classes and navigator training. Intermediate classes teaching by employing foreign coaches, but the learner must hold the primary graduation certificate (that is, E-class racing license). Pilot training is a rally race as a wizard navigator specially created. With the driver's license had no car equals no gun bullets like. Like bullets and guns to match, like race cars and ordinary civilian vehicles that have a great difference. This means that the required standards have to be modified only after the race. Of course, the professional racing has something to sell, if the economic capacity permitting can try. To adapt to an ordinary car into a road stage race car, ahead or behind it takes nearly one million yuan can imagine the direct purchase of an official car, the price will be high not low.

Federation of Automobile Sports of China (FASC) provides that any annual output of more than 2500 domestic vehicle manufacturers of cars through applications for approval, to participate in domestic competitions. Currently, you can participate in international competition of domestic brand cars, that is, the International Federation of Automobile Sports of the vehicle officially registered only FAW - Volkswagen's Jetta King. Automobile as a means of transport, whether it is a means of transport, business operations, nor a rally, its safety performance, are hardest hit. I mentioned in the text is the simplest and most basic security features of the modification. First of all, you want to install roll cage, replacement car seats, seat belts have to change into a register by the International Federation of Automobile Sports of the designated product, which is dedicated racing seat belts. Furthermore, the car must also be to install fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting installations of existing manual and automatic modes. Entry drivers still need to do the necessary security guarantees, when participants wear fire-retardant race suits, wearing fire gloves, wear protective shoes and other necessary security measures. Of particular note is that both the modification of the components, or a racing clothing, fire extinguishers, must use the official registration of the International Federation of Automobile Sports of the designated product, may participate in the competition.



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