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Brembo and Ap How do I choose?

Roof raising a goldfish2010-01-24 22:01:14 +0000 #1
The same level of Brembo and Ap how to choose.

They both have what are advantages and disadvantages. Both of those things are probably what price?

Track version with the road What's the difference?
cipcd2010-01-24 22:13:30 +0000 #2
do not know what four-piston 6 piston? Do not know what your car is a car

Brembo I used a period of time is very linear in any case, that is a very soft

AP a little more forceful, the average of these two brands should be 50000 or so, but I personally recommend Alcon , AP Brembo domestic fakes too much, an inattentive easily deceived, Alcon has just entered the domestic well-known is not high, but also the world's top big and the first two par, Brembo race version I remember it was brown, what is the specific specifications I do not know, AP is the race version of the above calipers have a thermometer, can see the temperature of caliper -

Do not think about what race version, with less than this, Brmebo F40 50 is sufficient, AP's 5200 on the line, but I still recommend you look at Alcon
yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-24 22:40:17 +0000 #3
BREMBO Chupin's braking system has a great feature, that is, the more progressive braking response will not be like any other brand features like, too hard on the suspension request, even if some slight Set the modified models will not shock the system when too much braking nod position. Of course, the premise is to choose a good model for their own vehicles, for example, no more than 200 horsepower vehicle, select "LOTUS" a small four-piston calipers, and then with the corresponding brake disc that will be enough; horsepower no more than 400 medium and large sports or modified vehicle, "F50" Large four-piston calipers on the basic requirements to meet most of the owners; for those who move are five or six hundred of severe body modification, or a heavier SUV models like, 6-piston brake sure be the best choice; finally monster machines machines, such as those 800 of the SUPRA, 1000-horsepower GT-R, there is no eight piston brake calipers are also difficult to restrain Chennai against unemployment.

AP racing Formula One (Williams, Red Bull, McLaren, Jordan, the team selected text Lodi and other brake system), the world's leading brake system manufacturers. View detailed information on the selected professional racing teams are not sung more than the number of events 1600cc class to N2000ETCC (European Touring Car Championship) is now renamed the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship)

DTM (German Touring Car Championship) WRC (World Touring Car Rally) FIAGT (World Endurance) JGTC (Japan GT endurance race)

F1 (Formula One) to F3 (Formula 3) was the racing world has recognized the strength and the use of

in the same types of road conditions for the race result is superior, AP racing With 30 years of experience and data

produced version of the road braking system can bring security, a strong, stable braking performance

as a senior envoys of the choice of riding (all APracing the products produced by the United Kingdom)

AP Racing brake the world's top brands, product positioning than BREMBO, AP Racing brake system is composed by the brake calipers and brake, only switching bridge, box top needed to produce some other, AP factory setting is one such, it is -one correspondence model will provide a small package, and many models to be self-supporting.

30 years AP RACING is only one goal - is on track to win! The AP RACING has not made its supporters down, from the initial iron brake (IRON BRAKE) to the current carbon / carbon (CARBON / CARBON) quality brake, AP RACING on the track can be maintained very excellent results. So far, the use of AP RACING products (including brake and clutch) multi-win-win teams F1 teams won nearly 600 games of the F1 race winner! Track performance on the AP RACING cited a brilliant history, it also voiced its World Motor Sport within the superior status.

The Model Brembo Price

AP dispatch is clear that only 280



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