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Online no Fox Racing School-related video?

V unbeaten Rider V2010-01-24 22:01:58 +0000 #1
, Such as title, CCTV5's.
Sunky20462010-01-24 22:13:51 +0000 #2
Fox Racing School by Changan Ford, CCTV5 and co-sponsored Federation of Automobile Sports of China. Fox with its product highlights for the students designed the "Globe Trekker," "precision manipulation," "overcoming all obstacles," "beyond the limit", "Who is the most fuel-efficient" and so fresh, interesting, challenging athletic subjects, so that in their all-round security, fully experience the manipulation of driving pleasure, the thrill of athletic competition and teamwork sense of accomplishment.

"Globe Trekker" is the most difficult training sessions and challenging subjects. Students need to overcome fear, with excellent driving skills to drive the Fox open to cars on the road in the extension units. Repeated efforts, all participants have a smooth customs clearance, CCTV's sports section famous Tong hosts the completion of sand after the race, said excitedly: "Thank sponsors provide us with the opportunity, we have personally experienced only in professional competitions and performances in order to see Driving to the subjects, with the completion of this originally thought 'impossible' task. "

and" precise control "," overcoming all obstacles, "" beyond the limits of "three links, designed to assess students in special road conditions and driving encounter unexpected situations in which the ability to control the vehicle and turn driving, extreme driving skills. Fox is equipped with electro-hydraulic assisted steering technology, suspension systems, chassis and high-rigidity body are in various sports subjects one by one embodiment to the guests left a deep impression on him.

The most compelling to the number of "Who's the most fuel-efficient" link. Mainly through the cultivation of students were a good driving habits and reasonable route choices and realize the security of driving pleasure and outstanding performance under the premise of a good fuel. In the Federation of Automobile Sports of China and CCTV under the strict protocols, the host team has created one hundred kilometers, Zhu ring 3.89L fuel consumption the best result, he excitedly told reporters: "Fox just because of the dynamic fashion prior to the appearance and concern about racing descent over it, did not expect such a nature as to sports models known to have such excellent fuel economy, it is not simple. "

In fact, Fox hopes that every owner can reap the benefits brought about by driving Happy. For those stylish, dynamic consumers, the Ford Focus can help them find life more exciting.

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