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Fox Racing School is doing it?

V unbeaten Rider V2010-01-24 22:02:05 +0000 #1
A look at the racing school in CCTV5 it?
Sunky20462010-01-24 22:16:58 +0000 #2
"racing school" is a well-known automotive and motorsports column sections, as currently the most influential automotive reality show, is also a Federation of Automobile Sports of China organized to promote the professional Motor Sports training programs. The program was first introduced in May 2008 after a positive play for the vehicle driving skills and the popularity of motorsports to promote played a catalytic role has been a broad audience and fans alike.

And the Fox Racing School is determined by Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. to provide sales in the domestic car market, superior performance, exceptional Ford Focus sedan hatchback car, and in the form of competition for the students, the majority of the audience in the field and television teach a variety of practical skills. And numerous entertainment and sports stars and other well-known host to join, then let Fox Racing School this program in a professional and authoritative, based on the movement is full of entertaining and interesting side.



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