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How do you want to join the racers

My name is Ching2010-01-24 23:01:13 +0000 #1
Who can help me ah! I very much racing, simply say you want to be a driver, do not know how can set foot on that step. Who can teach me ah! Thanks! !
yu cry no tears乄2010-01-24 23:11:04 +0000 #2
First of all, first went to the local go-kart with a certain amount of practice to join the club (Note: must be a big club, because the big clubs can handle the car driver's license, and will on a regular basis event was held), there is a certain driving skills when seeking a driver's license, and competition within the club.

5 driver's license points, in a level to get certain points may apply for upgrades, and thus a level of competition will eventually participate in the national-level competition. If we formidable, they can sign a contract with the fancy of the team can participate in international Race. But very difficult.

Can go to the Chinese Federation of Automobile Sports Training Center and the Beijing Haidian Driving, Racing Club, Po-Feng obtain a racing license waiting for a few. However, a match in hand. RMB how much is the key. If there is no sponsor. Not millions of you are not a regular plug to adapt to road racing section.

NOTE: Due to motor sport in the country is not popular, so the need for certain economic pillar of strength.

Obtain ordinary drivers can take part in this after two years racing in the steam-linked training courses, training and site training is divided into pull, pull out the E-class training, racing driver's license, the venue is generally C-car driver's license, drivers to participate in more than five games After the game, you can apply for a higher level of game photos, and so on, the domestic B could apply for FIA racing driver's license, you can participate in international and other events of the

Baidu know the car category experts (Hou Junpeng) in Recommendation:

As a racing driver, except for their own potential, acquired the efforts, but also a team spirit of cooperation, open-minded studious quality. In addition, the most important thing is to support the family or your wallet, the car is a money-losing sports, there is no money, basically racing career, the step-dimensional difficulties.

Currently in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan and other places are in the Automobile Association racing license training base, such as the district's Bay View Beijing team, Haidian Driving the team, as well as regular training courses in the Automobile Association, Shanghai's 333 fleet Guangdong Huizhou International Circuit, and so on, all entries

costs, the current domestic price of 6,000 yuan is generally three days or so or 15 days 2 million per

to be a professional driver will have to wait, and then continue to hone their own , domestic motor sport has just started, many places are not very perfect, for the driver to explore as well.

Currently, the country's top riders Chen from China to reach 1 million annual salary is probably more than other big teams around driver Siwushiwan ranging from a small fleet of about 100,000 yuan each year, but if there is no performance car by, I am afraid the To match with their own money, if the shuffled around and the car purchase, modification did not say a race entry fee is about 8000 or so, accommodation, insurance, coupled with a race of about 10,000 yuan of money, but does not include car transport as well as transport costs, there are six races a year, that is about a year into the personal driver to spend 100,000 yuan or so, this is the vehicle is not damaged, if, unfortunately, overturned, and crashes, and repair of money is a very a large sum.

To attend racing a one .... F3 F2-examination, in order to test the F1 through lap within a specified time. (China has yet to reach that level was "
levels: novice

June 1, 2005 Hehe This is certainly very difficult to strategy in general you should first go-kart race through domestic and able to achieve good results and then go abroad to participate in the final Formula Renault exam before they can be eligible for a driver's license of the FIA and the FIA are divided into three levels, namely; the lowest level of F3 and then a higher level of F3000 If you have passed the first two can be opened in F1

Now F1 to open the world's very few people no more than 50 people as far as I know, that if not a test for a driver's license, but FIA issued. In short then, you have three kinds of way to get it.

1, If you have small open-karting champion, and then in the Formula Renault Formula One championship, or the king, and thus a smooth rise to 3 or Formula 3000, then the door away from the Formula One not far away.

2, In view of the first is clearly inconsistent with reality, if you have a 6,7-year-old child was also similar, then, if you like me, are "like a flower 19-year-old," we recommend that you learn Takuma Sato, in his 19-year-old Honda when Members of the civilian car when the test drive, was discovered and selected to open the Formula One. If you are interested, we might have to ask the Dongfeng Honda or national flag or something, lacking no shortage of test drive member.

3, if, unfortunately, you have 20,30-year-old, then you can only learn kasiki Yang, while racing on the motherland on the moment of universal access by a east wind. or if you and the big sponsors are there any blood or economic relationship, and your driving skills and good to none, then they give you into the car insurance could legitimately be the altar!

to become racing's first step is to obtain a racing license. At present, China is eligible for training international authorized by the Federation of Automobile Sports of China Motor Sports Association racing license issued by the Driving, there are Federation of Automobile Sports of China and the Beijing Haidian Driving Training Center, Feng Bao-racing clubs one of the few. At present, due to development, some provinces and cities of the car clubs can apply for certification, to obtain a driver's license issued by the qualification. domestic teaching Mitsubishi cars are mostly made in Japan, France and China-made signs 106, made in China Jetta King, Beverly and so on, but they are in accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of Automobile Sports of the standard car modification. As long as domestic traffic department has issued driver's license, good health and no major disease elderly persons may join the study. At present, China mainly dominated Rally racing course tuition prices in the 3000

5000 per month, semester 3 days. key learning the basics of racing and racing basic safety modifications, as well as gravel-based brakes, cornering, playing direction of the wheel, the basic method of operation by a coach demonstrates the area, and lead the students in person in the professional circuit to drive, to help students grasp the fastest motor sport's basic essentials. the three-day training, the primary class of basic training, only three kinds of skills, one is a straight-line acceleration; the second is the high speed, when a similar ABS, pumping technology for fast short-range brake; third is fast cornering techniques. not sound like these three skills, get on the modified standard car, and the usual driving feel completely different, such as in the first entry, Guarantee you will ask others for their willingness to open the car home, because you will feel that he will not "normal" driving by. Maybe you think that training costs are too high, but the high cost of training is equivalent to the compensation fees, many academic institutions will be driving the car on his way to a site will be destroyed, and these maintenance costs are very expensive

domestic car training is mainly for two types of rally and track race. Among them, the training institution rally dispersed, the venue match the current mainly concentrated in the Zhuhai International Circuit, to Campus car-based. training costs ranging from initial training is generally Rally 3000

5000 yuan / year (three days, excluding food, accommodation and transportation costs). Zhuhai Kham Si models of high-value, so training costs are also a lot of money, a two-day initial course fees and 35.5 thousand yuan (including accommodation, and 20,000 deposit), that is, if the training does not damage the car and eventually Contributions to 15.5 thousand yuan.

At present, riders participated in the training trips less than 1000, not to mention the actual contestants. The main reason is that the car was too expensive, not to mention super-luxurious F1 Formula One car, I saw a car , its conversion costs of around one million yuan on, and all of the conversion work is done in Germany, light the new solder joints reached as many as several thousand, plus the logistical maintenance service game, tournament the activities of the costs and the cost of repairing damage to the car and so on, which has by no means merely by virtue of personal interest can be resolved. ceased, all trainees will have to personally drive the car, pull in the professional arena through the examination, passed it who would be able to obtain authorized by the International Federation of Automobile Sports Federation of Automobile Sports of China issued a racing license. This license level for E-class, where you can obtain the highest level of C-class, but the holders of Class E license who can also be to participate in a variety of domestic car rally event.

In addition, there are intermediate classes and navigator training. Intermediate classes teaching by employing foreign coaches, but the learner must hold the primary graduation certificate (ie, E-class Racer's license). pilot training course for the Rally race as a navigator wizard specially created. With a driver's license had no car equals no gun bullets like. just like bullets and guns to match, like race cars and the general The civilian cars are very different. That is to say, have to be modified to achieve the required standards before they are allowed to participate in competitions. Of course, the professional racing has something to sell, if the economic capacity permitting can try. an ordinary car into a to adapt to road racing stage race, ahead or behind it takes nearly one million yuan, can imagine the direct purchase of an official car, the price will be high not low.

Federation of Automobile Sports of China (FASC) provides that any annual production of more than 2500 domestic vehicle manufacturers of cars through applications for approval, to participate in domestic competitions. At present, can participate in international competitions of the domestic brand cars, that is, the International Federation of Automobile Sports of the vehicle is only officially registered FAW - Volkswagen's Jetta. automobile as a means of transport, whether it is a means of transport, business operations, nor a rally, its safety performance is first to be affected. I mentioned in the text is the simplest and most basic security features of the modification. First of all, you want to install roll cage, replacement car seats, seat belts have to change into a register by the International Federation of Automobile Sports of the designated product, which is dedicated racing seat belts. Furthermore, the car must also be to install fire-fighting equipment, the existing manual and automatic fire extinguishing device has two kinds. racers still need to do the necessary security guarantees, when participants wear fire-retardant race suits, wearing fire gloves, wear protective shoes and other necessary security measures. Of particular note is the Whether modification of the components, or a racing clothing, fire extinguishers, must use the official registration of the International Federation of Automobile Sports of the designated product, may participate in the competition.
IRF5402010-01-24 23:34:04 +0000 #3
Racing has always been rich movement, you do not Donghe Bin , Han Han kind of fame before the car are generally required to practice at their own expense, usually allow you to practice them, the talent superb save money, 50, the million-plus investment

Also, play cars older than 20 years old, So essentially do not want to do a professional driver; expert people are from primary school started to play cars



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