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Track cycling race, I often see cars have a rear plate, will not be beautiful to you? Will not incre

jimwei882010-01-24 23:01:50 +0000 #1

happfly2010-01-24 23:15:39 +0000 #2
In order to reduce air resistance, each root spokes (car section) in the high-speed drag generated when combined are also discounted, because the timing of bicycle riding at high speed very small pieces of friction is almost negligible, and most of the resistance comes from the air, the higher the resistance will get a speed increase in geometric progression, it will have to go through a special place where drag transformation, but now relatively strong strength of a large fleet of race bikes have been without the kind of board, and is basically an integrated wheel components, carbon fiber materials, so as reduce the weight and air resistance, and even ride control, the cross and other such places are processed through streamlined.



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