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Why is F1 racing boat crashed into a wall of water crashed into Jiugen no difference?

redstone_cold2010-01-25 00:01:03 +0000 #1
Why is F1 racing boat crashed into a wall of water crashed into Jiugen no difference?
dxnbyuanshuai2010-01-25 00:09:41 +0000 #2
do not know if you had not diving belly

If the resistance of the water fell into the water hurt much more than the speed of

F1 racing more than 300 bar快啊
mainly the speed with fast-degrees in the resistance
ljkkiller2010-01-25 00:46:48 +0000 #3
This is the impulse and energy issues

impulse is equal to mass times the speed

energy equal to half mass times velocity squared

not hard to see the reasons is due to too fast
yuananwoxue2010-01-25 00:10:33 +0000 #4
do not know if you know impulse Theorem

two objects collided with one of two objects in the change in momentum = impulse of momentum an object that is suffered by the quality and speed of an object multiplied by the impulse of an object on impact force and the impact on the duration of Product

To give a simple example of raw eggs fall to the concrete floor will certainly be broke, but nothing fell into the quilt on the eggs in both cases is the same as the amount of momentum change it suffered the same impulse, but dropped the blanket slow on the impact of a longer time in some cases impulse is clearly suffered under the impact of small

because of daily life, there are many such life experiences so we naturally have hit the surface of the water and hit the wall there will be differences

But the idea of everyday examples are examples of low-speed situations, if the case in high-speed impact of the change in momentum is too great that the impulse is an aberration suffered enormous buffer material is relatively soft cushion provided by time and a huge negligible compared to the impulse is simply impossible to reduce the impact force to the extent of substantive effect as from the meters height Rengji Dan have quilts result is the same



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