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How to drift?

34,168,520,9992010-01-25 01:01:09 +0000 #1
Honda Civic manual file conversion power do not want to change it to change tires to increase the broadening

drift, where the need to change? 100,000 do enough to change?

How to drift backwards in situ U-turn 360-degree circular motion over a 180-degree bend

how to control the throttle and clutch brake stall

Please thank you drift enthusiasts teach
JadeWKing2010-01-25 01:16:38 +0000 #2
CIVIC is a front-drive, in-situ 360 does not possible, of course, you have to play against a still can.

Car when reversing at high speed is very unstable, with a little practice you can do it, does not have much difficulty.

Back bent almost to the FF make life difficult for the drift, in the past nor the past, but a U-turn and then drift away, no speed.

Drift right tires grip less demanding, but very damaged tires. Is not recommended to use wide-base tires. Limited capabilities is the grip performance of tires. And the hard and narrow tires grip much weaker and easier to play drift. If it is not a lot of experience and technology, in the grip performance of tires it began to drift will need a higher speed, it surely had no guts bar.

FF drift is mainly the use of hand brake. You can see the vibration under the home video, he would drift precursor.

Home vibration video space:
liulei5566882010-01-25 01:16:42 +0000 #3
The car will float do?

I tried to Ma 6 elegant okay.
qq6243723242010-01-25 01:31:44 +0000 #4
hundreds of thousands of similar, but in fact is important that technology, put the brakes on the steering wheel when the master, tire material has to be using more soft, wide-some



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