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With regard to the issue of Honda Racing

demon771232010-01-25 01:02:06 +0000 #1
've always wanted to buy a car, money in the almost the same. Would now like to ask under what to buy vehicles. cbr929 954 600

certainly I know your good. But the question is how in the end under the sundries to raise, and then the shape of those cars that look good in the end. Driving Status How. Under the data if you do not me than you, you'd probably five or six thousand bar you shut up, anyway, to write you know.
459,967,5122010-01-25 01:17:28 +0000 #2
personal feeling better than street sports cars, although both machines are much investigation, but no street sports car ride comfortable, if you do not want to suggest that you consider the more than 30,000 Hornets 250, CB400, XJ400 , other will not work. there are rows of expensive, depending on the current price CBR929, 954,600 30000 is difficult to buy, rather than buy a CBR929 might as well get more money in Canada Taiwan R1 forget, in 2004 CBR600RR (European version F5) is now but also more than 40,000, but not even think about 929, and personally fancy Kawasaki ZX-250R new cars, water-cooled inline twin-cylinder EFI engine, is still in production, I suggest you go to Guangdong jieshi to see, where there are a lot of you you want the car, preferably an acquaintance, personal sense of Chinese-made addition to Suzuki others can not be considered, YAMAHA Suzuki matter sorted out now are not compared, because Suzuki YAMAHA At present, some parts do not perfect, the price is not Suzuki, special black, anyway you figure it out, good for domestic vehicles is the car broken parts will be able to get out the door, the old Japanese goods accessories good buy, even if able to buy a special expensive ..

929 is able to to buy, I think the 929 might as F5, and 929 are also very few people bought,
jianglong82010-01-25 01:36:42 +0000 #3
buy a Suzuki Jun-wei, the price of around 7000, but also settled,



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