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QQ Speed B cars aurora

xrddd0082010-01-25 02:02:05 +0000 #1
TD said that this car is a combination of excellence?

I read a data. B cars are the straight-line curve Aurora first

please answer the questions above to 30 minutes

There is a transformation of how to change it Aurora? 30 points
wo3542203352010-01-25 02:16:29 +0000 #2
well this car apart from others added the better suspension
981,527,6522010-01-25 02:28:02 +0000 #3
Aurora really quite good, as it seems impossible to fit quite good .... B cars were Gangchu Ralink's Cool
Blue丶memories2010-01-25 02:18:30 +0000 #4
If you are asked to answer these few I can not give you

inverted can give you some advice

I can only say what I drive the car啦present, I've used are excellent, razors, shadow assassins, Aurora, Wei Cheng, clouds, high-speed fire, large Q bar, pickup, Blue Magic , annihilation, fighting spirit, Terminator, tip (engine plus 10), gusts of wind, tanks, Bingpo (the modified), Renault, Holy Angels, Panda and the N units C vehicles - a relatively favorite is the excellent First, let's not say a straight-line fast (TX Recently, however, changed his data in my own test after test before 209 I was extremely sad ah ......) grip that is also true that strong cornering sense of the biggest advantages of slower gas sets are large spray time is very long! Appearance is also very handsome, like a fighter! Then the annihilation, straight-line speed and excellence are the same as another set of 211 gas really fast cornering quickly than excellence is not the same feeling may be due to a weak grip of the bar is characterized by his strong explosive force is the ability to instantly bring speed to bring to - and then the razor is indeed a long-running cars Acura vehicles ah really easy to use small jet very powerful indeed cornering very comfortable with his plan to conquer the more rare does have advantages such as card issuers of the site - and there are Aurora I sense than the propaganda TX Aurora - a synthesis of razor and superior to inferior to that uh there is a drawback is that you open often do not see the tire a little bit depressed, but overall performance is still good I feel is worth buying a little bit easily Zhuang Fei general sense of feeling of all the sports are not very handsome appearance - as well as gas gathering Shadow Assassin Meisha feel a little slow and flexible point of feeling down far less get a good razor vehicles - there is that big amount of Q Bar Gang Chu's how I say feel the drift of his very different way with the other cars while cornering radius of the body very small but the speed is also worth a trip to buy, but would take some time to adapt to him - pick it feels very light gas-collecting also good speed is not fast - known as a quasi-Wei Cheng do a very strong one car A car is really strong is the latest new car out of the most powerful one of those very close to the standard A Car - high-speed fire be regarded as a transition bar Wei Cheng is worse than slightly stronger than the aurora is a small spray a good car - Xiangyun do if you just want to show off their own money to buy a beautiful Dongdong it was his poor performance in actual fact, he includes props (although there are dummy functions) ultra-light no sound only a little voice did not spray when the tire is a good-looking cited! Similarity is that flying with a blanket and the little clouds, like say - when the Blue Devils do drift is simply turned upside down a little bit different you've got to take time to adapt to fit running straight over super plan (as if very little ..... . but nothing in comparison with the cavalry is not a grade) - and then let me talk about fighting spirit in fact watched him very very light vehicles, the car felt very empty inside and ah like a sort of mini-electric vehicles do Meisha advantages and Ze Yue Meisha quite different in general the car is not a good grip spray the general advantages of a general set of gas were not evident cornering is very soft - do Purple Terminator exclusive cars drill bit is very likely that the bar had not Shenmeipilao try out what features but the speed does come quite fast ah set of gas injection is also good for a long time - since you did not mention C cars that I will not say really would rather not buy a car to buy C although the panda could perhaps be considered Acura - like fu ah , antelopes, ah, ah tanks, Mirage, ah, ah challenger, mini-ah, ah ...... Eagle feel almost all of the C cars can buy the value of Meisha! - For those A car convertible Holy Angels is my excitement I feel he is really a good car small cars broke Meng Meng have nothing to say to you is not too long injection time, but can not cover up his fast so cool so cool in a vehicles beyond the existence of any A Car - wind revision easy to use after he felt much more a matter of fact it is not a lot of cars still OK - As for the retro Bingpo I did not dare to open it is modified the original advantages and disadvantages - there is a tip, though converted, but I just can be sure that he is indeed a good car cars championship car do I buy Wat Sai sooner or later according to my mind is simply tailored to me the general size of a small speed Gas Gathering handsome appearance of anti-collision stronger faster - as well as chariots Cai sister's favorite ((*^__^*) hee hee ... ...) I use a general feeling of not very distinguished set of air speed is not fast grip is not very good may be due to its relatively rare and that bar - I have recently bought a new super-cool feeling of a Renault car that is very bug hit by super-anti-gas-collecting cow grip speed of cow beef cattle short spray time is universal car super cow, and used together with ultra-real feel seems to me that this is the strongest performance of a car
PrIeSt19832010-01-25 02:48:31 +0000 #5
do not know, do not yell in this is a direct copy of that now B is the best vehicle to give you the data Hornet Tell me what your net Hornet compare Aurora could see for himself will know not to waste my intentions are good ah



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