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Why have the police must equip a super sports car? Formula One racing in the UAE are equipped with

Wood Counter 3 bones2010-01-25 03:01:28 +0000 #1

zjdfw2010-01-25 03:08:09 +0000 #2
No super sports car, behind the family car Biao ah
Wang Xu 926,4982010-01-25 03:35:52 +0000 #3
did it, the United Arab Emirates in the Mody powerful cars do not get are on the track open, you must be a mistake. Italy to have the Lamborghini as police vehicles, but only two only.
akxhunter2010-01-25 03:33:13 +0000 #4
it seems that Mody sponsored by local car manufacturers, not white do not. High-speed on the patrol, scratched his motorcycle drag racing or something.

911 useful as Germany, Japan and IMPREZA with GTR, and Italy with LAMBO's.



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